A man dressed as a nonbinary elf marches with Planned Parenthood during the June 24 Anchorage Pride Parade.

Shortly before the start of Anchorage’s June 24 LGBTQ “Pride Parade,” the disgraced former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz was seen hobnobbing with the parade’s drag queen MC, “Daphne.” The duo clasped hands as the dress-wearing man in heavy make up lavished praise on Berkowitz for aggressively advancing the LGBTQ agenda in Anchorage during his five-year reign.

Daphne thanked Berkowitz for his leadership in advancing the LGBTQ agenda in Anchorage. A few minutes later, Berkowitz marched down 9th Avenue with the ACLU of Alaska contingency, a group now headed up by his wife with an intense focus on LGBTQ sexuality and expression.

Once a rising political star of the hard left, Berkowitz resigned from the mayor’s office in October of 2020 after admitting to a scandalous relationship with a former local television reporter. Since then, he’s largely stayed out of the public eye.

During his time as mayor – 2015 to 2020 – the Berkowitz administration attempted to force a faith-based women’s shelter, which serves as a safe haven for battered women, to admit biological males who identify as female into its overnight facility. The shelter fought back, and a federal judge blocked the city from enforcing its new sexual orientation and gender identity code against the shelter.

Berkowitz also supported a city ordinance that prohibited counseling aimed at helping gender-confused youth overcome unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion, and members of his administration were regularly enlisted to promote the LGBTQ agenda.

State Senator Forrest Dunbar wears a Bud Light ties while carrying a transgender flag during the June 24 Anchorage Pride Parade.

Other political leaders marching in the Pride parade were State Senator Forrest Dunbar, who carried a transgender flag. He was joined by openly queer legislators Andrew Gray, Jennie Armstrong and Ashley Carrick, all three of whom were designated grand marshals of the event.

The parade included grown men dressed as women, kids draped in rainbow flags, a truck full of exotically adorned drag queens, radical abortion activists, people dressed as nonbinary elves, a sexual/leather fetish group, climate change activists and many others.

Throughout the parade, the MC made sexual innuendos, joked about all the “sex geeks” on hand and proclaimed he was there to “spread loooooove and understanding.”

“I would much rather be a spectacle than a spectator,” he announced. “This is how policy change happens.”

The parade’s main financial sponsors were Alaska Airlines, Fred Meyer and the Rasmuson Foundation. Other groups on hand for the parade and/or festivities included the Alaska Cancer Center, Southcentral Foundation, GCI, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, St. John United Methodist, Credit Union 1, the Anchorage Health Department, U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Four A’s, JBER Queer Council, Congregation Beth Shalom, American Red Cross, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts and many others.

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Disgraced former Anchorage mayor joins drag queens and ‘sex geeks’ for pride parade

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Sammy Adams says:

    It’s interesting to see PP at the parade. A thought experiment: What if there was a “gay gene” and women could have a test to see if their baby was gay before it was born and then have an abortion? I wonder how the pro-abortion and LGBTQ lobby people would react to that? Would it continue to be “my body, my choice? Just curious.

  • Ceak says:

    sexual immorality loves company.

  • Andy says:

    Stay clear of them, some forms of mental illness are infectious.

  • Lucinda says:

    Sooooooo scary!

    • Tamra Nygaard says:

      Gosh, Lucy, I’m sorry you were frightened by a bunch of limp-wristed perverts. Maybe stay away next time?

    • Trouser Bark says:

      Don’t forget, Lucy; tis the season for you to thank a heterosexual for your existence.
      Sooooooo scary!

  • Sandra says:

    Quit giving them attention. Just sayin!

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    This article from Joel gives clear evidence that dunleavy and his perverse administration are right in the middle of this! I am sickened!

    • Lauralee says:

      Where is the clear evidence you are referring to? I read the article a second time after seeing your comment, and cannot find any mention of any part of the Dunleavy administration having any ties to this LGBTQ Pride Parade. Is there some thinly-veiled reference that I’m missing? Serious question, Dave, because it appears you’re mistaken; otherwise, please call it out because if Dunleavy truly is in the middle of promoting or helping this agenda, we all need to know – based on “clear evidence.” If not, your accusation should be retracted.

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        The main takeaway from our Anchorage Pride Parade investigation
        After spending several hours at last week’s Anchorage Pride Parade and ensuing festivities, it was abundantly clear that many well-heeled nonprofit groups are working in tandem with local and state governmental agencies – including schools – to widely propagate and advance the LGBTQ and transgender agenda among Alaska’s youth.

