OPINION: Anchorage needs Moore

There is a saying that we get the government we want. If that’s the case, we want a government that is soft on crime, raises our property taxes, raises our rents, keeps pouring more money into our failing schools, and treats homelessness as a virtue rather

Tucker Tapes put leftist ‘madhouse’ on its heels

Tucker Carlson’s release of the heretofore suppressed footage of the January 6 security video prompts valid speculation. A “Deep State” operation was already suspected on that very day with abundant evidence and, of course, analyzed only in the

Alaska deaths outpace births by widest margin since 1951

Alaska’s natural population increase, which is births minus deaths, has fallen to its lowest level since 1951. This is expected to translate into a dramatic decline in the overall school age population, alongside a sharp rise in the number of senior