Tiffany Borges

Tiffany is a proud Catholic, mother and wife and a long time contributor in various media on issues of faith.
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Former Anchorage strip club transformed into a house of God

Patrons of the old Fantasies on Fifth strip joint in Anchorage probably never imagined that their den of iniquity would one day be transformed into a house of God. The story of how that happened involves an inspired Vietnamese woman, a real estate agent

Corinthians Wiley takes a bold stand for black Alaskans

Corinthians Wiley is not for sale. The towering 37-year-old Anchorage local dismisses with casual ease the trendy narratives of victimization among his fellow black Americans, as he unpacks the trajectory of his life cast across generations of strife and
Child death

Alaska women confront anger and pain of losing a child

Anchored in Hope is a peer-led ministry intended to solidify healthy reliance upon God’s promises rather than isolation, shame or silence that so often follows infant loss and pregnancies ending in miscarriage. A local group of Alaskan women launched the