On Oct. 13, Neil Kitamura, age 78, died a few hours after fellow Anchorage resident William Topel passed away. Both were patients at Providence Alaska Medical Center. Each man asked to receive Ivermectin to treat COVID illnesses, and both were denied.

Neil Kitamura

Kitamura checked into the hospital on Oct. 5. He had already taken an initial dose of Ivermectin which he received from his doctor the day before. According to his son Kris Kitamura, the hospital refused let Neil take any more of his Ivermectin pills. Instead, he was placed on oxygen, given steroids, remdesivir and sedated with morphine.

 Nine days later he was dead.

“Even though his doctor prescribed it and he had it with him, they wouldn’t give it to him,” Kris said. “I still have his pills … If someone is terminal, why wouldn’t you let them have access to it?”

According to an email from the hospital’s media relations department, Providence does not use Ivermectin to treat COVID patients. The hospital says the FDA has not approved Ivermectin for treating or preventing COVID in humans.

“Based on a preponderance of evidence and guidelines from multiple national authorities, Providence Alaska Medical Center does not use Ivermectin to treat COVID-19,” the email states.

Despite the fact that Neal was eating the day before he died, he was never allowed to take Ivermectin.

Providence’s stance runs contrary to multiple studies which show that Ivermectin is a safe drug that can decrease both morbidity and mortality in COVID patients. It has been successfully used to treat COVID patients around the world, including in India, Mexico, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic.

Kris said he and his father both got COVID earlier in the month. They each had prescriptions filled for Ivermectin as well. Kris said he took one dose and felt better within hours. His father, however, still struggled to breath so they took him to Providence.

Shortly thereafter, Neil’s wife, Terry, dropped off his Ivermectin pills.

Despite the fact that Neal was eating the day before he died, he was never allowed to take Ivermectin, Terry said.

“I tried to bring it in, but they said he couldn’t have it,” she recounted. “They were just focused on keeping him comfortable until he died. It was all death focused.”

Shortly before Neil died, Kris and Terry were called and informed that they should come to the hospital to visit him.

“We get there and we’re getting ready to go in and the hospital said, no,” Kris said. They were told that the risk of COVID infection was too great.

According to Kris, hospital staff said Neil would have to be taken off his ventilator prior to the visit and the room scrubbed clean. Taking him off oxygen, however, would likely lead to Neil’s death.

The only other option, Kris said, was to wait until his father was near death before visiting him. By the time Kris was allowed in, his Neil was dead.

Terry said she thinks Providence has failed to live up to its mission statement which reads: “As expressions of God’s healing love, witnessed through the ministry of Jesus, we are steadfast in serving all, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.”

“Their whole focus is on death, not life,” she said. “I feel really bad for the doctors and nurses there because some of them, I believe, know the truth and know what they are doing is wrong, but they’re afraid to lose their job or their license, so they’re really stuck in a bad place.”

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Another man dies at Providence after hospital refuses repeated requests for Ivermectin

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Theresa says:

    God have mercy on us.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Covid patients in hospitals are worth more dead than alive, aren’t they?

    • Jake From State Farm says:

      No, you are wrong.

    • Carrie+Harris says:

      Yes, they prescribed drugs off label every single day. But not this one?
      They document the stages of death and sell the medical history to research companies, they charge Private health insurance and government health insurance they get extra government money, then they’ll put a lien on any property the patient for their portion of the bill owed.
      Covid and parasites are not the only thing that Ivermec can help. September of this year the NIH also released a study showing is powerful anti-tumor effects. The very near the very bottom of the article past all the definitions they mention it’s potential for covid.

  • Neil+A+DeWitt says:

    So when are they going to start saving lives? That’s what they’re their for. If they refuse they need to close the doors! No reason for people dieing because of the democratic agenda!

    • Julie says:

      First do NO harm! What a crock! Shame on you Providence Admin! All about the all mighty dollar!
      The love of money is the root of ALL evil!

  • hisakgirl says:

    blood on the hands of those denying patients requests and God given American rights.

  • Common Peasant says:

    Moral of the story. Do not use Providence Hospital.
    I wonder how many people have to die before this city wakes up to the fact that the medical system is corrupted and is not about health, but profit and narrative control.
    When it is my time to go, it will be deep in the forest, away from any corporate cash grabbers.
    The sick #*%()@#.