        In exposing this network, our goal is to shine a light on a well-coordinated strategy in hopes that our elected representatives will begin the long and arduous process of untangling our public resources from the radical advocacy of the hard left.

        This effort will require a good dose of pressure and encouragement from Alaska’s conservative base.

        So after seeing Joel’s comments Lauralee maybe you can consider the fact that “ working in tandem “ is in fact the problem I directed at the foot of Dunleavy and his administration! You now have the obligatory retraction in front of you! As well, you got your request fulfilled to be informed. Now what actions will you take?

    • Peggy Kelly says:

      Maybe you should reread that it’s not done lady it’s berkowitz

  • Debi says:

    Next thing they will be trying is to shove beastiality down our throats, like it is as normal as the rest of this c@$p

  • Boris says:


  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Isn’t that berkowits wife in the picture above? Ugly and perv deserve each other!

    • Trouser Bark says:

      With the blue dress and man hands? No, Berky’s wife is the hit and run queen that killed one of Anchorage’s finer pedestrians. Not sure why. Maybe she was too lit? We’d have all heard about it in the news except we didn’t.

  • Ericka Clasby says:

    I want the Full List…
    There’s some places listed @ the End
    I Won’t be Supporting

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      My thoughts also.
      Fred Meyers what the blank, we all new the woke Alaska (Seattle) airlines.
      Time to take my money else where. I’ve been standing my ground, Not supporting these groups or company’s.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Kroger (Fred Meyers) recently acquired Carrs Safeway. The only place left (maybe) is Three Bears Alaska. Not sure what the Alaska PFD Management Corp political affiliation is – just saying this since they bought 1/3 of the stock in Three Bears. I hope that they (Dunleavy and gang) are not poking holes in the ship (Alaska)y) without anyone knowing and soon the ship is going to sink fast like the Titanic did.

      • Jen says:

        Or just learn to spend less money. Our main grocers are Fred Meyer, Walmart, Costco, Sagaya Target, Sagaya, Natural Pantry. Being an American you undoubtedly will spend too much too. Readers can work on spending less on self and give the extra to Alaska Watchman for news coverage expenses. As Christians we aren’t really supposed to be shopping too much, we are supposed to be better at money management.

  • Margaret Prestwick says:

    After reading this article and a few others on the same topic, I have a request. I have read and heard some of these terms but would LOVE to read an article defining ALL of these “alphabet” terms. I just don’t understand why they/them need soooo many…….????!!!

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Disgraced Berkowitz that’s to nice, he’s a sick disgusting person.

  • Jen says:

    Doesn’t Dunbar remind us of Lot’s character in the Bible. I think if we knew Lot he’d be much like Dunbar. The two wanted to do the right thing, the two were greedy and selfish, the two had leadership qualities, and Lot would also been admirable and likable, and the two were poor judge of character. Sin seems harmless when it’s controlled, this gay movement still is under control, give it free rein, and it grows out of control and destroys entire lives and communities. Abram’s nephew Lot found out.

    • Trouser Bark says:

      Are you talking about that same Lot that poked his own daughters? It would appear from the message Mr. Dunbar is sending that any son’s he might someday have would likely be more at risk of him being ‘Lot like’ than any daughters he might one day sire. If I’m reading the cards correctly though he appears to prefer coupling in a manner unlikely to produce offspring so no, he’s not like Lot.

      • Clark says:

        Forest Dunbar isn’t even gay. Or if he is, hes in the closet. He is just an ally.

        Comparing anyone to Lot is an insult. I don’t think Dunbar would offer up his children to be gang raped by strangers.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        Trouser Bark walks the fence for the heck of it it looks like. You do not speak the truth about Lot’s story.

      • Trouser Bark says:

        @Humanity: My apologies if I left you w/ the impression that I’m waking an imaginary fence. There was no Lot, no dead magical Jew; none of that. You are an atheist concerning all of the 1000+ religions in the world because they all sound like crazy talk but for the one you were exposed to at a young and impressionable age. Thank your lucky stars your mom wasn’t all about Hanuman the Monkey God or a Shinto practitioner that believed we all came from a volcano… or not. They all make about as much sense as a planet covered in water for 40 days and 40 nights when in fact there’s not enough moisture in the atmosphere to do that but of course w/ Devine intervention even the whackiest stories must be accurate. You keep the faith though and tell Lot I said hi when you get there.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Maybe the truth was too much for Lauralee?
    No response hmmm? Maybe she/he/it is investigating and finding the truth that dunleavy is a supporter of the perverse culture attacking our children!
    What say you Lauralee?

