Paul and Marilyn Hueper, owners of Homer Inn & Spa, woke with a start at 9 a.m. April 28 when a dozen armed FBI agents kicked down their front door in an investigation associated with Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s stolen laptop, which was taken during the Jan. 6 siege of the nation’s Capitol.

Homer resident Marilyn Heuper (left), posted this photo on Facebook to show the physical differences between her and the woman who FBI agents were looking for when they raided her home on April 28.

Speaking April 29 to Kenai-based radio host Bob Bird of the Bird’s Eye View, Paul recalled that he was alarmed and shocked to come out of his bedroom with seven guns pointing at him and his wife.

“It was a little alarming when I turned around the corner,” Paul said. “The first thing they did was start barking out commandments.”

Ultimately, the couple was handcuffed and interrogated for the better part of three hours before being released. In the end, it was a case of mistaken identity.

The Huepers were in D.C. for the rally with President Trump, but they never came close to entering the Capitol, and certainly never took Pelosi’s laptop.

It appears the FBI were most interested in Marilyn. They had a photo of a woman wearing the same coat as her, and with a similar hairstyle. The photo was taken from Capitol building cameras, according to Marilyn, but beyond the hair and coat, there is little similarity between Marilyn and the woman photographed inside the Capitol.

The entire saga, however, left the Huepers disoriented but determined to better understand and defend their personal liberties and those of their friends and neighbors.

Paul said he repeatedly asked to see a search warrant but was denied until two and a half hours had gone by.

Paul said he repeatedly asked to see a search warrant but was denied until two and a half hours had gone by. During that time, he was separated from his wife.

“We sat there really for the first hour, not knowing what’s going on,” Paul told the Bird’s Eye View. “They never offered for us to be comfortable,” he added, “It was very harshly done.”

Paul said the agents ransacked the house and left a huge hole in his front door, which they offered to replace.

Paul said he knew he was innocent of whatever they suspected of him and his wife, but that it was still “all pretty confusing.”

After more than an hour, the agents told him that the raid had to do with the Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol.

The Huepers were in D.C. but only to “peacefully protest.”

The Huepers were in D.C. but only to “peacefully protest.”

“That’s what we were there for,” he said, adding that they never broke any laws. In fact, Paul said they never entered the Capitol building and were “at most a hundred yards away” from the entrance.

Agents showed Paul a photo of the woman who did enter the Capitol and asked if that was his wife.

“They had the same coat on,” he told Bird, but said the face of the woman was quite different from his wife’s. “My wife is much better looking than that,” he said.

While separated from her husband, Marilyn was told why the agents were at their home.

“They said, ‘We’re here for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop,” she recalled. “So, I guess it was stolen and it is still at large.”

The agents then claimed that they had positively identified Marilyn as being in the Capitol building and that they wanted to know who she was working with.

Marilyn said she tried to be respectful but couldn’t help but laugh.

“A lot of us have fallen down on the job,” she said of the duty to know and understand basic civil liberties. “The ball lies squarely in our court.”

She asked to see some identification, at which point agents quickly flashed their badges.

“I couldn’t read it fast enough to know what it was,” she said of the badges. She then asked to see a warrant and was told that she “would get to see it” later.

When repeatedly told she was the woman in the photo, Marilyn responded by saying “I would like to know how I split myself into two locations because I didn’t know I had this power.”

The first photo agents showed her was very fuzzy and depicted a woman wearing a similar coat with a similar hairstyle. They then showed her a photo of the woman’s face.

She told them, “Oh that’s obviously not me. Why didn’t you show me that photo to start with?” The woman in the photo has detached earlobes – Marilyn’s are attached, she said. Plus, the woman was wearing a sweater that Marilyn said, “You couldn’t pay me to wear.”

The agents suggested that she was lying and not cooperating, she told Bird.

At no point was the couple read their Miranda rights or charged with any crime, and the agents left after three hours without offering an apology. They also took Marilyn’s phones and laptop, she said.

Both Huepers say the whole ordeal has revealed just how little they know about their legal rights when dealing with the government.

“We really need to understand our latitude of choices,” Marilyn said. This is especially true when you see guns pointed at you and “you don’t want to disappoint them,” she said.

Marilyn said the raid has inspired her to know her rights.

“A lot of us have fallen down on the job,” she said of the duty to know and understand basic civil liberties. “The ball lies squarely in our court.”

Paul agreed, saying he feels “invigorated” to stand up for his personal liberties.

“This energizes me to take the right next step,” he said. “This fires me up to take care of my business as a citizen to do what’s right.”

