Complicit: Choosing to be involved in an illegal or questionable act, especially with others –

U.S. Article 1, Section 8, ss 4; To establish a uniform rule of naturalization…,

U.S. Article 3, Section 3, ss1; Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

I have been seeing media reports as I am sure you have of the millions of illegal immigrants flooding into our country. Just the other day I heard on the news we hit a new record of over 12,000 in a single day. Well, that’s 12,000 plus, THAT WE KNOW OF. How many more came across unobserved somewhere along the border? I am sure you are also aware that the illegals have been shipped all over the country at your expense. Bus and plane loads are sent to probably every state in the nation. You are paying for it with your tax dollars.

Correction, the government is paying for it with money they borrowed from The Fed and China Saying, “The American citizens will pick up the tab.”

It is illegal to be an illegal immigrant. Why hasn’t Congress done anything to fix it? They don’t want to. They are complicit.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t vote to let people violate our immigration laws at will. I didn’t vote to pay for them to do it. I didn’t vote to have the government make this decision for me. No, I voted for people to uphold the laws and institutions of the country.

That brings me to the definitions and articles of the Constitution above. No tyrant can survive without the minions willing to follow his orders. No policy will survive without the department personnel willing to enforce it.

It occurred to me the other day, if all the bus drivers and other transportation workers refused to transport the people invading the country, they would be stuck at the border! It is a long walk to Marthas Vineyard after all.

But Wait! Is this really an “invasion”? Am I being overly dramatic? Did you know that the entire force that that took part in D-Day Invasion during World War 2 was only 155,000 men? Yes, this is an invasion of America.

Then I started thinking who else is complicit in the destruction of the country by facilitating this open border? The airplane pilots, border patrol agents, the executive administration personnel supplying the phones, documents and support payments are just a few. If all of them refused to be complicit, it would help close the border.

If facilitation an invasion force of tens of millions of illegals into our country isn’t “Levying war against them (the States),” what is?

Let us not forget some of the biggest violators on the side of complicity. All the nongovernmental organizations are working in cooperation with government agencies to feed and house the illegal population. Two of the largest that I am aware of are Catholic Social Services and Lutheran Social Services. Oh, it’s not charitable donations that they are using to feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty, it’s millions of dollars from the government. They make money on the deal, don’t they? But hey, don’t worry about that, they are just trying to help!

The Constitutional points go hand in hand with complicity. Congress sets immigration law, and the Executive branch carries it out. Why hasn’t congress set a law saying it is illegal to cross into the United States unless you follow our immigration procedures?

They already have. There were big changes to those laws the Immigration Act of 1965 that started this ball rolling, but suffice it to say for now, “It is illegal to be an illegal immigrant.” Why hasn’t Congress done anything to fix it? They don’t want to. They are complicit. Why hasn’t the Executive Branch enforced the laws on the books? They don’t want to. They are complicit.

That brings us to the issue of treason. If facilitation an invasion force of tens of millions of illegals into our country isn’t “Levying war against them (the States),” what is? If providing transportation, housing, food, money, phones, etcetera isn’t giving “Aid & Comfort” what is? There have been several cases of treason tried in U.S. courts. Usually against individual citizens. Yes, individual citizens who give aid and comfort can be considered for treason.

But I am looking at a different group of people here. Congress, the president and their staffs. Every member of the government who facilities or aids or is derelict in their duty to uphold the Constitution and defend it and the laws of the land, as their oath says, is guilty.

Now I am fully aware that there are some members of government who do want to close the border and enforce our laws, but what have they done? Absolutely nothing, except use it as a fundraising issue. So why is Congress not doing what they are supposed to? You are looking at it backwards. Congress and the president are doing EXACTLY what they want to do. That is what it means to be complicit.

It is decades past time to get this issue headed in another direction.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINION: Some thoughts on the border, complicity and treason

Casey Campbell
Casey Campbell is a Mat-Su resident, commercial pilot and former U.S. Marine.


  • Lucinda says:

    I quit reading after this hypocrisy: “No, I voted for people to uphold the laws and institutions of the country.” Casey, if you voted for Trump you were fooled. Are you going to vote for him in 2024?

  • Tom Smith says:

    When I think of all the things that are happening it makes me sick .I couldn’t agree with you more .all great empires fall through out history for the same reason lack of moral compass and corruption. We never learn . Washington DC is nothing more than a assisted living facility for the elderly.all these in the news are a diversion I think to make people fight amongst each other to take there attention away while all the politicians crap in every person in America’s mess kit

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Washington D.C. is a foreign postage stamp-sized piece of land on our eastern side of the nation. They have us fooled into thinking that they are in charge of the united states. How can they be when they are foreign land? As for Catholic services, I remember hearing that Providence Hospital (and the Providence Health Care System) was receiving federal dollars to hire immigrants that were coming to Alaska back in 2011 or so and the Fed was paying the majority of the immigrants’ wage. Of course Providence was happy to help all those poor immigrants because they were getting paid by the fed to do it. Alaska has had its eyes wide shut for many years to the take down of our state.

  • S says:

    they need to be held accountable

  • George says:

    Traitors need to be hung by the neck from the nearest tree.

  • FreedomAK says:

    I’ve been saying this same exact thing for many years. If CBP agents are aiding and abetting illegals entering our nation, they are in violation of federal law. I’m not naive though and realize this disregard for constitutional law is common even down to the local levels of governance. We’re being played regularly by our own state and local governments.
    It’s not going to get better any time soon.