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May highlights urgency to save Alaska’s historic places

Preservation Alaska is celebrating National Historic Preservation Month during May with the theme of: “Historic Preservation Starts at Home: People Saving Places.” Events will take place across the state with a combination of virtual and in-person

Alaska Watchman crosses the line with Facebook … again

As the Alaska Watchman expands our coverage and influence, we’ve come under the gaze of the nameless, faceless gaze of the ever-watchful, bureaucratic social media behemoths. Last week, the impersonal matrix that comprises Facebook’s Community Standards

The wisdom I gleaned along a Kiev river reverberates today

Anatoly Mikhailovich Mikisha was a talented and accomplished mathematician in his late 30s. He was a rocket scientist, working in the Moscow Aviation Institute in the 1960s and 1970s – the years I knew and communicated with him. At that time, it was the