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With guns drawn, FBI raids Homer couple’s home looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • John J. Otness says:

    Led by Director Chris Wray the FBI continues its downward spiral into Hell ,,, Who is truly on first? Truly disgusting

    • David Deckert says:

      It’s said that in Alaska, everyone has a firearm, this very well become a case of another home owner killed by these dolts hitting the wrong house/mistaken identity. I know there are those where I live(lower 48) that they start shooting intruders breaking and entering and ask questions later. Fools are looking for a laptop and they raid it like a drug house, do they really think that they could flush Pelosi’s laptop? Mistaken identity, they wouldn’t have been leaving with my laptop and cellphone either, prove to me that you need to take them.

      • You're a Clown says:

        “…they wouldn’t have been leaving with my laptop and cellphone either…”
        Internet tough guy. Another keyboard warrior.

      • John says:

        Lol “keyboard warrior”??

        I love when people call other people “keyboard warriors” and “internet tough guys”.
        You literally are calling someone out from the safety of an anonymous chat. What makes you not a “keyboard warrior”?
        Why the hate bro?

    • Perry Whitfield says:

      Where is their Senators and Congressmen on this., are they okay with this happening to their constituents.

    • CtW says:

      All 3 branches of government are essentially “managed” by the Intelligence Agencies. You can thank the Patriot Act for that …

    • Suthrnboy says:

      What is your opinion of making it a felony to be at a rally where people were hurt or property was damaged, even if you didn’t participate in the crime?

      Repervlicans are racing to criminalize protest all across this country, but you suppport a NYC dude in pancake lady makeup who used the US Marshalls and the US military to take a walk in DC!


      • Claudio Tagini says:

        thanks for confirming the idiocy, but really you didn’t have to… we knew it already

      • Only have one Daddy says:

        You support the Democratic Party because that’s your daddy. Most people on the left are emotional wrecks. The Democratic Party loves people who can’t think for themselves and are sheep’s. The media said it so it must be true. Listening to people that look down on you, how pathetic does that make you? America is evil, racist, the self proclaimed victim mentality is all the democrats got. The projection is just so comical. I’m not saying Republicans are much better but it’s better than the Saul Alinsky Obama divide and Conquer. What kind of jobs did the Clinton’s, Obama’s and Biden have, wink wink lawyers. Could never run a business but sure got rich off being corrupt. When you get out of your parents house, you’ll stop being an emotional wreck Pom Pom waiver. Trump blah blah blah. You sound like the Village IDIOT.

  • Naida McGee says:

    Seems like an act of intimidation by the FBI under the Biden Administration.
    Possible result of “Brown Shirt” liberals in Homer – hoping to see conservatives rattled – by this obvious ridiculous action.

    • Ben Hadd says:

      Anybody know where the Durham repot is?

      • James says:

        Ray is part of the democrat mob did nothing to support Trump

      • david connor says:

        The FBI agents should be fired, and this couple should sue the federal govt . If they did this to BLM or ANTIFA terrorists they would be fired. but this couple are just white so you can treat them like criminals with the only evidence a coat looks similar.

      • John O'Donnell says:

        The Bureau is seemingly having an issue with reliable sources and affiants to verify info??????????

      • T Moto says:

        Hunter Biden’s safe?

    • Michael says:


    • Jo Ann says:

      And, yet, if Biden were asked about this he would claim to know nothing much like he did in the raid of Giuliani’s office and home. He probably isn’t lying. He really isn’t in charge so he probably doesn’t know half of what is going on.

    • joanne says:

      I remember a time when the FBI was respected. They were the gold standard of law enforcement – before Obama beclowned them.

  • Dave says:

    Well there is our new James Comey version of the FBI
    Totally politicized version only the problem is they seem to be more of let’s say the Nazi party but then again this James Comeys legacy.
    Theyre the Keystone cops when it’s investigating the Democrats but if they start fearing any possible exposure they turn inyo the SS GESTOPO
    Too bad for those folks but also too bad for the USA.

  • Christopher Michael says:

    PLEASE brothers and sisters, don’t get caught in this situation thats growing, to understand what’s going on and how We The People reform the services Corporation deceptively named “THE UNITED STATES “INC. We return to Original, de jure, Lawfull Jurisdiction and reform our Grand Juries and Common Law Courts, Alaska is a week out from hearing its first de jure case that will be a shock to the system. Visit to learn what’s the Real deal, and join your neighbors!

  • Steve Peterson says:

    The FBI has been a rogue, out of control agency since at least the Branch Davidian and Ruby Ridge days, if not before. I puke when I see TV shows glorifying the FBI because they are not on the side of average citizens, and they are doing a crappy job ending real crimes such as human trafficking and child exploitation. Oh, and no oligarchs, such as Hillary or Hunter Biden ever get sent to prison. Justice is only a thing of the past and due process hardly exists anymore. Scary times.

