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There’s a long list of reasons to avoid hot-button cultural issues, particularly on social media. But like it or not, social media is here to stay. It’s a major contributor to public thought and not something we can simply ignore. It’s also the wild west of communication where seemingly anything goes, and your comments get filtered through as many lenses as you have followers. Anything is permissible (provided you don’t get flagged), but not everything...


Calling anything “political” is now akin to an outright insult. Even politicians shy away from the “political” label these days. The word, however, simply means “pertaining to public affairs.” Anything dealing with people is political. Pretending you’re not political is pretending you have no influence on public affairs. Most people who claim they aren’t political simply mean they avoid divisiveness – they don’t readily voice opinions about public policies, or they look to befriend all...


Are you looking forward to sitting down with family members this year in our ever more polarized political climate? What will you do when your brother brings up that topic? Are you the type to quickly change the subject and pull out a Christmas movie so nobody has to talk, or do your ears get red as you craft the perfect comeback to put that family member in his or her place? Families are complicated...

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