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A retired airline pilot, Sherrie Laurie, didn’t see this trip coming. She started volunteering at Anchorage’s Downtown Hope Center and then became director three years ago. Initially she just hoped to demystify the homeless and overcome her general discomfort with the population. Quickly, however, she felt compelled to help meet the growing needs of Anchorage’s most vulnerable women and men. MEETING ‘HEART NEEDS’ “This began with a Baptist pastor and his wife in 1978, simply...

Anchored in Hope is a peer-led ministry intended to solidify healthy reliance upon God’s promises rather than isolation, shame or silence that so often follows infant loss and pregnancies ending in miscarriage. A local group of Alaskan women launched the outreach after months of intentional planning and prayer. As she pondered the depth of her own miscarriages, Ashleigh Levesque became aware that God was prompting her to reach out to others who were suffering. With...

Leigh Sloan is a compact force, like a substitute teacher underestimated by her students until it’s too late. Being able to capture the attention of a crowd comes naturally to Sloan, whose father was a Hollywood recording engineer. A teacher by trade and temperament, she brings her unique verve to Anchorage through “Brave Conversations,” an energetic monthly gathering where Alaskans sharpen their beliefs through sincere conversations, if not immediate conversion. The topics are wide-ranging and...

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