    • cora malone says:

      thank u for pointing out the fact that little to neil is done about child trafficking, which is a black market in this country and Alaska too!! what’s on pelosi’s laptop that is more important than innocent children, kinda petty huh, and yeah are the FBI really the good guys anymore or ever was….makes u think not. and this country judges Russians and china, got to get your own house in order before casting stones. if branches of government were regulated and watched regularly the way we do sports i think it would changed things for the better. I could elaborate more on how and why but i think this reply box only allows me so many words lol

    • Michael says:

      So sad!!

    • robert says:


  • Sharon Turner says:

    Article IV US Constitution for starters.. This shows why our School Board, and local elections are oh, so important. How much of our Constitution and Bills of Rights do our overpaid* unionist teachers teach? How much time do we spend on oversight of our kids education? Grandma PS: Why is former FBI Director Comey still roaming free?

  • G Aleution says:

    Serco agents writing stories desseminated all de way to Africa and everything in between. And all spurious. First there was the Ketchikan practices sessions. Oh how the stories flowed so cunningly and yet so modulated. Here’s anudder one. I’m going to say that for every modulated lie. No resonance. Take it back to Cali.

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    Here in Fairbanks, the FBI raided the pastor’s church and home because their son worked for Senator Ted Stevens. This was part of the smear of Stevens to get him out of leadership in the Senate. I was working as a tutor at the church when this happened. Senator Stevens’ powerful position was preventing Obama’s illegal, criminal activities. The FBI gangsters up here were not held accountable and nothing was done about their intrusions. Again, they swarmed down here in Fairbanks overwhelming the people involved and causing the rest to back away instead of standing up against the FBI. Eventually Senator Stevens died. His recordings never surfaced that made it clear he was innocent and he thought when the investigation was over he would be found innocent. Those tapes did not make the fake news though. A book has been written about what happened to Ted Stevens. The thugs in the FBI are not the friends of “We the people” and are not to be trusted at all. This is why we need to keep our guns. How dare they be so bold as to harass Trump supporters in this way and try to intimidate the rest of us so we will pull away.
    My husband and I are going to take the online free course on the Constitution through Hillsdale College to begin our training.
    Another problem is our courts which are incompetent and our lawyers who either do not understand First Amendment rights of citizens or are just into making money and nothing to do with Integrity or moral ethics.

    • Mike says:

      Someone needs to get all this info to Sean Hannity, he’s always blathering on and on about “99% of the fbi are decent and honest”. I am so sick of him and that crap. He’s either deliberate enabler or he’s just breath taking stupid.

      • Natalie says:

        Hannity wears a CIA pin on his lapel. He’s playing people who listen to him for suckers. Hillary emails, Durham investigation ….all drip by drip tid bits keeping people tuning in. Then wham- nothing happens. He’s just getting people to sit and wait rather than get outraged enough to motivated their representatives to take proper action.

  • Will Hutt says:

    What, did the FBI rely on Chinese AI (artificial intelligence) facial recognition software?? Feel sorry for these folks

    • Ike Otkin says:

      I was thinking along the same lines. It’s hard to imagine that the Feds would find these folks in Alaska by passing around a screen shot from a video shot inside the Capitol on Jan. 6.
      It seems more likely that Jan. 6 Capitol video was cross referenced to DC area airports airline passengers loading.
      AI facial recognition would be required to analyze the tremendous volume of data.

  • Big Daddy says:

    Further evidence that the FBI is a rogue band of politically motivated thugs having had their hands on most every act of terrorism since 9/11. Don’t let them gaslight you folks. Your instincts about the FBI are correct.

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    Dear Paul & Marilyn Hueper Look up 18 usc 241 & 242 I believe you have a complaint to file !

  • Kenneth L. Wells says:

    Wait! I thought it was Trump who was the fascist. That’s what the media said 24/7 for nearly 5 years now…

  • david Boyle says:

    Shhhh! The NSA and other AmeriKan spy agencies are listening/watching.

  • Tom in VT says:

    Using facial recognition software seems to be a stretch if it’s the wrong woman, so I’m wondering if Mrs. Heuper ever wore that coat in a photograph on any social media platform. If she hadn’t, my second thought is whether Bank of America or American Express or Chase informed FBI that travel arrangements to DC had been made with their cards.

    • Ike Otkin says:

      How did the Feds get Mrs. Heuper’s name to check her social media or credit cards?
      Did credit card companies rat out their customers wholesale to the Feds? I have not read that but I guess it’s possible.
      I disagree with your premise that AI is reliable. See reply to Will Hutt above.

