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    Contraception and Abortion are intimately linked – here’s how


    Very few Catholics – and even fewer non-Catholic Christians – have understood the link between abortion and contraception. In fact, quite the opposite conventional wisdom exists: “As everyone knows, more contraception will lead to fewer abortions.”

    But that is not Planned Parenthood’s opinion. Malcolm Potts, Planned Parenthood’s thoroughly accurate and honest medical statistician, said in the 1970s during a speech at their annual gala convention: “Contrary to what you might think, when a nation legalizes contraception, the abortion rate goes up, not down.”

    Thus, “birth control abortion” becomes the obvious, painful, expensive solution.

    This is understood only after the statistics confirm it. A culture that legalizes contraception removes the unitive act of husband and wife from its natural consequence, and which the Creator gave us: children.

    With that, casual sex springs up, along with divorce and STD rates, and new pressures placed upon women: not only to succumb to seduction but also to take care of the undesired results of sexual union. Thus, “birth control abortion” becomes the obvious, painful, expensive solution.

    The 19th century Protestant physicians, who organized and led the decades-long Physicians’ Crusade Against Abortion, along with the then-prolife feminist movement and the American Medical Association, understood the dehumanizing and spiritually devastating effect that casual sex would have upon women, both married and unmarried. They correctly viewed contraception – which existed under both similar and different forms from today – as connected with induced abortion, and outlawed it as well.

    Abortion will not end until Christians unite against sexual promiscuity and its cause.

    These laws that were struck down in the 1965 overlooked the U.S. Supreme Court case, Griswold v. Connecticut, without hardly a thought from Christians, both Catholic and non-Catholic. Culturally, they were already on board with The Pill … supposedly a more “natural” form of contraception. Because of this, Catholic dissention arose when the 1968 papal encyclical Humanae Vitae was issued by the ultra-liberal pope, Paul VI. It correctly predicted that the dehumanization of women, STDs, divorce and abortion would increase, thus destroying the basic building block of society … the nuclear family.

    This shocked the socks off the pope’s own appointed committee, which recommended relaxing church laws, igniting a de facto schism within Catholicism which is now becoming quite obvious to the non-Catholic world.

    Now, we come to the Trump nominee to the court, Amy Coney Barrett. May I recommend that Watchman readers review the Part IV column that was written less than a year ago? Whatever this superb nominee might do, I do not expect the court to accomplish much. This is because American and western culture, which might actually enjoy an anti-surgical abortion majority, does not – repeat does not – yet enjoy a true prolife consensus. Not by a long shot.

    And if allegedly prolife Christians believe that “Life begins at conception,” the reality is that today’s low-estrogen contraceptive pills often, and IUDs always, are micro-abortive. All the other forms, from chemical spermicides, diaphragms, condoms and sponges, also fail. They fail not only in the temporal realm but certainly in the spiritual one as well.

    Clearly, God is watching. Why should he grant us an incomplete and partial victory without addressing the underlying cause? Politics merely reflects the culture. Abortion will not end until Christians unite against sexual promiscuity and its cause. Recreational sex exists not only in the non-married but also the married state. And unless and until the evangelical Christians, whose fervor and willingness to sacrifice their all for the sake of Christ’s Kingdom, joins the small remnant of Catholics who have hung on for decades against insipid clergy and a like-minded hierarchy, abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy will continue.

    The work is not for the government to do. It is for Christians. And Christian credibility goes out the window in the secular world unless and until their own lives have been put in order.

    “Practice what you preach” is always good advice, and there is blame enough to go around for all of us.

    The writer was a candidate for U.S. Senate in 1990 and 2008, is a 44-year Alaskan, a retired public school teacher and currently a radio talk-show host  of The Bird’s Eye View on KSRM in Kenai. He is also a longtime parishioner at Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church in Kenai.

    The views expressed here do not necessarily express those of the Alaska Watchman.

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    Watchman endorses conservatives for Fairbanks School Board elections

    This is it Fairbanks!

    You already pleaded with your school board members to reject the introduction of highly controversial sexual ideology in your schools.

    You came out in force to meetings this year, wrote hundreds of letters and emails and gave passionate and rational arguments for why schools are not the place to indoctrinate your children with LGBTQ propaganda.

