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Anchorage’s homeless problem has exploded in the last five years. Here are the numbers as compiled by the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness. 177 camps noticed in 2016 414 camps noticed in 2017 444 camps noticed in 2018 1,111 camps noticed in 2019 1,058 camps noticed in 2020 In 2018, the Committee on Homelessness and Mayor Ethan Berkowitz planned $2 million municipal dollars for cleaning up the homeless camps. Jump forward to 2020. This same...


Editor’s note: The following message was sent to us by newly elected Anchorage Assembly Member Jamie Allard in response to Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s continued restrictions on businesses, churches and other venues despite Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s lifting of nearly all mandates across Alaska, effective May 22. We are at a crucial mental health stage in the response and recovery to COVID-19 and it is affecting Alaska’s citizens, not to mention the economic cliff many of Alaska’s...