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Alaska Watchman is an independent news agency dedicated to providing accurate and extensive coverage of issues concerning religious freedom and speech, pro-life issues, family life and parental rights, homosexuality and LGBT issues, education and culture. Our purpose is to report on topics rarely covered by other media outlets, and with an emphasis on how these issues affect Alaskans.

Our weekly online reports are available for use by numerous organizations, publications, educators, professionals and political and religious groups across Alaska and beyond.

We have a predominant emphasis on issues directly related to Alaska and our reports include breaking news, features, news briefs, calendar events, letters to the editor and op-ed pieces.

Alaska Watchman Core Principles
  1. Accuracy in content and professional-level writing is a high priority. When errors or clarifications are needed we will run them prominently and in a timely manner.
  2. While there are several pro-life and family news outlets that focus on national and international news, Alaska Watchman recognizes that most changes in society begin at the local level. By informing readers about the activities of local political bodies, public officials, elected representatives, public organizations and religious and cultural groups we aim to equip Alaskans with knowledge to make a difference at the grassroots level.
  3. Our reports emphasize the social value of traditional Judeo-Christian principles and the natural law but are also respectful of all authentic religions and cultures that esteem life, family and universal norms of morality.
  4. We understand that respect for life and family, the foundations of any enduring culture, are endangered by contemporary ideologies that attempt to eliminate or minimize Christian morality and natural law principles from the public square.
  5. Alaska Watchman understands that abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and all other life and family issues are interconnected. We attempt to provide readers with the big picture and the most useful and up-to-date information regarding these issues.
  6. In these and other areas, we attempt to bring greater clarity and foster constructive dialogue that can help inform appropriate actions for the common good.
For-profit status

In order to ensure the broadest freedoms in reporting on political and social issues we are organized as a for-profit media outlet. This allows us to report on direct political actions and gives us freedom to cover the activities of individual political candidates and/or parties.

Our Writers

Our writers are primarily located in Alaska. They include professional reporters as well as columnists from a variety of backgrounds, specialties and disciplines.

Our Partners

We network with faith and culture leaders as well as pro-life and family organizations across Alaska and the United States.


Alaska Watchman sells advertising and accepts sponsorships and donations from our readers in order to maintain a free online news service and website.

Board members

Alaska Watchman advisory board will be comprised of representatives from Evangelical, Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant backgrounds.

Republishing policy

Groups are welcome to republish Alaska Watchman reports in church bulletins or organizational newsletters. We ask that you email us for more information about our guidelines. Individuals, organizations, churches, non-profit groups and others are welcome to forward content from Alaska Watchman through email or post on social media and other websites provided that material obtained from Alaska Watchman is not altered or changed in any way other than potentially abbreviated and linked to for space purposes.

Legal notice regarding use of Alaska Watchman content

You may not sell, rent, modify, create derivative works from, or in any way commercially use the materials carried on Alaska Watchman, nor may you infringe upon any of the copyrights or other intellectual property rights contained in the materials.

Third-Party links, pointers and advertisements

Alaska Watchman may, from time to time, contain links or pointers to Internet websites maintained by third parties. Alaska Watchman does not operate or control in any way any information, products or services on these third-party sites. Alaska Watchman expressly disclaims any responsibility for such third-party sites, which are provided for your convenience on an “as is” basis without warranties of any kind, express or implied.

Advertisements appearing on the Alaska Watchman web site are paid advertisements and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Alaska Watchman, its staff, writers or other representatives.


Unless noted, all material displayed or transmitted on Alaska Watchman, including but not limited to text, photographs, images, illustrations, video clips, audio clips, and graphics are owned by Alaska, and are protected by copyright.

Where we stand: Our mission, vision and structure

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Ross Perrine says:

    Alaska desperately needs a voice like the Alaska Watchman that’s willing to challenge the very biased left wing news and reporting we’re being saturated with here 24/7/365! The Anchorage Daily News has been my go to site for news, sports, and weather for many years now, but sadly, they’ve become totally biased and very left leaning politically! The only news “reporting” that they run regarding our Governor, or President is always in a negative light and never giving credit where credit is due, or even accurately reporting what they’ve said! The Alaska Watchman is a candle in the darkness and a desperately needed voice of reason and liberty in our state!

  • WP says:

    You are such a blessing. Thank you for being a voice for truth.

  • Jerry Cogdill Sr says:

    Your interview with Stephanie Taylor was very good and interesting. She is a breath of fresh air! Thanks to Alaska Watchman for the truth.