  • Greg Cheney says:

    They care more about being right than they do helping people. Hospitals: Where Pharma is Lord.

  • DoneWithIt says:

    The people at Providence should read up on what the people did to their leaders, in France, Germany, Italy, and Russia – after they had enough of the unethical, immoral, and evil behaviour.
    Those people were drug out into the streets, so the mob could extract vengeance…

  • This is Outrageous says:

    I sincerely hope the families sue for wrongful death.

  • Patrocles says:

    The man’s doctor prescribed it. The hospital should be sued for malpractice.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Good grief. Point the finger where the finger should be pointed and that is our federal government, specifically Medicaid and Medicare. Hospitals with any ties to those agencies cannot go outside the boundaries without losing a boatload of funding and insurance coverage. There are also penalties, and other draconian measures to punish them. Even if the treating doctor at the hospital has no doubt ivermectin is the best course of action, to bad so sad. Their hands are tried. Go ahead and prove me wrong if you can. People need to be thinking ahead. Get alternative treatment ASAP and do not wait until you have to go to the hospital. This egregious problem is far bigger than the hospitals. Monoclonal antibody treatment is available and needs to be administered within first week. Some practitioners are prescribing ivermectin but only a couple pharmacies will dare fill, and may now have stopped under fear of lawsuit and penalty. Can order from Frontline Doctors. There finally is research that has commenced on Ivermectin for treatment of Covid. Pray they light a fire under it and conclude success soon so FDA can wrap their sluggish brain around it and hospitals can finally administer.

    • Pamela Sue says:

      Our doctor has treated over 700 people with ivermectin and other drugs with amazing success. Although not a scientific study, the results tell us all we need to know.

      The hands of the people who helped commit Hitler’s atrocities were also tied! But, they eventually paid for their crimes. The medical personnel at Providence Hospital who have denied people the use of ivermectin are, in part, responsible for their deaths and should be charged with murder!

      Our doctor has treated over 700 people with ivermectin and other drugs with amazing success. Although not a scientific study, the results tell us all we need to know.

      • Gilo says:

        Hey ,from Alabama go to FLCCC.NET. these Doctors have a study peer REVIEWED published on Journal of THERAPEUTIC . On the same page more from Japan , The UK (BIRD FUNDATION) those studies back INVERMECTIN, FLUVOXAMINE ect

      • Sandra. Westin says:

        Who is your doctor and where?

    • Carrie+Harris says:

      So you’re worth more dead to the hospital than you are alive
      They should be honest with patients before they walk through the door, you’re only here to die.

  • Mongo Likes Candy says:

    Why are people going to these Death Camps and expecting to get help to live? They are DEATH CAMPS! Death Camps in a world-wide genocide to cull the herd.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Don’t go to these death camps stay home and be with your family.
    Your survival is much higher being home.
    And yes quit your job, if you know what your doing is wrong, stop being a sheep.

  • PSE says:

    Remdesivir Causes Renal Failure, Hospital Protocols Are Killing People

  • Herman Nelson says:

    Amazing! We had the best medical facilities on the planet, now they are “soylent green” death centers. You in the “medical profession” that support this- “I was just following orders” was not a good plea at Nuremberg Trial.

  • NAV says:

    Preston Simmons, Senior Vice President and Chief Executive and Michael Bernstein, MD, Chief Medical Officer I believe are the two who are directly in charge of operations at Prov. maybe others also they are the ones who have betrayed the hypocritic oath and are now pushing death for cash!!!!

  • Kaye says:


  • JC says:

    We need a parallel hospital type service to treat people with dignity and provide treatment for their Covid symptoms.
    Are there any medical professionals willing to stand up and make this a reality?
    We may, in fact, need many parallel services in our coming society as the divisions continue to grow.

  • Penny Johnson says:

    Ivermectin has been sown to decrease death rates significantly. By over 80%. The refusal to administer Ivermectin by Providence, Alaska Regional and Mat-Su Regional opens them up to class-action and most likely will result in a settlement fund for those affected families. I suggest they get going on this a.) To currently save others, b.) To stop this from happening in the next wave. CV-19 is not going away, it is foreseeable . . .

  • Ralph says:

    A Minnesota state senator said it was $13,000 for someone admitted with COVID-19, and $39,000 if they were placed on a ventilator… not sure about Alaska.

  • Andy says:

    How many others have went the same way? How many more will be going this way? These are employees who are clearly aware of what they are doing, following orders or not, this is unconscionable.

