Ignoring Actual Science

In the US Congress, H.R. 4980 will make vaccination a requirement to travel on any US airline. With the recent Fox News poll showing 50% of America in support of vaccine passports on the altar of safety, the US Congress is currently considering legislation directing the Secretary of Homeland Security to make vaccination a prerequisite for all US air travel. I predicted this exact scenario ten months ago.

This amidst the great lie that variant strains are a result of the unvaccinated, when in fact, it is precisely the opposite. Never before in the history of man have we conducted a mass vaccination campaign in the middle of the intense viral pressure of a pandemic. Yet here we are, jabbing kids, pregnant women, and virtually any and everyone who is at extraordinarily low risk from a COVID Death. And why? Money and Control. They need to keep wind in the sails of this hysteria going through the midterms and ensure their mail in voting ship comes in next year.

“We have been called alt-right murderers for simply sharing federal data reported for vaccine adverse events…”

Geert Vanden Bossche, whose vast and irrefutable credentials we covered in one of our many COVID updates prior, recently published two different scientific research papers citing the reason why all current strains making their way across the globe found their origins in the original vaccination test groups and how continued worldwide vaccination WILL cause more deaths rather than the opposite.

Add to this emerging evidence from countries all around the world, AND EVEN THE CDC, who now admits that vaccination is not as effective as they originally estimated it would be. And while I can appreciate revised recommendations in the face of actual scientific results, you can’t just cherry pick the results that you want to consider and obfuscate the rest, and that is what the CDC has done and continues to do in its blatant disregard for the long-term benefits of Natural Immunity for those who have HAD COVID and recovered.

The Alaska Watchman was mocked by the Communist media and many local commentators when we predicted these draconian measures that are now not only real, but written legislation being considered in Congress. The Alaska Watchman, and me specifically have been called Alt-right murderers for simply sharing Federal Data reported for Vaccine Adverse Events, because it might make someone reconsider getting the shot. What has been consistent in our reporting has been the future vindication of the information. Virtually everything we have said would come to pass, is coming to pass or already has. From Natural Immunity being proven out in study after study for providing far better protection than COVID shots, to the prediction that soon you would have to accept the juice or never be able to fly. That is of particular concern for Alaskans.

The human brain has adapted to compartmentalize and be just fine holding conflicting beliefs… you just don’t think about them. Like crying out to God as your car slides off the road, and then mocking someone for believing in that same God on a reddit forum the next day. The same is true of your typical prochoice Democrat who has for years paraded around the mantra of my body, my choice when it comes to infanticide. The actual guaranteed death of an unborn child versus the potential fear, that someone might get COVID and might die. A potential tragedy so rare it requires several extra decimal points to quantify. And now those same people are often commenting on local news forums, and all across the interwebs that the unvaccinated need to be rounded up and put into camps.

“First they came for the unvaccinated, and I did not speak up, because I was vaccinated.”

I’ve even seen calls for violence by rabid vaxxers that we be “hunted down and put out of our misery.” Interesting that kind of talk doesn’t violate social media “community standards.” But, being a leftist means never having to say you’re sorry. The CDC even has the plan for the forceful gathering into internment camps anyone they believe needs “Shielding” from COVID and has the implementation of those recommendations on their website right now and have for some time. I’ll link to that as well.

Many of you have been vaccinated. As was your choice, and I honestly don’t fault you for making it. Perhaps you had an aging family member and it put you both at ease. Perhaps you didn’t want to deal with the headache you were getting at work or the stigma in your circles that would arise if you admitted you didn’t want the experimental shot. Whatever the reason, you made your choice, and I hope you have peace about it.

The time has now come however, for careers to be put on the line, friend circles to be broken, and men and women of courage to stand up and recognize the tyranny being implemented all around us. If you are one of the many in the medical community who believe in this particular vaccination, but still have eyes in your skull and can see what is being done to our freedoms, open your mouth and say so. Burning ALL our future freedoms on the sacrificial altar of the idea of potential safety is insanity. As is banning free speech because YOUR speech happens to be what is fashionable today, and you’d just prefer not to have to hear anyone else.

I’m reminded of a famous poem written by a Pastor in Nazi Germany during the rise of the Reich who didn’t speak up, because they weren’t coming for him. Begging his pardon, First they came for the unvaxxed, and I did not speak up, because I was vacccinated.

Find your courage to speak the truth, you know in your guts that “papers please” is not freedom. COVID is not an emergency worthy of folding up the Constitution and the American Dream. If the Truth is not spoken out loud, even when it may cost us business, clout, and sadly friendships… we will NEVER get our freedoms back.

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Jake Libbey
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