    It all fell on deaf ears, because the overwhelming majority of the school board and district leaders were hell bent on teaching your kids garbage which you fundamentally oppose.

    Now it’s time for them to pay the political piper.

    We spent countless hours reporting on the entrenched leftist ideology that so-called educational “experts” in Fairbanks want to push on your children.

    We also sent a political questionnaire to every school board candidate running for election in Fairbanks, and we are confident in making the following endorsements. If these candidates win, your school board will enjoy a 4-3 conservative majority and can begin rolling back the liberal propaganda that has infected the local public-school system. These men and women can also provide a check to school district administrators who are the masterminds behind this agenda.

    Here’s who the Alaska Watchman strongly endorses:

    For Seat E: Vote for Jeffery Rentzel to replace Tim Doran. Doran has ignored your concerns.

    For Seat F: Vote for April Smith to replace Sean Rice. Rice, too, has capitulated to the LGBT agenda.

    For Seat G: Vote for Maggie Matheson.

    If elected, these three candidates – Jeffery Rentzel, April Smith and Maggie Matheson – can join with solid conservative School Board Member Matthew Sampson to restore confidence in Fairbanks schools. For the next two years you will have guaranteed a pro-parent, pro-child, pro-life and pro-family majority on the school board.

    If not now, when?

    The writer is publisher of the Alaska Watchman.

    Click here for information on the Oct. 6 elections in Fairbanks.

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    Wasilla mayoral candidates weigh in on hot-button social issues


    On Oct. 6, three candidates are vying to become the next mayor of Wasilla – Stu Graham, Glenda Ledford and Doug Holler.

    Alaska Watchman sent a political questionnaire to all three candidates in order to get their views on pressing social issues such as police officers, abortion, homelessness, religious liberties and LGBTQ politics. Graham and Ledford, who are both current city council members, responded to our questions. Holler chose not to. Below are the responses.

    Stu Graham

    In addition to national events, there have been both protests and supportive rallies here in the Mat-Valley this summer with regards to law enforcement. What are your thoughts about the state of law enforcement in Wasilla?

    GRAHAM: Wasilla’s police department is right-sized, properly trained, and properly equipped for a city our size. A small-town police department offers a level of community familiarity often missing in larger departments and helps avoid confrontations often seen when rallies occur. Continuous training on interpersonal skills and equipment use will be carried forward in my term as mayor.

    Glenda Ledford

    LEDFORD: Law enforcement in Wasilla is well respected and valued by our residents. The conversation around a few bad actors in the lower-48 ARE NOT where we are in Wasilla. It was the Wasilla residents that voted by the largest margin to add the additional 1 cent to build the Wasilla Police Department and if you look aback in history it was the Wasilla residents that voted to become a first class city with a law enforcement presence. This summer we did have a rally in Wasilla to support our blue, organized by our citizens – that speaks volumes for our law enforcement.

    Anchorage’s Loussac Library has hosted Drag Queen Story Hour in which drag queen perform for children of all ages. Would you support such a program at the Wasilla Public Library?

    GRAHAM: Public facilities should be made available for use by as many groups as possible, while being aware of the sensitivities of the community. Wasilla is a fairly conservative community and would speak out in masse against such a program if it was instituted without public input. Any organization with an interest in using a public facility should bring their request forward to the mayor who can then determine the proper path forward (which may include public hearing before the City Council).

    LEDFORD: There has been no request from our community at this time for such programing. Also, I would question what the intent of the program was. If it was to incite a riot, then that is not in line with our mission and there for would not be supported with programing of this nature.

    How should Wasilla manage the growing homeless population and panhandling?

    GRAHAM: Homelessness is typically handled by property owners who can request help from the City in removing unauthorized persons from properties so the property owner can come into compliance with land use codes. Wasilla has a fair and enforceable panhandling ordinance which allows non-aggressive panhandling and the ordinance does not need to be changed.

    LEDFORD: With panhandling it is important to consider that donations to reputable non-profits are more effective than handouts. Have you ever heard the statement: Real change – not spare change – is the best way to help out panhandlers? I’m curious why you think we have a growing homeless population in Wasilla. We have numerous reputable non-profits that can provide assistance with housing and homelessness. These partners work to make a real difference in people’s lives, and all provide opportunities to help by volunteering or contributing.

