The Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. campaign announced on June 13 that it has submitted more than enough signatures to gain ballot access in Alaska.

According to an announcement by the Kennedy team, it turned in 5,935 signatures to Alaska’s Division of Elections – nearly double the required number of signatures.

It also claims that Kennedy is now officially on the ballot in eight states

It also claims that Kennedy is now officially on the ballot in eight states – Utah, Michigan, California, Deleware, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Texas, and South Carolina. Additionally, the campaign claims to have collected enough signatures to appear on the ballot in another 13 states – New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Minnesota, Tennesee, and now Alaska.

These 21 states amount to 292 possible electoral votes that Kennedy could compete for. It takes 270 to win the presidency.

It’s unclear how a strong third-party campaign by Kennedy would impact the prospects of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, but his goal is to appear on the CNN debate stage with the two frontrunners on June 27.

Kennedy is a lifelong Democrat and ardent environmentalist, who supports massive welfare, expanded state-funded childcare, codifying abortion into federal law, and other Democratic agendas. However, he is also a fierce critic of Anthony Fauci, Covid jabs and Biden’s handling of the border crisis. His market-solutions approach to the environment, energy and agriculture also distinguish him from Biden, as does his fierce support of free speech and opposition to Big Tech censorship.

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RFK submits signatures to be on Alaska ballot

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil says:

    Just what we needed, another looser on our ballots!

  • John J Otness says:


  • Julia says:


  • Michael Johnson says:

    The only feather in RFKs cap is his work on children’s health. He is very critical of the plethora of vaccines they force on our kids that cause autism, ADHD and many other disorders in kids. AMericans were sold a big lie on many diseases that Big Pharma pumped out a harmful vaccine for. People have forgotten that Rockefeller took over our health system with his big money back in its infancy. He also dictated what the medical colleges he built could teach to med-students. God designed an amazing immune system for us that would do a fantastic job fighting off sickness if we would stop pumping the poisons they develop into our bodies. We are literally suppressing our immune systems with all this garbage.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    IMHO, RFK Jr is getting on the ballot in every state to throw the presidential election. Whose election run do you suppose he is trying to mess up?

  • Jonathan Hicks says:

    RFK has been fighting for our children for years. If by becoming the president he can effect changes within the pharmaceutical companies and save more lives I’m all for it. If we do not become more aware of history we loose. The pharmaceutical companies have been off the reservation since 1986. Thank Ronald Reagan for that one, NVICA. Many people today still believe these pharmaceutical companies actually care about the people.
    Sorry, that’s just not the case. They all have the same corporate rule #1, make more money. I would think the COVID shot would of proved this to the world. And in some ways it did, but we’ll see when they push the next round of toxins on us. We do not have to comply with any mandate these corporations come up with. All Americans should get familiar with the Clearfield Doctrine.