News and Stories that affect Alaskan faith and its free expression thereof.

Unshakable hope in a darkening world

Sunday marked the beginning of the age-old season of Advent. For the next four weeks leading up to Christmas, more than a billion Christians across numerous denominations are recalling that two millennia ago a weary world once longed for a Savior in an age

11.25 > An Attitude of Gratitude

If you watch the news, or listen to it, or read it with any amount of discernment, you will notice if there is one thing missing in the world, above all else, it is gratitude. While we raise the lamp and stand up for conservative principles and the powerful

10.7 > Vaccine Apostasy

Recently, someone I respect shared something on facebook and people came out of the woodwork to like, love and share it. It was a from a Lutheran Pastor named Keith Marshall, who said that to claim a religious exemption to the vaccine is to take the

Pride, humility and repentance right here in Alaska

There is a certain instinctive sense that, when it comes to the people in our own neighborhood, we help each other out simply because we share the same view, the landscape, the streets, the local creeks. Proximity creates trust. Even if we do not talk to each