    What is your position with regards to forming city partnerships with groups like Planned Parenthood, which promote abortion?

    GRAHAM: Partnerships are the backbone of an effective city government. However, the city does not have health powers and would therefore will not be partnering with healthcare providing agencies.

    LEDFORD: There has been no request for partnership from this organization at this time.

    Would you support mandating lock downs and restricting houses of worship as a way to deal with COVID-19?

    GRAHAM: Again, the city does not have health powers or the personnel to do the research necessary to make this type of decision. The city will follow the guidance of the state and I hope there is never a restriction which applies discriminately to houses of worship.

    LEDFORD: At this time the CDC and DHSS, the State of Alaska, are the subject matter experts in this area with the recommendations.

    Would you support laws that grant special protected legal status to people who personally identify as members of the LGBTQ community?

    GRAHAM: All members of society should be treated equally and with respect for their way of life. State and federal legislation is the appropriate format for any such provisions to be enacted – local government needs to stick to the responsibility of providing essential services to its residents

    LEDFORD: I would not support special treatment. As a human I support the rights of all humans. (Not sure how else you can phrase that without being right or wrong).

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    ‘Progressive’ Palmer City Council candidate complains of ‘divisive’ conservatives


    Sabrena Combs, a self-described “progressive” running for re-election on the Palmer City Council, is frustrated by her conservative colleagues and hopes the Oct. 6 election will swing leadership of the small town to the left.

    Sabrena Combs

    In a recent interview, which was posted Sept. 20 on Radio Free Palmer, she was asked about the difficulties of serving on the city council, especially as it relates to her political differences with fellow members.

    It’s unclear what she means by ‘progressive,’ a term liberal Democrats use when referring to a litany of political agendas.

    “Unfortunately, this has been the most divisive thing among our group,” she complained on air. “Even starting the year that I ran in 2017, it was very clear that the more conservative members of the council were concerned about a more progressive person being on the council. I consider myself to be pretty progressive and unfortunately those lines have really been drawn.”

    Sabrena Combs is one of three candidates vying for two open seats. The others are longtime resident Linda Combs and newcomer Brian Daniels. Daniels and Sabrena Combs have cast themselves as younger alternatives, and their campaign signs regularly appear together.

    The Watchman sent survey questions to each of the candidates to get their perspective on hot-button social issues which the mainstream media rarely asks about. Only Linda Combs, who is running for re-election, responded. Her answers can be read here.

    In her radio interview Sabrena Combs indicated that she has a hard time getting along with conservatives on the Palmer City Council, claiming there is “a lot of divisiveness among us” and expressing frustration that her progressive ideas are often “shot down.” She said the council needs a “more open-minded group of people” if its every going to be “more progressive.”

    It’s unclear what she means by “progressive,” a term liberal Democrats use when referring to a litany of political stances.

    In going door-to-door, Sabrena Combs said she prefers not to divulge whether she is Republican or Democrat, or whether she supports Donald Trump or Joe Biden for president. Those are questions she sees as divisive and irrelevant to local government.

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    Alaska’s Planned Parenthood attacks Supreme Court nominee’s faith

    The state director of Planned Parenthood in Alaska has resorted to criticizing the religious faith of President Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court – Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

    Judge Amy Coney Barrett

    In an effort to  rally fellow pro-abortion activists, Jessica Cler sent a Sept. 26 email asserting “health care access, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, civil rights, worker’s rights, economic security, and our democracy” were all at stake with the nomination of Barrett.

    Cler asked abortion advocates to urge Sen. Lisa Murkowski to oppose Trump’s nominee.

    “Barrett is an anti-abortion member of a patriarchal Catholic group called People of Praise and has called Roe an “erroneous decision” and a “dramatic shift.”

    People of Praise is an ecumenical group made up of Catholics and Protestants. It focuses on living in community, supporting marriages, education and serving the poor. Barrett’s membership in the group has been used by her opponents to try and paint her as a religious zealot.

    Cler called Barrett “out of step with popular opinion” and a threat to the LGBT political agenda. She said abortion and LGBTQ rights groups need Murkowksi’s leadership.

    “This is a lifetime appointment,” Cler said. “Adding Barrett to the Supreme Court will change our lives for decades, so we must speak up for our futures because we are strong and united in defense of Justice Ginsberg’s legacy.”

