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Why indeed? This is a question I have asked myself time and again throughout the process of developing and launching this news agency. For years I have traveled in many overlapping political circles. I have friends who fall on polar opposite sides of virtually every social issue, but I can still have a cup of coffee with them and hope they and their families and businesses are thriving – that their health is robust. Every...


I watched the lawsuit and litigation play out this summer between the City of Anchorage and the Downtown Hope Center. The entire incident leading to the lawsuit would be great satirical fodder for the pages of The Onion, but it very much happened. Were it a short story, you could be forgiven for the title “Crazy-Town in A-Town.” And given that the City of Anchorage was forced to pay $100,000 in legal fees to the...


The problem with the internet is that everyone gets a megaphone to shout, or re-shout, endless things that just aren’t true. Gun violence is terrible. Period. Mass shootings are terrible. Period. However, guns are not the problem any more than cars are responsible for traffic accidents, cheeseburgers are responsible for heart attacks, or drugs are responsible for overdoses. In our quest for satisfaction when bad things happen, we seek answers and someone to blame so that...


This project is born of many prayers, careful reflection and late-night discussions. It’s now time to begin in earnest. As most of you know, we live in a world of rapid political and cultural unrest. Alaska is no exception. Even the most fundamental beliefs and core convictions that have guided our society are unraveling. Navigating these times requires a clear vision of the good for which we strive and an understanding of the challenges ahead....

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