The Anchorage Public Library system is actively promoting LGBTQ themed books for children. Click the link above for details.

With taxpayer-funded public libraries in Alaska and across the country increasingly choosing to highlight and prominently display sexualized and gender queer books aimed at young children, especially during so-called “LGBTQ Pride Month,” a national movement is underway to “Hide the Pride.”

Controversial books and drag queen story hours for kids have created deep division throughout the nation, including in several communities across Alaska. Now, parents are emptying libraries of inappropriate sexual books that target children.

The “Hide the Pride” campaign was initially launched by a group called CatholicVote, but has since spread to communities around the U.S.

“It’s June! Do you see rainbow-trans-BLM flags everywhere?” a notice from the organization states. “Including in your public, taxpayer-funded spaces? We do. And we are meeting the challenge head-on.”

The CatholicVote parental resource page details step-by-step instructions and tips for parents who want to send a message to their local library boards.

Resources include a form letter parents can use to gather signatures and send a protest petition to the library leaders. It also offers suggestions on how to legally empty the library of offensive and harmful books by simply checking out every single one and stashing them in a box at home.

“Take a friend or two along so multiple library cards can be used,” CatholicVote advises. “Having emptied the children’s ‘Pride’ display, parents can go home and ‘place the Pride books on a shelf out of reach of children.’”

The group recommends parents write the library leadership to inform them why all the “Pride” books are gone, and to let them know that they will be returned once the library agrees to “remove the inappropriate content from the shelves.”

The letter advises parents to tell library leaders that “minor children have the right to belong to a community that respects their innocence and allows families to have conversations about sex and sexual attraction privately, and only when parents deem it appropriate. As parents, we should be able to bring our children to the public library without exposing them to displays of adult pride.”

To make sure Hide the Pride would be a success, several members of the CatholicVote staff went through the whole process themselves before launching the movement nationwide. “It was simple,” said one CatholicVote staffer, a mom of seven. “You probably won’t even have to talk about it with the librarian. Just check out, nobody bats an eye, and … mission accomplished.”

The group reminds parents to “stay calm and collected” when checking out the controversial books.

“You don’t have to make your case or get into arguments,” CatholicVote advises. “If questioned, you might simply say you are local residents with library cards checking out books. That’s your right.”

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Movement equips parents to gut libraries of gender confusing books

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    Great idea. To bad things have gotten so far out of control. There shouldn’t be a need for this. If LGBTQ wants to do things so be it just don’t push it on the rest of us. I don’t need your way of thinking shoved in my face or down my throat!

  • Yukon Jake says:

    I hope the rule of unintended consequences does not kick in and libraries end up with inflated purchase quantities of these books to “meet the demand” as well as then citing that same demand in an attempt to prove how important these books are, based on their frequency of checkout. That’ll be rich…

    • MMD says:

      Yes, and the library may levy gigantic fines to replace the lost books, and the parents will end up funding the purchase of more of the same. That’s what happened to me when we lost a library book (years ago, I won’t even go in the Loussac anymore let alone allow my kids in there) and couldn’t return it.
      And really, I wouldn’t want those titles on my library record!

  • S. Gibson says:

    I agree. I very good idea. However, may I suggest “Hide the Pride” is not a good name or slogan. Pride is not an exclusive domain of the sexually decadent or confused.

  • Reggie Taylor says:

    Well, this story finally explains the political struggle over the library director’s job. It’s all over cleaning up the queer recruitment efforts over our children and grandchildren. I hope these efforts win quickly, unlike the half century holocaust of abortion which has finally turned back toward sanity.

  • Lyndsey says:

    Be careful bringing that garbage into your home in order to hide it from other people’s kids. If you have kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, or young visitors, you should lock it up and hide the key in a very safe place. Even the most innocent and obedient kids are too curious for their own good.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    I have pride
    I love rainbows
    I believe in diversity
    But not this crap that slimes it’s way under the tent.

  • Hmm says:

    Is theft part of your “Judeo-Christian”perspective? This article appears to be encouraging your readers to violate the 8th commandment, “Thou shalt not steal.”

    • Lobo says:

      What is your prospective of the David, and Goliath issue, as it relates to the Sixth Commandment: “Thou shalt not kill” ? Should David have hollered out: “Hey,. man.. Lets talk about this” while Goliath insists upon killing (assaulting) David ?.. Should David have said: “Look. man.. I can’t violate the Sixth Commandment, and protect myself from you ? The context is exactly the same.. The “public libraries” belong to the public.. Not the ones occupying the nice stools therein.

      • Jes Sayin says:

        Lobo, are you saying that the LGBTQ+ community are not part of the public? And where does this “killing” come from. Give them a space, I can assure you, they are not trying to convert your kids.

      • MMD says:

        They definitely are trying to convert your kids, and they are very open about claiming it.

      • Jes Sayin says:

        @MMD, why do you feel that way? These are people trying to live their best lives, not trying to convert anyone. I’m happy to say that I’ve known plenty in this community and as a straight individual, they’ve never tried to convert me. They just want to be able to live their lives and not feel like they have to be “closeted”

  • Debbie says:

    Unfortunately, if the books aren’t on the shelves, the librarians will naturally assume they are continually checked out because parents and children WANT these books. I suppose that they can check the records to see that only one person checked them out and hasn’t returned them. Passivity usually isn’t effective. There must be a better way that your voice can be heard.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Please take your kids out of these woke schools Now.
    It’s sickening targeting young kids. Plus these parents taking there kids to these discussing shows or story times, you should be ashamed of yourself and your kids should be taken from you and put in a normal loving home. Where kids will be kids and not told what gender they can choose.

  • Andy says:

    Adults warping young minds for their own sexual satisfaction, sounds like a bunch of sick perverts who belong in prison.

  • Jen says:

    that method won’t get the group’s intended result. It actually more likely backfire when libarians look at the computer discovering a recorded high checkout prompting them to buy more homo material. Be better the group membersd show a high checkout of christian material during homo month.

  • brandon says:

    Johnny the walrus!!
    This book should be in the school’s library..