  • DODI says:

    I am sure your senator, Lisa Murkowski, will demand an explanation from the FBI

  • Kristen says:

    Are you suing?

  • Fascists Suck says:

    Jamie Allard is that you in the picture ?

  • Ann says:

    So there is a missing laptop?

  • Bridger Jackson says:

    Now imagine they were accidentally shot and killed…..everyone on this forum would be outraged.? This is why there is Black Lives Matter protest, happens to minorities all the time.

  • CitizenKane says:

    I see the Homer police are still totally useless. Why did no state or local law enforcement grab these feds by the collar? Why did the governor not make a statement on this?

  • Eric Scher says:

    The Federal Bureau of Intimidation strikes again.

  • Jones says:

    It’s way worse than what anyone commenting here thinks. If you want to know what’s really going on, read this thread:

    Thelastrefuge2 is not a nut-bar, he’s the editor of theconservativetreehouse . com, the site which most accurately reported all details of the russian collusion nonsense.

    Everything that happened during the four yrs of the Trump admin, including the stolen election ending it, align with the above-referenced thread.

    In short, It is not just the election that was stolen. Our country, our constitution, our freedom … it’s all gone.

  • Steve says:

    This show how sinister our government has become. They track and store all our cell data so they know where we’ve been, who we’ve talk to, and what we’ve bought. They say their not listening to the conversations, just storing the meta data. But, we know, they have the conversation recorded in case they need to go back in time and investigate our behavior. And we’re paying for this behavior!

  • Jayme says:

    We, the citizens of the USA, must hold the agency accountable. It seems that everyday they are intimidating average Americans. It is beginning to appear that they are out of control. Why could they not just knock on the door & talk with these people? Why use the barbaric tactics?

  • T says:

    Democrat Gestapo.

  • Campbell Casey Maj says:

    We learned the FBI is a tool being used AGAINST Americans.

    Why didn’t they just watch her in town? “Yep, wrong woman?” Or stop her in any other fashion, like in her driveway with two agents in a car?

    The only reason for the overwhelming force and odd hours is visibility.

    They want Americans to know “you could be next!”

  • TT says:

    Did they get their stolen laptop and phone back from the FBI? If not they should be in Federal Court demanding their property be returned immediately. FBI has no rights to open or review any materials on their laptop or phone. Also sue for property damage and attorney’s fees.

    • Suthrnboy says:

      Funny seeing all the complaints from Trumpy cultist pervert Superspreader cop murderers!

      If Republican State legislatures across the country have thier way, this couple would be facing felony charges for merely being at a rally where people were hurt or property was damaged!

      They deserve everything they get for being scumbag insurrectionist traitors!

  • G Aleution says:

    Raided by the Gestapo. They don’t need thaT bilding. It was just to keep track of the oil. we don’t have the oil anymore. Repo their bilding and out they go. They can shine shoes like the restivus. I wonder if the ? in Juneau would like to have a prime time investigation in the peoples chambers about qualities of documents. Do agents threaten magistrates. what a gig.

  • Riversofblood says:

    Every filthy FBI agent present and former will be dealt with by US military force.

    • Anne Decker says:

      You are dreaming. The FBI and the CIA protect each other. They make ALL the rules and break whatever laws they deem necessary. That’s a fact, Jack.

  • Bobw111 says:

    Biden’s FBI operate like the East German Stazi.
    Terrorize the couple, refuse to show them a search warrant, and question them for 3 hours.
    Why? Because the couple attended a Trump Rally.

    • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

      How about Trump’s 2 attorneys being harassed? Giuliani just had this happen to him and, when he offered them the hard drive to Hunter’s computer, they didn’t want it. All they wanted was privileged info from Trump’s personal attorney, therefore violating the Attorney/Client privilege to confidentiality. If they can to it to him, we have no chance. Keep you gun(s) placed around the house; you never know when the Nazis will break in.

    • Patricia Chitty says:

      No, not because they were at a Trump Rally. They were suspect because the attended a planned Insurrection and because Mrs H apparently looked like a woman who was ALSO there,who committed a crime and was caught on camera.People in the State where I live go to Trump Rallies all the time and they haven’t been hassled by the FBI unless they were involved in criminal activity and or were guilty of a crime. I do think the Couple should pursue this because it is important to clear their name. If they are innocent then how about Alaska’s Governor and Congressmen and women raising hell with Director Wray? This couple should probably not handle this alone.

  • oga says:

    FBI are bullies, they cant even open an iPhone. Sad FBI used to be elite and tops in the world.

