‘It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!’

Today, Christians around the world observe “Good Friday,” the day Jesus died by crucifixion after being flogged, beaten, mocked and betrayed. One would be forgiven for wondering just what the faithful see as so “good” about this Friday before Easter.
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Churches unite to evangelize secular Alaska

Revive Alaska Outreach is the hub for Christians desiring to revive the spiritual and moral life of Alaska. It is a multi-church partnership where believers gather to pray, listen to speakers, share evangelism strategies, and plan community outreach. The

Leading pro-life apologist headed to Alaska next month

One of the nation’s top pro-life apologists is slated to speak in Wasilla next month. Scott Klusendorf is president of Life Training Institute, and author of “The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture.” He is speaking at the Oct. 8
Upcoming events

Upcoming events to foster Alaska’s common good

This list of events is provided to give Alaskans some concrete ways to celebrate their faith, assist neighbors in need and work for Alaska’s common good. To add an event to this list, please send us an email at editor@alaskawatchman.com. PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY