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Over the past few weeks, a small but vocal group of Alaskans have jumped on the monument toppling bandwagon. A few online petitions are calling for the removal of statues in Juneau and Anchorage which celebrate William Seward and Captain James Cook – both of whom left a monumental mark on Alaska. Around the country, angry mobs are pulling down or defacing statues of Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, past presidents and the Founding Fathers. The...


I watched the lawsuit and litigation play out this summer between the City of Anchorage and the Downtown Hope Center. The entire incident leading to the lawsuit would be great satirical fodder for the pages of The Onion, but it very much happened. Were it a short story, you could be forgiven for the title “Crazy-Town in A-Town.” And given that the City of Anchorage was forced to pay $100,000 in legal fees to the...