Alexander Dolitsky

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    Radical socialists aim to usher in a new regime on Nov. 3

    I was reading a prominent American sociologist Charles Murray’s book, “Losing ground: American social policy, 1950–1980,” which is about the terrible failures of the...

    Debunking ‘white privilege theory’ with facts

    Progressive activists claim that "white privilege theory" it is a social construct and social movement for justice, equal rights and opportunities for people of...

    Marxism’s connection to ‘white privilege’ doctrine

    The privilege many hard-working people have enjoyed in our country is because they applied themselves diligently regardless of their color, gender, ethnicity or race....

    United we stand – Divided we fall: Race, ethnicity and minority in America

    In the past, many of my students at Alyeska Central School, the former state correspondence school based in Juneau, and my students at the...

    Neo-Marxism and Utopian socialism in America today

    What practical lessons can we learn from history? There is no simple answer to this question because history is a complex subject. History is...


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