Alaska conference to inspire Christians to engage politics

Christians have a “spiritual obligation” to engage in politics. This is one of the key messages of the upcoming Alaska Prayer Conference, Feb. 11-13, in Anchorage. Conference “special guests” include Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson, Gov. Mike Dunleavy,

The arrival of Russian Old Believers in Alaska (part 2 of 2)

Editor’s note: Click here to read part one of this series. The most orthodox group, recoiling under the threat of cultural erosion resulting from the compromises necessary to co–exist with the host culture, exercised the ultimate strategy of exodus to a

Global migration of Russian Old Believers in Alaska (part 1)

The darkest time of the day is before the sunrise. America is the sunrise for the Russian Old Believers in Alaska. Within a few decades of the Great Schism of the 17th century, many Old Believers escaped Russia to densely wooded areas of Belorussia and
Juneau Fireworks

Private fireworks are legal in Mat-Su borough for New Years

Mat-Su Borough residents who live outside city limits are free to shoot off fireworks on private property to ring in the new year. A Dec. 30 notice from the borough clarifies that using fireworks will be legal “only on New Year’s Eve beginning at 6

Glory and suffering amid the 12 days of Christmas

During the Christmas Season, for a brief time, the squabbling of interdenominational Christian differences ceases. Despite the tiresome repetition of the famous song, and its purported symbolism, the Christmas season extends well beyond Dec. 25, and for good