    • Lucinda says:

      Dave. You didn’t provide much evidence to support your claim. Not saying your wrong.

      • Trouser Bark says:

        Lucy, you’ve never provided any evidence to support any of your contrarian nonsense.


    • Lauralee says:

      You began by saying Joel’s article gives “clear evidence” that Dunleavy and his administration are right in the middle of this. When I asked where those specifics appear in the article, you said it was actually your presence/observation/investigation at the event that made it all abundantly clear TO YOU what’s really going on. But for Watchman readers who couldn’t be there (or couldn’t stand to be within 5 miles of that bunch of sick scum) please just provide the name of one of the well-heeled non-profits and the state agency or school it’s infecting, along with what it is they’re doing to advance the LGBTQ and transgender agenda. Joel did a great job of naming the entities that funded this putrefying spectacle they called a Pride Parade, but I don’t see any facts or even accusations in the article much less your latest comments that point to which state government agencies or schools are working in tandem with these well-heeled non profits on that agenda. Your comments are void of specifics and facts. That’s all. I’m on your side, but you’re too defensive and blind to see it. I’m asking you to back up your conjecture with a fact or two. A name or two. I’m not calling you a liar, I’m asking you “where’s the beef?” The MOA under Berkowitz had an evil mission for sure, and the Assembly still does, but they’re not the Dunleavy administration. The LGBTQ+ and transgender agenda is indeed warped and dark. Suggesting I’m one of their trolls is a nice try but falls flat. Joel has written a number of articles that point out where Dunleavy needs to root out bad actors in his administration (Anne Zink quickly comes to mind) but he always provides factual backup and has earned respect as an admirable journalist because of his approach. That’s all I’m asking for in response to your first comment – factual backup. If I were an attorney I’d shred you in court. Thank you, Joel Davidson, for researching and then NAMING IN YOUR ARTICLE the entities who’ve bankrolled this event. I will boycott every single one of them with both contempt and passion. Meanwhile, you, Mr. Maxwell, are miserably failing Alaska’s conservative base by calling us to charge into battle yet providing exactly zero weapons or ammunition about this purported orgy between Dunleavy, the elves, and that hideous bouffant drag queen in blue.

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        Wow Lauralee take a breath and watch your blood pressure! What you failed to understand is that the first four paragraphs were written by Joel himself! Yes that is right! He was the one who attended the event and wrote the article! I copied and pasted so you could see it! My sincere advice is let’s keep this out of our non judicial court system and keep it in the court of public opinion, and you are free to put your shredder back in your closet

      • Betsy says:

        I actually know the elf personally. I’m friends with him and his boyfriend. He doesn’t identify as an elf if thats what you were trying to insinuate. He is, however, a fabulous drag queen entertainer that does shows all over town. He also rocks some awesome fantasy-based makeup jobs. Orcs, skeletons, elf, etc.

  • Niki says:

    I think the answer to all of this is for you to boycott:
    Alaska Airlines, Fred Meyer and the Rasmuson Foundation, The Alaska Cancer Center, Southcentral Foundation, GCI, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, St. John United Methodist, Credit Union 1, the Anchorage Health Department, U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Four A’s, JBER Queer Council, Congregation Beth Shalom, American Red Cross, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Tucker Carlson video on Twitter closing out the month of June. Love it since he is not bound by a news network now.

    • Trouser Bark says:

      Isn’t your adoration of Mr. Carlson’s perspective a little disingenuous? He says toward the end of the video you recommend that “for seven million years humans have (snip)”…

      But you of course don’t believe that humans have been here for seven million years now do you? It is nice to be selective in your beliefs, eh? Maybe use a little discretion about what He meant when you get to an uncomfortable passage like maybe who Cain or Abel may have been coupling with to produce their own families, hmmm? Might be good to invent a few add’l characters there though and pretend there hadn’t been a single original Adam or Eve. Gotta be flexible you know.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        No adoration clubs here. I am sorry for you that you have chosen to walk the fence between good and evil. It will not win you any brownie points in the end.

  • Jim says:

    The perversion in Anchorage is sad and devastating.
    We need to band together and fight like there is no tomorrow because there is not.
    In the meantime — send in your opinion on guys in girls’ sports to:
    Submit all email comments to or mail a letter to:

    Commissioner’s Office, Department of Education and Early Development

    Attn: Regulations Review

    333 Willoughby Ave., 9th Floor, State Office Building

    P.O. Box 110500, Juneau, Alaska 99811-0500

    Oral comments can also be delivered during a July 26 online Zoom hearing. To join the upcoming Zoom meeting click here or call (253) 215-8782.