How Russian Old Believers keep the faith in modern Alaska

Profoundly religious, the Russian people were shaken to their core by the Russian Orthodox Church liturgical reforms introduced by Patriarch Nikon (1666–1667) who, under the reign of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich Romanov (1645–1676), had dared to correct the

He is Risen!

The world pauses today as nearly 2.4 billion Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It is the high point of the church year, marking the culmination of Christ’s mission and his final triumph over sin and death. Typically, church attendance swells
Day of Prayer pic

Churches unite to evangelize secular Alaska

Revive Alaska Outreach is the hub for Christians desiring to revive the spiritual and moral life of Alaska. It is a multi-church partnership where believers gather to pray, listen to speakers, share evangelism strategies, and plan community outreach. The

2020 exposed a festering disease in America

This past winter the world began to change before our very eyes as the specter of an unknown global pandemic struck fear into the hearts of men. Lockdowns and closures – unthinkable in modern America – reshaped our lives overnight. Whole sectors of