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Thanks to a federal court ruling on July 3, Alaska does not have to enforce a Biden administration rule aimed at injecting LGBTQ ideology into public schools.

The ruling by Judge John Broomes temporarily blocks the Biden administration rule until the court case has played out, but it clearly strikes a blow against the U.S. Dept. of Education’s guidance to public schools, which lumps “sexual orientation and gender identity” into Title IX prohibitions against sex discrimination. By attempting to add LGBTQ identities as protected classes, the Biden administration goal is to pressure schools into affirming this controversial agenda across all educational programs, hiring practices, sports and other areas of school culture like bathroom policies and pronoun uses.

The controversial rule was set to go into effect on August 1, just before the start of the upcoming academic year.

Broomes ruling states that those suing the Biden administration are “likely to prevail” on their claims that the rule is “contrary to law and exceeds statutory authority,” is “an unconstitutional exercise of legislative power” and that it “violates the First Amendment” and is “arbitrary and capricious.”

This authoritarian push to enforce radical LGBGQ initiatives in schools began in 2021, when the federal education department issued new rules which threatened to withhold federal education funds from public schools that failed to include “sexual orientation and gender identity” in its sex discrimination prohibitions.

Judge Broomes ruling, however, now adds Alaska, Kansas, Utah and Wyoming to the growing list of states that do not have to enforce these mandates, for now.

Broomes noted that Title IX, which was implemented in 1972, was clearly about prohibiting discrimination on the “basis of sex,” which he said meant the “traditional concept of biological sex in which there are only two sexes, male and female.”

Combined with other recent rulings, the latest decision means there are now 14 states that are exempted from enforcing the Biden administration rule.

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Judge adds Alaska to growing list of states exempted from Biden’s LGBTQ agenda in schools

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