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Students in an exclusive Eagle River school learn coding and robotics in science, study American Sign Language and Latin in language arts, and master aerial acrobatics and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in physical education. This publicly funded school boasts a four-to-one student-teacher ratio. At another location in Fairbanks, students dissect sheep hearts in biology, learn vocational skills in auto mechanics and explore special interests in robotics and engineering while earning college credits as high schoolers. “We didn’t...


It was September, dark enough already for the northern lights to illuminate the tent where Daniel Bates was living in the margins of Fairbanks. The weather was bleak, his life was bleak, and no amount of alcohol was numbing the bitterness of either. “Drinking had taken over my life. I was pretty fed up with where I was at,” he said. “I was in the tent, cold. It was kind of an epiphany; I was...