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The following events provide concrete ways to impact Alaska for the common good. To add an event to this list, please send us an email at


The next Brave Conversations is Feb. 27, 6 p.m., at 12100 Coffee and Communitas in Anchorage. The monthly conversation group will tackle the topic of racism. The first hour features a panel presentation, and the second hour is set aside for a “mix-match” activity wherein attendees are invited to take part in a game matching people with a conversation partner to sharpen and stretch their perspective on one or more topics. Participants will have a discussion guide to help.

People of all viewpoints are welcome and encouraged to attend but are asked to maintain a respectful and non-disruptive demeanor.

“The goal in our conversations is not to win, but to learn from one another and have fun,” said host Leigh Sloan.

Beverages and food are available for purchase at the cafe. Brave Conversations will occur in the inner room of the cafe. Brave Conversations is a monthly event that addresses a range of hot-button topics such as global warming, cultural privilege, faith issues, parental rights, abortion, school vouchers and other cultural, moral issues.


Alaskans are in the initial stages of shaping the mission, core values and platform priorities of Alaska’s Republican Party in 2020. Local legislative district conventions have been occurring across the state all month, and a dozen more are scheduled in the closing days of February. These gatherings are a key first step in determining the direction of the party. District conventions elect statewide delegates to attend the state convention, April 2-4, in Juneau. These delegates will then elect statewide party officers and committee members. They will also select delegates to attend the Republican National Convention.

The state convention determines the direction and philosophy of the party. State delegates can update the mission, principles and party platform. They also work to define the party’s positions on various state and national issues such as abortion, marriage, family, the LGBT political agenda, educational choice and more.

Other duties include encouraging and training candidates and campaign workers for local, state and national offices, formulating fundraising plans, recruiting party members and enhancing communications.

Click here for information about upcoming district conventions.

Upcoming events to engage culture & politics

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