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A screen shot from sex-ed curriculum at Mears Middle School.

Mears Middle School, a 7th-8th grade school in Anchorage, will be rolling out its new health class at the end of this month that features sections on “gender identity,” abortion, masturbation and details of how to use condoms and other forms of contraception.

The two-week Human Growth & Development Unit starts on Halloween Day, Oct. 31.

In order for children to participate in the class, their parents must first sign off, in accordance with state law.

Apparently, a number of parents have failed to give the school a green light to talk with their kids about various gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender identities.

On Oct. 23, school counselor Leslie Hannam sent a “reminder” email to parents, telling them that they must sign off on the health unit syllabus before their child can take the class.

A screen shot from sex-ed curriculum at Mears Middle School.

State law requires Alaska schools to get parental permission before teaching any material that has to do with human sexuality, including controversial gender identity theories.

The gender identity section of the health unit will take place in week one when students learn about puberty, adolescence, anatomy, and gender identity.

Week two will introduce children to sex, various birth control methods and contraceptives, STDs, pregnancy, abortion and abstinence. That week will also include a guest speaker from the Municipality of Anchorage Health Department.

“If your student did not return a signed syllabus at the beginning of the semester, I will be sending another one home,” Hannam told parents in her email. “This serves as permission to participate. If you would like to preview materials, reply to this message with a request. If you would not like your child to participate in both or one of the weeks, reply to this email to opt-out.”

A screen shot from sex-ed curriculum at Mears Middle School.

Once the unit is over Hannam plans to send home “resources” for parents to “continue the conversation at home.”

Some of these resources, she said, are not approved by the school district for general use, but she is making them available for parents to preview and “share with your child in your own home.”

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Anchorage health teacher tries to get parents’ OK to teach kids gender identity

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