7.20 > Alaska Justice

    Remember that scene in “As Good As It Gets,” when Jack Nicholson wants to pay Helen Hunt a compliment, and it takes an absurdly...

    7.15 > Vaccinated or Protected?

    Paid reasearch poll after paid research poll are asking Alaskans to (in this latest round from Ivan Moore) "Let us have it" tell us...

    7.11 > Our Leftist Training Grounds

    We cannot ignore the fact that Alaska’s government schools are overrun by entrenched bureaucrats bent on using their immense power to indoctrinate our kids...

    7.8 > A Constitutional Convention

    We recently embarked on a deep dive into the possibilities, the opportunities and the dangers of what a successful vote to hold a constitutional...

    7.1 > Tending to Family and Church

    About 15 years ago, I had one of those life-altering conversations with my wife one evening after dinner. The kids were young, and few...

    6.17 > On Fatherhood

    America is home to nearly 120 million adult men. They come from every conceivable background. In large part, they construct our roads, build our...

    6.10 > Critical Race Theory

    Critical Race Theory is a repackaged Marxist ideology that has infiltrated public schools, libraries, businesses, governmental structures and cultural institutions all across the nation,...

    5.22 > Engaging our Seniors

    The number of Alaskan seniors has grown by more than 5% each year for the past decade. That’s faster than any other state in...

    5.21 > Digital Proof of Vaccination

    Governor Dunleavy has said "The State of Alaska does not and will not require any person to produce their personal vaccine history, also known...

    5.17 > Shooting up our Kids

    Alaska’s government vaccine enthusiasts are pulling out all stops to pressure parents into letting them jab children with the experimental Pfizer COVID shot. On May...

    5.13 > Actual Supremacists

    A study of history is a practice sorely lacking in todays society and culture. The only thing new under the sun in a hundred...

    5.6 > Common Criminality

    What do Soapy Smith, Antonin Scalia, and an Alaska constitutional convention have in common? More than you think. First, a little history on Jefferson Randolph...

    4.9 > Legal Troubles Ahead

    We reported earlier this month that the Bering Straits Native Corporation has ordered its 2,000 plus employees to get the COVID shot by Aug....

    4.5 > Banning Vaccine Passports

    Rand Paul recently had a heated sparring match with Anthony Fauci where Paul cited study after study showing that there is zero, literally zero...

    4.1 > Impeachable Offenses

    In a three-branched republic like ours, what do you do with an out-of-control branch of government?  One tool at your disposal is impeachment. So, what...

    3.19 > Bill Evans Interview

    We sat down for an interview with Anchorage Mayoral Candidate, Bill Evans to learn what makes him tick, why he is running, and some...

    3.17 > On Recalling Rivera

    While Felix Rivera and his ideological allies at the radical-left Anchorage Press might want you to think that his recall efforts are due to...

    3.10 > Interview with Mike Robbins

    Today Joel sat down with Mike Robbins to talk about his ideas for Anchorage, and what he would bring to the position of mayor...

    3.5 > Interview with Anchorage mayoral candidate Dave Bronson

    Joel sat down to get to know Dave Bronson and let him introduce his positions and policies to you in his own words. ...

    2.20 > Career & Tech Admissions

    At the repeated request of parents we looked into a story involving the Matsu Borough School District and the recent, sudden change, in the...


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