In a June 6 interview with the Alaska Watchman, Republican U.S. House candidate Nick Begich discussed how he would tackle a number of critical issues facing the nation. Begich is looking to unseat Democrat Congresswoman Mary Peltola in the Nov. 5 general election. Below is a transcript of the interview.

What specific national policies would you support to help protect unborn babies from abortion?

BEGICH: Following the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs, the issue of abortion has been returned to the states. However, certain national policy continues to be relevant. For example, the Hyde Amendment is longstanding federal policy that ensures federal dollars are not used to fund abortion. I support this amendment, particularly in light of the Supreme Court’s decision under Dobbs. Under the post-Dobbs framework, it’s important that we promote national policies that will accelerate adoption processes, support crisis pregnancy centers which provide important information to those considering abortion, and implement parental notification when minors are attempting to obtain an abortion. It’s critical that people stay engaged on this important issue and ensure that candidates, ready and willing to implement commonsense policies that protect human rights at each stage of human development, are elected to legislative positions in state government.

Do you support the use of military funds to transport soldiers to obtain an abortion?


Would you endorse Lisa Murkowski if she were to run for US Senate again?

BEGICH: No. While Lisa Murkowski has voted with the Republican conference on many occasions and remains a member of the Republican party, she supported Mary Peltola in 2022 and in so doing helped elect the most left-wing statewide representative Alaska has ever seen. Her votes in favor of certain federal judicial appointments, including that of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown, who was unwilling to answer a simple question in her confirmation hearings regarding the definition of a woman, reflect a departure from commonsense values held by the majority of Alaskans.

Do you support the Biden Administration’s decision to allow pharmacies to distribute the abortion drug Mifepristone?

BEGICH: No. As has been done across government and throughout Biden’s executive tenure, the Biden Administration has greatly exceeded its authority to unilaterally act in this matter. Biden’s direct involvement in pharmaceutical policy circumvents the delegated authority that Congress has provided to the FDA. These matters are now before the courts. That said, I support information regarding the potential for mifepristone reversal to be included in the materials provided to those who receive it.

How does your faith influence your work in politics?

Nick Begich walks in the June 8 Colony Days Parade in Palmer.

BEGICH: Growing up with my maternal grandparents, I was raised in the church, and I continue to be a believer today. Our nation was founded on the time-tested principles of a Judeo-Christian faith. I believe that these values define the underpinnings of our laws and interactions. Simple ideas like “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” are truly universal concepts that are self-evidentiary. We are taught to be humble, to give of ourselves, to treat others with respect, to stand strong for our ideals, to respect our parents, and to remember that we are not God. The further any society or any individual strays from these core values the more likely it becomes that trouble will be just around the corner.

Today, we see that the nuclear family is under attack by those who believe that it is the State, not parents, which should raise the next generation. An example of this can be seen under Joe Biden’s Department of Education which has required school districts to socialize certain sexual content and lifestyle materials to young children, even going so far as to force girls to compete against biological men in sports or share private dressing and restroom facilities. For schools that choose not to comply, the department has threatened restrictions on federal funding. Defending family values in public schools requires continuous vigilance by parents, however in this inflationary environment many parents find themselves so busy with multiple jobs and responsibilities that they do not have the time to be constantly watchful. Unfortunately, a handful of educators have taken advantage of that attention gap by pushing their own personal ideology in classrooms.

The idea that the government should raise our children flies in the face of thousands of years of recorded history showing that the nuclear family is the most important and effective mechanism for passing on generational values and knowledge. And, while I am a born-again Christian, I believe that whether one is a Christian, has another faith, or no faith at all, dispensing with core values that lead clearly to prosperity and security represents the height of pride and is certain to result in decline.

Do you support the Trump era decision to ban those who identify as “transgender” from being able to serve in the US Military?

BEGICH: I support Trump’s decision. Under Joe Biden, the military has strayed from its primary objective of protecting the people of our nation and is instead emphasizing Diversity Equity Inclusion and Environmental Social Governance policies. The stated mission of the Department of Defense is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation’s security. Anything that distracts from that mission has no place in our national defense structure.