    Murkowski has waffled on whether she would vote for a Trump nominee in the lead up to the presidential election. Earlier this month, she said she would not, claiming it was unfair because the Republican controlled Senate refused to vote on President Obama’s nominee in the months before the 2016 election.

    Murkowski has since walked back this stance. On Sept. 26 she affirmed that Trump has the constitutional right to nominate a Supreme Court judge to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    “For weeks I have stated that I do not support taking up a potential Supreme Court vacancy this close to an election,” Murkowski said. “But today the President exercised his constitutional authority to nominate an individual to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court left by the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I welcome the opportunity to meet with the Supreme Court nominee, just as I did in 2016.”


    Click here to contact Murkowski regarding a vote on Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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    9.28 > Ranked Choice Voting


    It takes a lot of digging to understand ranked choice voting, but suffice it to say that current US Senator Dan Sullivan and prominent Democrats like former US Senator Mark Begich agree that ranked choice voting is confusing and bad for Alaska.

    Palmer City Council candidate Linda Combs reflects on key social issues


    Editor’s note: We sent survey questions to all three candidates running for two seats on the Palmer City Council. Every candidate (including Sabrena Combs who is running for re-election, and newcomer Brian Daniels) confirmed receipt of the survey, but only Linda Combs, who is running for re-election, answered our questions. Below are her responses.

    Linda Combs

    In addition to national events, there have been both protests and supportive rallies here in the Valley this summer with regards to law enforcement. What are your thoughts on the state of law enforcement in Palmer?

    I have lived in Palmer since 1986 and have never had any reason to be unsatisfied with Palmer’s Police Department. Everything I have witnessed over the years shows me that they operate at the very highest of professional levels. I am specifically impressed with the ongoing training schedule that all our officers follow throughout their tenure with the department. In addition to the high commitment level each officer shows regarding on the job duties. I have observed every one of them serve their neighborhoods, their churches and the community with tremendous volunteer efforts making them even more valuable to Palmer.

    Anchorage’s Loussac Library has hosted Drag Queen Story Hour in which drag queens perform for children of all ages. Would you support such a program at the Palmer Public Library?

    No. Private parties or businesses may sponsor any program they chose, then residents may make their own choices regarding participation. Public programs fueled by taxpayer dollars held in a building run by a municipal entity such as a city are in a different category entirely and I believe that they must be of a nature that serves the purposes of all residents (taxpayers).

    How should Palmer manage the growing homeless population and panhandling?

    Growth in the local homeless population and the resultant panhandling has been occurring in Palmer easily for the past 15 years.  Public safety is a number one priority of the City of Palmer and as such panhandling has been addressed by city ordinance. The laws regarding panhandling needs to be reviewed on a regular basis to continue to meet the needs of the community. There are many organizations and groups that often partner with each other and/or local churches to address homelessness. I would encourage an open dialogue with these groups to stay apprised of the situation and issues.   

    What is your position with regards to forming city partnerships with groups like Planned Parenthood, which promote abortion?

    I do not believer that such partnerships are the business of the City Council. As I stated earlier the local government is not the place to provide a breeding ground for dissent regarding social issues.

    Would you support mandating lock downs and restricting houses of worship as a way to deal with COVID-19?

    No, I do not support mandates. Each citizen has the right to gather information and make a free personal decision.  I personally find the idea of restricting houses of worship as vile. Each organization just as everyone individually makes their decisions without government dictates.

    Would you support laws that grant special protected legal status to people who personally identify as members of the LGBTQ community?

    I would not give my support to any such laws granting special protected legal status to the LGBTQ community members or any other identified group designation. Laws and policies exist at multiple levels in this country to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The U.S. Constitution guarantees all people, including LGBTQ people, “equal protection of the laws.” State constitutions contain similar protections. I believe strongly in our Constitution and that it makes such “special “categories unnecessary.

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    9.25 > Fairbanks Endorsements


    We sent out surveys to all school board candidates in Fairbanks and based on their responses we are happy to endorse the right candidates to restore trust in Fairbanks Public schools.

    Leading pro-life apologist headed to Alaska next month

    One of the nation’s top pro-life apologists is slated to speak in Wasilla next month.

