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    A night out with the Alaska Watchman,

    The Alaska Watchman is hosting our inaugural fundraising party on Saturday, Feb. 8, from 6-8 p.m. in the banquet room of Turkey Red Restaurant...

    Our Vitals: Watchman readership growing – now we need your help!

    Since launching on Sept. 11, 2019 Alaska Watchman has seen more than 30,000 visitors read over 100,000 articles on our pro-life, pro-family news website....

    The Watchman is for you – and it needs you!

    I’m writing to you today because the Alaska Watchman needs more financial supporters. Our dynamic website is running smoothly with a steady stream of engaging...

    Why does Alaska need a Watchman?

    Why indeed? This is a question I have asked myself time and again throughout the process of developing and launching this news agency. For years...

    Please consider financially supporting the Watchman

    Amid constant assaults on faith, family and traditional family values the Alaska Watchman provides a unique, grassroots media alternative for Alaskans. In establishing the Alaska...

    LISTEN: AK Watchman Editor Joel Davidson interviewed by Jim Minnery

    Click here to listen to the radio interview between Jim Minnery and Alaska Watchman Editor-in-Chief Joel Davidson. The interviewed aired on Family Matters Radio...

    Our Angle on the News

    Most journalists I’ve met like to believe they are objective and balanced in reporting all the news fit to print. This mindset is so...

    URGENT: More reader support is needed

    I’m writing today because the Alaska Watchman desperately needs additional financial support from our faithful readers. We are now nine months into this effort to...

    Welcome to the Alaska Watchman

    This project is born of many prayers, careful reflection and late-night discussions. It’s now time to begin in earnest. As most of you know, we...

    Where we stand: Our mission, vision and structure

    Alaska Watchman is an independent news agency dedicated to providing accurate and extensive coverage of issues concerning religious freedom and speech, pro-life issues, family...


    Alaska Watchman relies on the generous support of our readers. All donations go directly to supporting and expanding our news coverage. Please consider becoming a regular supporter.

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