OPINION: Why I am supporting Convention Yes

Since launching the Alaska Watchman almost 3 years ago, I have watched often in astonishment at how corrupt the politics have become in this state.  As Senator Shower highlighted while speaking to the School of Government crowd a few weeks ago, our system is
Transgender talk

Anchorage apologetics group to unpack transgenderism

Anchorage-based Wisdom Apologetics is hosting the third and final part of its “Candid Conversations on Gender & Sexuality” series on Wednesday, Aug 10. Organizer Chris Gonzalez said the series has seen a great response in the first two presentations,

Tell Sen. Sullivan he must stand for truth & defend marriage

Last week the U.S. House voted to follow the Supreme Court of the United States in redefining “marriage.” Now, Senator Chuck Schumer is threatening to bring up the misnamed “Respect for Marriage Act” in the Senate. Shockingly, he may be close to