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Planned Parenthood, Alaska’s largest provider of abortions, held a strategic planning session on Jan. 7 in Anchorage. The event took place at Writer’s Block Café where a “We Support Planned Parenthood” sign stood in the window. About 30 people came, including Anchorage Rep. Andy Josephson, Anchorage School Board candidate James Smallwood and Alaska House candidate Janice Park who is running for Anchorage seat 25. Also on hand were several Alaska Watchman allies. Here’s what they...


While it is hard to quantify the number of human sex trafficking victims because the crime is inherently underground, the International Labor Organization estimates there are 4.8 million sex trafficking victims globally – 99% are women and girls. Alaska is no exception. “There’s not an area of our state where trafficking does not exist. This is happening around us. If there’s a situation that doesn’t seem right, that could be trafficking – it’s better to report it.” “We...


The number of marriages, babies and children are plummeting across Alaska according to the state’s Vital Statistics report released on Dec. 6. The annual publication contains key information about life, death, marriage, separations, declining birth rates and the notable loss of school-age children. Some highlights from the 2018 figures are listed below. POPULATION FACTS Alaska’s population grew to 736,239 in 2018, compared to 697,828 in 2009. Demographically the state breaks down to 68.9% white (507,304),...


While hate crimes in Alaska are extremely rare, the number increased slightly from 2017 to 2018 according to the FBI’s latest Hate Crimes Statistics released this month. Nationally, however, the number of hate crimes decreased – from 7,175 in 2017 to 7,120 in 2018. More than 16,000 law enforcement agencies provided data for the study. In 2018 Alaska reported no hate crimes that were motivated by bias against a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or...


The recent trial that just convicted the third young Alaskan in the 2016 murder of Palmer teen David Grundwald is evidence of a larger phenomenon wreaking havoc across our country. Nationwide 21 deadly mass shootings killed a total of 124 people in the first nine months of 2019. In the wake of these tragic murders the familiar calls for stricter gun controls, more money for education, institutions, psychiatric treatments, drug control and prison reform filled...

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