    Scott Klusendorf is president of Life Training Institute, and author of “The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture.” He is speaking at the Oct. 8 fall fundraiser for HeartReach Center, a pro-life clinic in Wasilla.

    Klusendorf, who has taught pro-life apologetics at the graduate level at Biola University and Trinity Law College, believes pro-life advocates should be equipped to make secular, non-religious arguments for why abortion is wrong. He has lectured at more than 80 colleges and universities, including Stanford, Berkley, John Hopkins and MIT. One of his mottos is: “Training others to save lives by persuasively communicating the pro-life message.”

    The HeartReach fundraiser is free and open to the public. Due to COVID concerns the in-person event will not include food this year. Instead, attendees will be seated auditorium style at Wasilla Bible Church in Wasilla (1651 W. Nicola Ave).

    The adults-only event runs from 7-9 p.m. It will include a presentation on the mission and vision of Heart Reach and their aim of protecting unborn human life.

    According to HeartReach’s website, the non-profit has assisted Alaskans since 1986, serving more than 2,400 women last year who came to the group for information and support. All services are confidential and free of charge.

    The outreach offers a wide array of services, including pregnancy testing, accurate information about abortion and its consequences, ultrasounds, parenting classes and support, abstinence education, mentoring programs for mothers and fathers, childbirth classes and pre-natal classes. The group also provides referrals for churches, housing, legal and medical assistance.

    It runs a “baby store” with clothes, diapers and other items for parents and young babies. For those who have undergone an abortion, the group offers support groups.
    HeartReach’s website states that it is committed to serving women from all backgrounds who will receive “honest and open answers.”

    Client pregnancy tests are done in accordance with all applicable laws and all clients receive accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, lifestyle issues and related concerns, the group states.

    The annual banquet provides a significant portion of HeartReach’s annual operating budget, while offering the organization a chance to share stories, triumphs and challenges that lie ahead.
    Admission to the event is free thanks to underwriting from local businesses and private community supporters. However, the primary purpose of the gathering is fund-raising for the pro-life outreach.

    “This time together encourages all of us, allows our friends to catch up on what God has been doing at and through HeartReach Center, and provides a platform by which to raise much-needed funds that go toward the ministry of saving lives – born and unborn,” HeartReach Executive Director Joyce Moropoulos said of the event.

    ​The fundraiser includes a full program schedule that includes ministry updates, special music, client stories and door-prize drawings.

    Click here to learn more about this event.

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    Anchorage taxpayers are underwriting LGBTQ youth summit

    Anchorage taxpayers are helping to finance a radical youth program that encourages young children and teens to embrace transgender, gay and bisexual identities and behaviors.

    Organizers for the upcoming LGBTQ+ Fall Youth Summit proudly announced that their project is supported through a grant from the Municipality of Anchorage. They are now recruiting confused and questioning youth for the six-day online event, which runs Oct. 5-11.

    A promotional photo for the event shows area teenagers cross-dressing and twerking.

    The daily sessions include workshops that celebrate LGBTQ romance and sexuality. Many of the presentations are open to children and teens of all ages – up to 18 years old.

    One of the first classes discusses the “trans umbrella,” a term used for people who claim one or more gender identities that do not match their biological sex.

    “What is the trans umbrella and who is a part of it?” a teaser for the class states. “Let’s explore all the trans and non-binary identities. Come with questions to ask and stories to share. All ages.”

    Other workshops focus on building “an inclusive queer community.” Another talk explores physical health resources for youth who are confused about their sexual identity.

    The week-long summit ends with a “National Coming Out Day Open Mic” celebration in which children are asked to share their stories through spoken word, dance, drag shows and other performances.

    A promotional photo for the event shows teenagers cross-dressing and twerking, a sexually suggestive gesture made popular by singer Miley Cyrus.

    An Anchorage gay rights activist group called Identity is running the summit. They are also responsible for putting together Drag Queen performances for young children at the Loussac Library in Anchorage, which has been criticized for exposing impressionable youth to LGBTQ sexuality.

    While the city uses public resources to fund the LGBTQ youth summit, the Anchorage Assembly voted last month to ban any form of counseling that attempts to help gender confused minors overcome unwanted same-sex attraction.

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