The Mat-Su School Board, which governs the second largest school district in Alaska, is considering a resolution to limit the number of times any member can run for office without taking a break.

Set for introduction on Feb. 16, the resolution asks the Mat-Su Borough to limit school board members to three consecutive terms, after which they would have to sit out at least one term before running again.

Introduced by Board Member Tom Bergey, the resolution won’t be voted on until the March 2 meeting. The public, however, can still weigh in on Feb. 16 during the general public comment period.

“No elected official should park somewhere for a lifetime,” Bergey said of his resolution. “This applies to the left as well as to the right.”

The Mat-Su School Board has had several members who served lengthy tenures, spanning multiple decades. Bergey said his goal is to require members to take a break before continuing on the board.

“This is a term-holiday, not a term limit,” he said. “You could serve the rest of your life, but you just have to have breaks in your service.”

The proposed resolution notes that the Mat-Su Borough code places no limits on the number of consecutive terms for a school board member, but does impose limits on borough assembly members who actually oversee the school board.

“…the Matanuska-Susitna Borough should consider limiting the number of consecutive terms a school board member can serve,” the resolution states. “THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Mat-Su School Board supports the Mat-Su Borough Assembly adopting in Borough Code: a person who has served on the school board for three consecutive terms may not be reelected to the school board until one full term has intervened.”


— Click here to read the term limit resolution.

— The next Mat-Su School Board meeting is Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. Public testimony can be provided in person during persons to be heard, or may be submitted in writing and emailed to the School Board using the link located on the School Board website. Members of the public wishing to provide testimony telephonically must sign up no later than 3 p.m. the day of the meeting by contacting School Board Administrative Assistant Stacy Escobedo at or 907-746-9272.

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Mat-Su School Board looks at limiting their terms

Joel Davidson
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  • Neil DeWitt says:

    Does that include the school board and teachers?

  • Lobo says:

    I doubt it.. The board members are elected, but the teachers are hired with contractual agreements.

  • Matthew says:

    Way to go Mat-Su! Keep doing good things, maybe it will catch on!

  • Sally M Pollen says:

    I commend Tom Bergey and the Board for suggesting this resolution now, a time when the Mat Su School Board has a “conservative” majority. Some might expect them to hold tightly to their multiple consecutive term positions and not mess with establishing sitting out a term. Good job!