Jake Libbey

    Christian, husband, father, amateur-apologist and lover of good communication, our Publisher has invested countless hours bringing the Alaska Watchman to life. Jake is responsible for operations at the Watchman, advertising, and design of the website. In partnership with our Editor-in-Chief, the content for the articles on are a product of the passion, energy and synergy between Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.
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    10.7 > Vaccine Apostasy

    Recently, someone I respect shared something on facebook and people came out of the woodwork to like, love and share it. It was a...

    9.24 > Grave Voter Concerns

    It's easy to think that with the 2020 Federal Election almost a year behind us in our collective rearview mirror, that everyone must have...

    9.13 >

    In a truly dramatic reversal, Europe has abandoned plans for Vaccine Passports while the Biden Administration is "losing patience" for those of us who...

    9.11 > Our first 2 Years

    September 11th is a day that will forever live in Infamy. A dark day, for most of us, it may be difficult to remember...

    8.13 > In defiance of science

    In the US Congress, H.R. 4980 will make vaccination a requirement to travel on any US airline. With the recent Fox News poll showing...

    7.22 > Rise Up for Children July 30th

    Here in the Mat-Su most of us live in a comfortable bubble. You might hear about awful things happening once in awhile but in...

    7.15 > Vaccinated or Protected?

    Paid reasearch poll after paid research poll are asking Alaskans to (in this latest round from Ivan Moore) "Let us have it" tell us...

    7.8 > A Constitutional Convention

    We recently embarked on a deep dive into the possibilities, the opportunities and the dangers of what a successful vote to hold a constitutional...

    5.21 > Digital Proof of Vaccination

    Governor Dunleavy has said "The State of Alaska does not and will not require any person to produce their personal vaccine history, also known...

    5.13 > Actual Supremacists

    A study of history is a practice sorely lacking in todays society and culture. The only thing new under the sun in a hundred...

    4.5 > Banning Vaccine Passports

    Rand Paul recently had a heated sparring match with Anthony Fauci where Paul cited study after study showing that there is zero, literally zero...

    3.17 > On Recalling Rivera

    While Felix Rivera and his ideological allies at the radical-left Anchorage Press might want you to think that his recall efforts are due to...

    2.20 > Career & Tech Admissions

    At the repeated request of parents we looked into a story involving the Matsu Borough School District and the recent, sudden change, in the...

    2.5 > Slings and Arrows

    Joel and I knew the article on vaccine reactions would expose the blatant double standard, I just didn't know it would be the ADN...

    1.22 > Our Cancel Culture

    Liberals, empowered by the mainstream press and social media giants, are newly emboldened to silence conservatives all across the country. Here in Alaska, Rep. David...

    1.7 > Lost Hope, Lost Faith

    The riots in the capitol are also understandable much the same way a man who's family is starving might, in a moment of desperation,...

    12.23 > The COVID Relief Farce

    I worry that most people just hear anything that rhymes with *illion* and think "a lot." The best way to bring it home is...

    12.3 > Meyer needs to do his JOB

    There is perhaps no greater pillar to our Republic than our shared faith in honest elections. It's how we transfer power. You don’t bolster...

    11.13 > Ignoring the Peasants

    The Anchorage Assembly behaves as if they are truly and unequivocally above the law. This must end.

    11.5 > Hold that cork

    Much has been made of the fact that Alaska’s conservatives turned out in huge numbers on election day. These in-person voters propelled U.S. Sen....


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