  • MItchell Young says:

    Never, ever talk to the FBI. Learn the five words “I have nothing to say”. Don’t say yes, don’t say no. Just say “I have nothing to say”. And get a lawyer on the phone.

  • Evobargnod1 says:

    What news are they trying to distract us from now?

  • Richard Whistle says:

    So where is the laptop?

  • spirit of the fighting 69th says:

    Clear violation of 4th Amendment rights as does breaking into the house when there was no danger to the agents. Is the FBI our very own Stasi? The thing speaks for itself.

  • mickt says:

    FBI agents: “Ve are only followink orders.”
    Every single person who works for the FBI is a traitor. They will commit any crime against this country and its people for a government pension. They are all betraying the constitution, the country, and the citizens of this country.

    • RustyS says:

      If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve nothing to fear.
      7 people shot dead in a Green Bay, WI casino last night.

      “Thoughts and prayers”

  • Rusty S says:

    Did the FBI agents really “start barking out commandments”? Just a few or all 10? In order or just kinda randomly? People want to know these things.

  • Al Aldecoa says:

    The FBI once again has demonstrated just how much of a joke of a law enforcement agency they have become. They are incapable of investigation process and there only role today is that of a private army used by the left to destroy their enemies.

  • Combatoverride says:

    This must be part of that White Privilege thingy I keep hearing about.

  • Gotta Laugh says:

    In the FBI’s defense, all white people do look alike.

  • J. Edgar Wore Skirts says:

    The problem is the FBI has been given too many powers, too many agents, and too much taxpayer money over the years. The other federal agencies who still arrest violent criminals, like the DEA, ICE and Marshals, operate on a shoestring trying to save us from the people who actually kill americans every day, while the FBI does the bidding of democrats. The answer is make the FBI about 1/4 its current size and give the other agencies more to protect us. They also need to repeal all of the laws that give KGB-style powers to the FBI pushed on us by Bush RINOs since 2001. They haven’t caught a real terrorist yet, but they do an excellent job of persecuting conservatives with them.

  • dick canby says:


  • Craig Bathurst says:

    I hope they are going to file a HUGH Law suite for violation of their Constitutional Rights. This is nothing but Communist Tactics. There was no attorney present and they were not allowed to remain silent until a attorney was present. And the FBI got the wrong individual. Contact Alliance for Defending Freedom, Liberty Council, ACLJ for help in this case. Sue them for as much MONEY as you can get and make sure FBI agents go to jail.

  • Ron Nedos says:

    This is what the “defund the police” is all about. Take law enforcement out of local control and let the feds fill the void. Next you’ll be loaded onto s train heading to a re-education camp

  • D Sebranek says:

    Coming from an IT background, why can’t they track down the laptop via the House’s computer network logs? Every computer has a MAC address associated with the network interface (NIC) and there should be a record of her connections to the House network. You get assigned an IP, which is logged in the network monitoring logs, showing the IP/MAC combo. If they go back through their logs, they should be able to find the MAC, which they can query major networks to see where the MAC shows up or has been online.
    Computer Forensics!

  • John C says:

    The Famous But Incompetent (FBI) boobs strike again. Everyone of them and all of their leadership should be suspended pending dismissal.

  • Zorost says:

    The only right you need to know and the only one you should exercise is your right to remain silent. Just STFU already. You aren’t talking your way out of anything. I don’t know why people still think it is a good idea to have a conversation with people ransacking your house.

  • unaffiliated says:

    It’s pretty clear that changes need to be made to our legal system which will return the DOJ to a non-partisan organization at first opportunity.

  • John Kalec says:

    Bumbling, libtarded fools break and enter, illegally detain,and unlawfully seize good from private citizens………..under the ridiculous guise of law and order.

  • Minnie says:

    Plenty of idiots in AK, know them well (40+ years) …”peaceful protest” my ass. ….from Fairbanks, where plenty of loonies survive.

  • Nuña Bidnesh says:

    I like Alaskans that aren’t traitors.

  • Randy Moss says:

    It’s really sad that too many Americans have been infected by what’s now known as Putin virus. It’s the virus that can corrupt and weaken the minds of those who are gullible to political manipulation, using fake patriotic and religious schemes. That’s why Putin picked Donald Trump as his puppet. Trump is a soulless fraudster who would say anything to get what he wants, including blatant lies. Now, this whole mess at least brings to light the population of the stupid in America. Everyone who follows Trump has disqualified themselves as an intelligent and decent human being. They are like those who followed Jim Jones, the cult leader who murdered his own followers just to satisfy his own ego.

  • Tom Dannheisser says:

    btw…The pathetic excuse of a “judge” who signed this illegal warrant has “absolute immunity”

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