3.1.23 > Joy Davidson

If you have appreciated the over 1,400 stories that we have published in the last 3.5 years, please consider that the only way those stories could ever have happened apace, is with the long-standing faithful wife of our editor-in-chief who is now in the

11.7 > Get out and Vote!

Tomorrow’s the big day, election day. Many of us have already cast our ballots to beat the rush, but one thing is for certain… like all rights – be they parental, religious or civic – the right to vote comes with a fundamental responsibility

Shelley Hughes Torpedoes the Narrative

Watch this video and you will learn the truth about the lies you are hearing on the mainstream news. Props to Red Handed Productions for excellent production on a tight

9.01 > Do we deserve better?

We get the government we deserve. We deserve Mary Peltola. Alaska deserves this outcome, and it is my fervent prayer that this very short term seat assignment does not turn into a long and storied career for Peltola. But, while I am hopeful Alaska will

COVID Propaganda Assaults the Truth

It’s been awhile since we reported on anything relative to COVID. We’ve all been happily living our lives mask-free except for the truly deluded humans and brainwashed teens running around wearing the face diapers, which is their free right to

The Alaska VA’s disgraceful treatment

We published a story today about the malicious treatment of veterans with chronic pain by the Alaska VA and one Dr Cynthia Joe who is responsible. The Alaska Watchman was contacted by a group of surgeons who are at their wits end with the Alaska VA and are

Constitutional Convention Debate

On February 1, 2022, Bob Bird and John Coghill squared off in a friendly but fiery debate on the call to action as well as the caution of voting to hold a constitutional convention. At the end of the debate and Q&A, the in-person ballots totaled 62 for,

Christmas is an extraordinary gift to the world

Christmas is the most recognized and anticipated day on the planet – encompassing all nationalities, races and languages, and observed across nearly 200 nations. Gathered with friends and family, billions of people decorate with lights, exchange gifts