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    Open letter challenges statement by 12 Anchorage pastors regarding D.C. violence and Trump’s role

    Editor’s note: The following letter was submitted to the Watchman in response to a Jan. 12 statement by 12 Anchorage pastors which condemned the...

    Anchorage pastor clarifies statement condemning D.C. riots and Trump’s words

    Editor’s note: The following statement from Pastor Tim Davis, of Chapel by the Sea, was submitted in response to a Jan. 14 Watchman article...

    Conservative leaders urge Alaskans to contact DC delegation ahead of Jan. 6 election certification

    Editor’s note: The following letter, issued by three influential and long-time conservative Alaskan leaders, urges Alaskans to contact Senators Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski...

    Inhuman hospital COVID protocols lack compassion for our dying

    Editor’s note: The following message was originally posted on Facebook by Elizabeth Welsh, one of the organizers of the Open Alaska group which advocates...

    Anchorage Assembly uses double standard when interpreting the word ‘shall’

    Editor’s note: The following letter was submitted to Anchorage Assembly members by Beth Abisror in response to their refusal to hold a special election...

    AK Native women say Justice Carney’s rulings put children at risk

    Editor’s note: This letter is signed by Alaska Native women from all over the state who believe Alaska Supreme Court Justice Susan Carney's ruling...

    Public safety officers: Justice Carney is ‘tone deaf’ to Alaska’s domestic violence crisis

    Editor’s note: The following op-ed was written by two long-time Alaska State Troopers, a former U.S. marshal and head of the State Troopers, and...

    Pastors call out Justice Susan Carney for trampling Alaska’s constitution

    Editor’s note: The following op-ed was written by Pastor Ron Hoffman of Anchorage Baptist Temple, Pastor Mark Zweifel of True North Church in Fairbanks...

    Gov. Dunleavy’s Memorial Day proclamation

    The following Memorial Day proclamation was issued on May 25 by Gov. Mike Dunleavy. WHEREAS, America was founded on the principles of liberty, opportunity, and...

    Military chaplains are ‘true lifeline’ for soldiers

    Faith is a major factor in the lives of many U.S. soldiers. Military men and women lean on this pillar through deployments and combat,...

    Alaska adoptions entail immense challenges and great joys

    Anchorage couple Neil and Stacy Robertson are among a growing number of Alaskan families seeking to adopt a child. Unable to have biological children,...

    Juneau pregnancy center establishes pro-life outpost in a largely pro-abortion town

    For the past six years women seeking a pro-life pregnancy center in Juneau, Alaska, had zero options. That changed earlier this year with the...


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