Leigh Sloan

    Leigh Sloan is a podcaster, coach and consultant at "Brave Nation" where she empowers leaders to create significant cultural reform in their spheres of influence.
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    Alaska School Choice Convention is about reimagining education, empowering parents

    For more than century the U.S. has conducted education by pouring government funds into brick-and-mortar neighborhood public schools. It seemed to work for a...

    Critical Race Theory is ridiculous, but banning it won’t fix our schools

    Critical race theory is a worldview in direct conflict with our long-held principles of enlightenment thought that helped us progress into the modern era....

    Who could be against school choice in Alaska?

    Alaskans love choice and have lots to celebrate with the many publicly funded schooling options available for our children. We can choose standard public...

    How to limit social media madness & elevate the conversation

    There’s a long list of reasons to avoid hot-button cultural issues, particularly on social media. But like it or not, social media is here...

    Foster ‘brave conversations’ over the holidays

    Are you looking forward to sitting down with family members this year in our ever more polarized political climate? What will you do when...


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