Do you support America’s continued involvement in funding Ukraine’s war against Russia?

BEGICH: For every dollar we spend, we must recognize that we have accountability to the taxpayer. Unfortunately, as a nation we continue to borrow money (for any number of purposes and from any number of nations) that our grandchildren will need to pay back with interest. As stewards of these resources on behalf of Americans, Congress must ask what the next 100 billion dollars will accomplish in Ukraine that the first 100 billion did not. Further, it is reasonable for Americans to ask why we have contributed more for Ukraine’s defense than all of Europe has to date and why we have actively blocked efforts to find a peaceful resolution to this ongoing conflict. America and her allies should not actively pursue policy that is likely to lead us into yet another war. We must prioritize the people of our nation, secure our own borders, and focus on taking those steps necessary to “ensure domestic tranquility” as our Constitutional framers intended.

What is the best way for Congress to address gun violence in America?

BEGICH: I am 100% supportive of the Second Amendment. It couldn’t be more clear: the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Violence is violence, whether committed through the use of a firearm or any other means, and to address violence, we must address its root causes – chiefly the erosion of the nuclear family. This is just one more reason why we must stand strong for our parents’ rights as they raise the next generation of Americans. With all that said, we must make sure counseling services are funded and available, that mental health issues are destigmatized, that gang activity in the inner cities is greatly curtailed, that laws on the books are enforced, that violent criminals are locked up, and that our nation’s southern border is made firmly secure.

Please explain what measures you would support in securing the Southern Border.

BEGICH: We need physical barriers on land and within waterways, where applicable.

We must reinstitute the “Remain in Mexico Policy,” which is consistent with international norms for those seeking asylum.

We should return to the historical definition of a “Qualified Asylum Claim.” Currently immigrants are often classified as climate or economic refugees. These are not legitimate claims.

We need to greatly increase the speed with which the judiciary hears asylum cases. Current wait times now reach up to 5 years in some instances.

We must address the situation in which employers are hiring illegal immigrants instead of American workers. Recent Bureau of Labor data shows that ALL net new jobs have gone to foreign born workers over the past 6 years.

What, if anything, should Israel do differently in its ongoing war with Hamas and do you support Israel’s stated goal of eradicating Hamas?

BEGICH: I fully support Israel’s goal in eradicating Hamas, and it is essential to both regional and international security that Israel complete that mission. Terrorism must be rooted out wherever it exists, and as counterweight to regional terrorist insurgency, Israel’s efforts benefit not only itself but all peace-seeking nations.

What should be done to ensure that the FBI is not targeting Christians and pro-life advocates?

BEGICH: It’s time to go beyond holding more hearings. We need to be sure that the laws which are already in place to protect our Constitutional rights and civil liberties are enforced. This means elimination of selective prosecution and the end of a politically weaponized justice system, both in federal and state jurisdictions. The greatest Constitutional power that Congress has is funding, and defunding these institutions must be on the table as a means of assuring the American people that their rights and liberties – on all sides – will be protected by the government they have elected.

Should the US Census include non-citizens when tallying population numbers that are used for determining congressional seats?

BEGICH: Absolutely not, a hard no. It is unconscionable that the current process includes non-citizens when determining Congressional – and by extension electoral college vote – apportionment. This matter was recently brought to a vote in the U.S. House and every Democrat, including Mary Peltola, voted to allow non-citizens to be included when determining Congressional district apportionments. This should outrage every American, as this vote makes clear that the wave of illegal migration has been nothing but a thinly veiled means by which the “progressive” left is seeking to establish permanent power in the U.S. House and the Presidency.

Do you support Trump’s presidential campaign?

BEGICH: Yes. I endorsed Trump prior to the Iowa Caucus and have supported him since 2016. I attended Trump’s Presidential inauguration when he was first sworn into office in 2017 and have personally donated to him even as recently as a few weeks ago. I believe Donald Trump has the strength necessary to push back against the administrative state and make sure that the people of America are prioritized. I am proud to be America First and believe putting the people of our nation and our state at the top of the list should be a prerequisite for anyone seeking to represent the people of Alaska in the Congress.

