Clarence Thomas

One of the most influential black Americans is rarely mentioned by the mainstream media. Tonight (May 18), however, the recent movie about conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will show at 6 p.m. Alaska time on most PBS stations across the state.

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in his own words” features Justice Thomas and his wife, Virginia, who were interviewed for more than 30 hours, over many months.

“Justice Thomas tells his entire life’s story, looking directly at the camera, speaking frankly to the audience,” the movie website states.

The two-hour documentary combines Thomas’ first-person account of his life with a rich array of historical archive material, period and original music and personal photos.

The film takes viewers through Thomas’ “complex and often painful life, dealing with race, faith, power, jurisprudence, and personal resilience,” the film website notes.

In his 27 years on the court, Thomas’s jurisprudence has often been controversial — from his brand of originalism to his decisions on affirmative action, pro-life issues, religious liberties, and other hot button topics.

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Movie on conservative black Supreme Court justice airs tonight across Alaska

Joel Davidson
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