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The 27th annual Christmas Friendship Dinner served hot food and buttery rolls to Alaskans in need of food, companionship or just good conversation around the dinner table. The tradition began in 1992 when Wasilla resident Bob Bowers cooked six turkeys on Christmas day for 67 residents at the Wasilla Senior Center. Since then the event has moved to the Curtis Menard Sports Arena in Wasilla and now includes more than 500 volunteers. These men and...


Anchorage officials cannot force a faith-based women’s shelter in Anchorage to admit biological males in its overnight facility. This comes after Anchorage officials dropped a complaint against the Downtown Hope Center over the shelter’s refusal to allow a man who identified as a woman into its facility. According to a Sept. 30 order from U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Gleason, the city may not apply its non-discrimination code against the shelter. Additionally, the city must...


The following is a brief roundup of news and events that Alaskans can use to make a positive difference in family, business and cultural life.   PARTICIPANTS NEEDED FOR PRO-LIFE VIGIL AT SOLDOTNA ABORTION CLINIC The fall campaign of 40 Days for Life is underway in Soldotna where pro-life advocates are peacefully praying outside the Planned Parenthood clinic there. The vigil runs until Nov. 6 in Soldotna, slightly more than 40 days because the local...


A federal court ruling has temporarily blocked Anchorage officials from forcing a faith-based women’s homeless shelter into admitting biological males. The controversy stems from an incident in January 2018. According to court documents from attorneys defending the shelter, Anchorage police officers dropped “Jessie Doe,” a biological male who identifies as a woman, off at Downtown Hope Center in Anchorage. The person reportedly “smelled strongly of alcohol, acted agitated and aggressive, and had an open wound...

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