Who do you most admire in the US House of Representatives?

BEGICH: Jim Jordan and Byron Donalds, there are a number of others! I believe Jim Jordan has done a fantastic job building a conservative team and perhaps more importantly building courage within the Republican Conference. I have personally met with Congressmen Jordan on several occasions and believe him to be a man of integrity and honesty. Jordan regularly calls out abuse of the public trust and regulatory frameworks, an often ignored function of Congressional oversight responsibilities.

How would you work to unlock Alaska’s natural resources, particularly oil and gas?

BEGICH: Energy security is national security. Alaska has more estimated undiscovered oil and gas resources than any other state in the nation; as such, in order for Alaska to prosper and our nation to thrive, we must reopen Alaska for exploration and development. Sadly, Joe Biden has issued more than 63 executive orders targeting Alaska resource development. In order to prevent this sort of executive interference, we must work on a permanent, Congressionally-approved framework that will remove Alaskan resources from the executive discretion of the Presidency. In this way, Alaska will be able to attract the long-term investment necessary to develop our energy and mineral resources for the good of the nation and the people of our great state.

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Q&A: U.S. House candidate Nick Begich on abortion, Murkowski, Trump, guns, parent rights, border crisis and more

Pamela Samash
Pamela Samash is a longtime Fairbanks area resident. She recently served on the Alaska Commission on Aging, and is past-president of Right To Life – Interior Alaska.


  • Mary says:

    Question. What is your stand on the statements coming from numerous Federally elected officers to do away with “separation of church and state?” The statement is being echoed that it is time for “the church” to rule the State .

  • Craig Carey says:

    If he “walks the walk” then I am glad I have been donating to him. Mark Begich has made me approach Nick with a little skepticism.

  • Patricia Baum says:

    Has 100% of my vote. But listen up. Since we have the RCV system in place, every Begich voter must vote for BOTH candidates. And do NOT include Peltola in your ranking. Simple. Begich #1. Dahlstrom #2. If you do that, Begich wins.

  • Mike says:

    Nick Begich working together with Sarah Palin (more specifically their ego’s working together) is the reason we have Mary Peltola’s “D” representing us in Congress. Admit it: Ms Peltola represents Alaska, has done a credible job and will be hard to defeat. The man’s ego makes me question the man’s judgment. What is the Dahlstrom / Begich plan to avoid a repeat of the last RCV election fiasco?

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Nice try Mike. Peltola is driving Alaska quickly to being a third world country. While she lives in New York or D.C., Alaskans will be freezing to death, starving, and not able to get any assistance.

    • Mack says:

      Mike you’re obviously a Democrat trying to sow dissent. Go back to the adn

  • Citizenkane says:

    Mike, the reason Mary won is too many conservative voters were too stubborn or too stupid to “rank the red”. Come on people.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    How interesting that the spammers have not been working this page also. Why? Or why not?

  • DaveMaxwell says:


  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Does nick support dunleavy and zinc on trial

  • Mike says:

    Mike is not a “D.” I do read the Anchorage Daily Worker and have read The Art of War. I am a disillusioned “R” who can count; as in
    Palin supporters plus Begich supporters lumped together would have easily TRUMPed Peltola.
    But NO. Personal ego’s interfered with what is best for a conservative State.

  • Jonathan Hicks says:

    Mary and all she stands for must leave Alaska, this is not a state for which we can tolerate her actions as an elected official. This state is about survival, living closer to nature. Mary P. Would be wise to understand this. Her ancestors are very disappointed in her, she sold herself out to the dark side. She’s lost all connection to the land and the people. Now she’s just another woke Biden puppet.

  • ML, just common sense says:

    He’s got my vote if he indeed will keep saying what he will do, and will do it. Peltola, is a Democrat train wreck, and has back Biden’s insanity on every vote.

  • Jeff Butler says:

    Gawd, Begich is worse than his reputation.