  • Stephanie Kittel says:

    We’re either of these gentlemen vaccinated? I’m guessing they weren’t or the author would have pointed it out in big bold letters. I’m also guessing no other hospital would have allowed the ivermectin to be given because …as the author pointed out, it is not FDA approved for humans. AND honestly, how truthful do you think the reporting is from the countries you have listed with success rates? Heck, a couple of the studies have already said, “ yea, we were pretty much fabricating our results!”

  • G Aleutian says:

    The federal emergency executive order signed by President Trump ends 10/21/21. It specifically says all Covid19 protocols are ended. With particulars of the 2020 election being unearthed it is possible for those and other reasons the alleged Administration may not have authority to continue Covid19 benefits permanently to big or little pharma legally. So many question marks.

  • JR says:

    Providence ought to start providing abortion services since having blood on their hands seems fine by them.

  • swrrat says:

    Providence is deliberately killing it’s Covid patients in ICU. Once you are in ICU and on a ventilator they give you Remdesivir which is known to shut down your organs and then you die. Just lost a great friend who was strong and healthy because of the so-called standard procedures by Providence. Do not let them admit any of your family or friends into ICU unless you want to watch them die. ”
    “Veklury® (remdesivir) is a nucleotide analogue RNA polymerase inhibitor. Dr. Ardis reveals that the symptoms of lungs filling with fluid and the other alleged COVID-19 symptoms were actually side effects of kidney poisoning and other organ damage that are known side-effects of Veklury® (remdesivir). Dr. Ardis alleges that the devestating health toll allegedly caused by COVID-19 was actually caused by the NIH recommended treatment of Veklury® (remdesivir).

  • DoneWithIt says:

    The Feds, CDC, FDA, and the corporate medical establishment really, really do care about your health and well being – really.
    This was NEVER about health care – this was about subjugation of the masses and de-population. Or do we all want to still be in DENIAL about this fact? People that have got the jab will never admit they made a huge mistake. Why are they wanting to jab young children who statistically have a zero chance of death?
    Why are they denying people early therapeutics? Because there is no money$ to be made – the patent has expired.
    The is EVIL what they are doing.

  • G Aleutian says:

    Creators of the current ailment are foreseeing other atrocious diseases “coming”. There are billionaires who sincerely want the earth’s population reduced to a small number who will do their bidding. It is a mad world dominion plan oppositional to the existing US republic and the Constitutional rights of free men on this continent. God will save the planet and people. He says “I have created the earth even to be inhabited”.

  • Sky Pedersen says:

    OUTRAGE!!! I hope they SUE PROVIDENCE!!!!!!!

  • Alaskan Born says:

    Sorry to hear Providence has failed another patient who probably had a good chance of surviving. Providence and ANMC received millions in COVID monies. They are owned by big pharma!!! Families have to take care of themselves. If not, you’re going to be stuck in a hospital bed, alone, drugged, and/or on a ventilator waiting to die!!! Hospitals, doctors, and nurses care more about money than saving lives!! It’s now a lucrative business watching people die!!!

  • Steven Chappell says:

    When is the State AG going to step in and bring charges against the Hospital. Orovidence in my eyes is Garbage and if my insurance ever wants to send me there again I will request to be sent else where.

  • Julie says:

    NIH approved ivermectin for use this last June or July! You don’t need FDA approval! Hospitals are getting big $$$ to treat with the ebola drug (remdesivir) which kills!
    This is just horribly wrong and illegal not to mention immoral! What are lawyers doing anyway! Where are the ambulance chasers out there anyway!!

  • Scott Stansbury says:

    Ivermectin is APPROVED for treatment in the U.S since July 2021!!!! But with a caveat! Hospitals will lose a 20% bonus payout by the feds if they use it!! See Below:

    These links come from govt websites to prove that Hospitals are getting an additional 20% bonus payout when they use Remdesivir only. Even while Ivermectin is a NIH govt approved drug for the treatment of Covid in the U.S. Here are some interesting statistics that Dr. Ardis brings to light in the video below with the links to the government documents.


