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The Dunleavy recall effort is all pomp and circumstance, but the raging of the left because they lost the election just might get them a special election to remove our duly elected governor this summer. According to Ballotpedia, the recall effort has until June 8, 2022 to submit 71,252 more signatures to get his name on the ballot for recall. And all this can proceed even while the merits of the recall effort have yet...

In 1978, the Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA), otherwise known as the Hatch Amendment was passed after parents were shocked and outraged to learn that trusted teachers were using the classroom for therapy instead of education. Teachers pried into the private lives of students and their family by asking sensitive information about political, religious and personal beliefs. Little did parents realize that teachers would overstep their bounds once again by asking questions of a sexual nature...

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