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Concerned Conservatives of Alaska set to launch Nov. 19

A volunteer association of conservative-minded Alaskans will hold its inaugural meeting later this week with an aim of harnessing grass-roots energy to tackle critical issues facing Alaska. Concerned Conservatives of Alaska has its first meeting on Nov. 19 at

Grappling with Alaska’s election results

While a “Red Wave” didn’t wash across Alaska in 2022, the project of renewing and restoring our religious, cultural and familial traditions must continue. We’ve learned a lot in this election cycle. We know that the 2020 ranked-choice ballot

Why the duty to Vote is nonnegotiable

Like all rights – be they parental, religious or civic – the right to vote comes with a fundamental responsibility to discharge one’s duty faithfully. For all Alaskans who are physically and mentally able, voting is not merely one option among