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    Christian, husband, father, amateur-apologist and lover of good communication, our Publisher has invested countless hours bringing the Alaska Watchman to life. Jake is responsible for operations at the Watchman, advertising, and design of the website. In partnership with our Editor-in-Chief, the content for the articles on are a product of the passion, energy and synergy between Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.
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    11.13 > Ignoring the Peasants

    The Anchorage Assembly behaves as if they are truly and unequivocally above the law. This must end.

    11.5 > Hold that cork

    Much has been made of the fact that Alaska’s conservatives turned out in huge numbers on election day. These in-person voters propelled...

    Honest conversations can’t happen while the media foments COVID fear

    As we head into winter, and the renewed media frenzy over Covid cases reaches a literal fever pitch, it's time there was...

    10.29 > Feeding the Fear

    As we head into winter, and the renewed media frenzy over Covid cases reaches a literal fever pitch, it's time there was...

    10.22 > Shaping Our Future

    If Joe Biden becomes president, the Senate will literally be the only bulwark against his ultra-left agenda. Since Al Gross has already...

    10.19 > What Churches CAN say

    We encourage Alaska’s religious leaders to check out the Alliance Defending Freedom political guide and to boldly inform and inspire their flocks...

    10.9 > Sending a Clear Message

    We hope Alaskans send a clear message to the bench AND legislature and actually remove Justice Susan Carney on Nov. 3rd. But...

    10.2 > Political Dodgeball

    Democrat politicians in Alaska know they cannot be successful running under their party label. They know this. Rather than reexamine...

    Liberal Alaska politicians dodge party labels to sow confusion

    It’s become fashionable these days for left-leaning liberal Alaskan politicians to try and cast themselves as nonpartisan, unaffiliated or independent – anything...

    Watchman endorses conservatives for Fairbanks School Board elections

    This is it Fairbanks! You already pleaded with your school board members to reject the introduction of highly controversial...

    9.25 > Fairbanks Endorsements

    We sent out surveys to all school board candidates in Fairbanks and based on their responses we are happy to endorse the...

    9.18 > Fixing Local Politics

    Like it or not, the Governor and his cabinet are not going to go into your town and start overriding local elected...

    9.14 > An overridden veto

    After a salient and passionate plea not to trade one offense, namely Christian principle, for another, LGBT woke culture, the Ketchikan Borough...

    A Special Land’s End Getaway

    Less than 1% of our facebook supporters actually support our efforts with donations, but another way you can support the Watchman is...

    8.21 > The War of Ideas

    The Primaries are behind us, and now we must hold the opposing views to account for what they would make of Alaska.

    8.18 > Sloganeering

    Pithy slogans are everywhere these days, but in order to be intellectually sound, you have to peel back the onion and see...

    8.14 > Public Indoctrination

    There was a time when professional teaching practices meant that teachers had to keep their private, personal political views and opinions exactly...

    8.12 > Votes Matter More

    More important than your outrage is your vote. All the protesting in the world will not replace your time in the...

    6.24 > Toppling Our Monuments

    We may choose to tear down the statues that represent both good and bad parts of our past, but that is neither...

    Alaskans should resist hypocritical calls to topple monuments

    Over the past few weeks, a small but vocal group of Alaskans have jumped on the monument toppling bandwagon. A few online petitions are calling...


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