11.13 > Ignoring the Peasants

    The Anchorage Assembly behaves as if they are truly and unequivocally above the law. This must end.

    11.5 > Hold that cork

    Much has been made of the fact that Alaska’s conservatives turned out in huge numbers on election day. These in-person voters propelled...

    10.30 > Turnout don’t burnout

    A typical voter turnout this year could spell disaster for Alaska and the nation. Make the commitment to take a friend...

    10.29 > Feeding the Fear

    As we head into winter, and the renewed media frenzy over Covid cases reaches a literal fever pitch, it's time there was...

    10.24 > Milquetoast Guidance

    Rather than clearly identifying support for abortion as an intrinsic evil, the voter guide asks Alaskans to ponder whether a candidate will...

    10.22 > Shaping Our Future

    If Joe Biden becomes president, the Senate will literally be the only bulwark against his ultra-left agenda. Since Al Gross has already...

    10.19 > What Churches CAN say

    We encourage Alaska’s religious leaders to check out the Alliance Defending Freedom political guide and to boldly inform and inspire their flocks...

    10.16 > Elevating Politics

    The Anchorage Assembly has lost all sense of decorum and dignity befitting the elected lawmakers of Alaska’s main cultural center. The danger...

    10.12 > Good governance is work

    We no longer live in an age where conservatives can keep to themselves and hope the government does not encroach on our...

    10.9 > Sending a Clear Message

    We hope Alaskans send a clear message to the bench AND legislature and actually remove Justice Susan Carney on Nov. 3rd. But...

    10.5 > Addressing Activist Judges

    Alaska has a calculated and intentionally corrupt process for selecting justices to the Supreme Court. The only way they are removable...

    10.2 > Political Dodgeball

    Democrat politicians in Alaska know they cannot be successful running under their party label. They know this. Rather than reexamine...

    9.28 > Ranked Choice Voting

    It takes a lot of digging to understand ranked choice voting, but suffice it to say that current US Senator Dan Sullivan...

    9.25 > Fairbanks Endorsements

    We sent out surveys to all school board candidates in Fairbanks and based on their responses we are happy to endorse the...

    9.21 > Equity versus Equality

    There is a stark difference between equity and equality in our deranged political climate. We unpack the difference, and lay bare...

    9.18 > Fixing Local Politics

    Like it or not, the Governor and his cabinet are not going to go into your town and start overriding local elected...

    9.14 > An overridden veto

    After a salient and passionate plea not to trade one offense, namely Christian principle, for another, LGBT woke culture, the Ketchikan Borough...

    9.11 > Our First Year on the Watch

    We are thankful for one year of lamplight and that we believe Alaska is better off for having our coverage and exposure...

    A Special Land’s End Getaway

    Less than 1% of our facebook supporters actually support our efforts with donations, but another way you can support the Watchman is...

    9.7 > The Gross Veneer

    Al Gross has some slick radio ads that talk all about his Independence, but in an age of recordings, we look underneath...


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