Jim Crawford

    Jim Crawford is a third-generation Alaskan entrepreneur who resides in Anchorage. The Alaska Institute for Growth is a local think tank which studies and reports on and may sponsor projects of sustained economic growth for the Alaskan economy. Mr. Crawford known as the Permanent Fund Defender was a member of the Investment Advisory Committee, appointed by Governor Hammond to plan and execute the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation.
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    Alaskans must not compromise or capitulate on PFD payment or fiscal plan

    I keep hearing that the Republicans must compromise in order to gain a fiscal plan for Alaska. Compromise is a virtue in the politically-correct-woke...

    Nixing Alaska’s campaign contribution limits is a free speech victory

    The First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise...

    BREAKING: 2021 Permanent Fund Profit is $18.6 billion – it’s time to pay Alaskans

    The Alaska Permanent Fund just posted today the June 30, 2021, year-end earnings and expenses. Our PF Trust generated total revenues in the last...

    No, paying the statutory PFD is not a socialist giveaway – it belongs to Alaskans

    Tim Bradner, an otherwise reasonable person, made a couple outrageous statements is his recent column published in the Anchorage Daily News. It caught my...

    Let Alaskans begin the great PFD debate in earnest

    Gov. Mike Dunleavy is right, “We need the full dividend to stabilize the Alaska economy.” When the late Gov. Jay Hammond appointed the Investment...

    Alaska can solve budget crisis by ending unconstitutional appropriations

    “Defunding power cost equalization would gut a lifeline for rural Alaska” was published by ADN on Nov. 10. Meera Kohler expertly laid out the...

    ‘Alaska is not broke.’ Let me say that again.

    As a banker in Alaska for about 50 years prior to retirement, I have a time-consuming habit of reading lengthy financial statements, since the...


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