    1. 25% of all deaths world wide have been in the US when the US only has 4.7% of the entire world population.
    2. Remdesivir has only been used in the US ONLY until late 2020.
    3. 90% of all US deaths have been in hospitals ICUs and were mandatorily treated with Remdesivir!
    4. All deaths had kidney (renal) failure. (See Table 2e from the NIH on adverse events)
    5. Hospitals get an additional 20% bonus payout for using Remdesivir only.
    6. Ivermectin is authorized for hospitals to treat patients with. (See table 2e from NIH below)
    6. Hospitals will lose their additional 20% bonus from the Department of Treasury, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) if they use Ivermectin.

    Ivermectin is approved for Covid treatment by NIH/FDA. See table 2e:

    Page 59 talks about Medicare/Medicaid paying an additional 20% bonus payout using Remdesivir only:

    Synopsis of 20% payout:

    Dr. Ardis breaks it all down starting at:

    19:30 Remdesivir to be used in US only and not allowed to be shipped to other countries until end of 2020.
    20:20 Deaths in US hospitals are from taking Remdesivir.
    21:20 All deaths were in ICU’s and mandatory treated with Remdesivir.
    23:00 Ivermectin is an NIH approved drug for Covid Treatment:
    29:05 Hospitals get an additional 20% Medicare/Medicaid payout for using Remdesivir Only!

  • Scott Stansbury says:

    Table 2e. Sorry I meant to post this.

  • Sallie Perkins says:

    Such a shame. Very sorry for their families. I believe they are after the money too. I stayed one night at Providence for observation. H2O only.. Cost $24 thousand dollars!!! Yes 24 thousand dollars… So ridiculous.

  • Efrog+Industries says:

    Every death serves the New World Order agenda with depopulating the planet and I refuse to go along with their plan Long Live Humanity

  • Anthony says:

    Did this man take a COVID Vaccine?

  • jh says:

    General Colin Powell was vaccinated for Covid and died from Covid…..this indicates that the Covid shot does not work to prevent the disease!! Or did the Covid shot acerbate his serious medical problems???
    But Joe Biden is telling you to keep getting Covid shots, no matter how many you get…May end up looking Frankenstein….
    The Pharmacists that are refusing to fill a prescription for Ivermectin is considered practicing medicine without a license….Need to make complaints to the state medical licensing board….

  • Common Peasant says:

    Now with these death protocols coming to light, this makes me wonder how many people died with the flu due to poor hospital treatment. Many kids with RSV die each year. Perhaps also due to corrupt protocol.

  • Andy says:

    It’s really, really obvious by now that this isn’t about vaccinating the masses to save lives is it? Wake up.

  • David says:

    If people have a little time stand outside with sandwich boards and signs saying things like
    “My dad was born here and my dad was killed here”

  • Steve says:

    Where the hell is our Governor? Why isn’t Mike Dunleavy declaring a mandate forcing these hospitals to administer Ivermectin, and the pharmacies to fill prescriptions? He should be fighting to save his constituents!

  • A Friend says:

    He was born in an internment camp and died in a concentration camp. Rest In Peace, friend.

  • J says:

    Thank you! Bless you. Let’s ALL send prayers to all involved for the perfect resolution of this. RIGHT NOW.
    I personally know three people who have been (and still are) in the exact same situation. It’s the same MO. One of them died in Soldotna this week. One is at Regional hospital here. Another has been held hostage in the hospital in Florida for over 6 weeks.
    ***Someone please tell the hospital to do their research. The NIH lists Ivermectin (along with Remdesivir and Nitazoxanide) as a treatment for COVID.–characteristics-of-antiviral-agents/. If you scroll down and click to view the table, you’ll find this:
    Please sign up for Dr. Ardis’ newsletter & you’ll get all of this info & resources. He’s been spreading the word about this.

  • Cyberhca says:

    Class action lawsuits can be effective.

  • kris spencer says:

    There are both human and animal forms of Ivermectin. The human form HAS been approved for human use by FDA for 25 years, since 1996. It could be that the FDA hasn’t approved it for use against SARS Covid 19, even though people are using it for this. Hydroxy was used successfully to eradicate SARS 1 in 2002-2004. One of our state Senators recently had it and treated herself at home with Ivermectin and zinc and C, some other things. A wonderful couple I know personally—both in their 70’s, used the monocolonial anti body treatments you can get at Tikatnu Center. It helped them a lot. For both Sen and couple, it was a good week and a few days until they felt like they were coming out the other side, but both reported feeling a bit better each day. Hospitals WILL NOT do Ivermectin b/c they say it is not FDA approved. Which is a lie. My heart goes out to the family.