Alaska’s top politicians split on whether Biden has won election


    Gov. Mike Dunleavy and U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan have not jumped on the media bandwagon of prematurely coronating Joe Biden as “president elect.”

    Dunleavy released a statement praising President Trump and vowing to support the effort to ensure that the election results are trustworthy.

    “My fellow Alaska Republicans and conservatives, no president has done more to create economic opportunity in our great state than President Donald Trump,” Dunleavy said in a statement issued Nov. 7. “No president has accomplished more in the areas of the economy, national security, judicial appointments, regulation reform, and prison reform.”

    He added: “I for one will support our President’s efforts to ensure that the election is completed with integrity. Let’s hope and pray that it is.”

    Young congratulated Biden despite multiple lawsuits that have been filed alleging voter fraud in key swing states.

    Sullivan has yet to comment on the national election, unlike fellow members of Alaska’s D.C. delegation, Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Don Young, both of whom issued statements congratulating Biden for his “victory.”

    “Even as ballots are counted in Alaska and legal challenges continue in the Lower 48, former Vice President Joe Biden is now the projected winner of this close and hard-fought presidential race,” Murkowski asserted Nov. 7. “Tonight, he declared victory and pledged to be a president who represents all Americans.”

    She added that the nation will soon turn to “the peaceful transition of power, which is fundamental to our system of democracy and ultimately honors the American people.”

    In joining the mainstream media and many on the left, Young also congratulated Biden despite the fact that multiple lawsuits have been filed over alleged voter fraud in key swing states that could ultimately decide the election.

    “Although there are still votes to be counted, and potential legal cases to be heard, former Vice President Joe Biden has won the election,” Young claimed on Nov. 7.

    He then suggested it was “time to put the election behind us and come together to work for a better tomorrow.”

    But for many Americans, which likely includes a number of Alaskans who voted for Young, the election is far from over.

    The Trump campaign has filed a slew of lawsuits that are still in litigation. This includes cases in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada.

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    Joel Davidson
    Joel Davidson
    Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 20 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.

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    1. Agreed Mr. Totten, its time for Don to go. Mr. Young, you of all, should know that its not over until all, ALL legal and only LEGAL votes are counted and in this case that the courts further rule out any unlawful irregularities and or fraud, which appear to be rampant in America in 2020. Get a grip Mr. Young, you represent those who placed you there, we are the Trump 2020 supporters! #AmericaFirst

      • I was a little bit surprised that Young would be that willing to accept an election result that is nonexistent yet, and to be seemingly okay with that false assumption.. MurkeyCOWsky ?? not surprised at all.

    2. Don Young got my vote, But he after this move which tells a story of whom he pays homage to has none of my respect. Don Young knows full well the implication of siding with a stained non elected media announced only Biden and that was to trend that Biden was in fact legitimate… Seems Don has more than just French hip boots in. his closet ..

    3. I held my nose and voted for Rep. Don Young.
      He’s been in office and D. C. for way too long.
      He should be ashamed of coming out with his statement when the results are so far from being over.
      As for the Senator, she didn’t surprise me at all.
      Her days in office are limited.

    4. OH GOD!
      I voted for Young, for pro-life not pro-death. Into your hand God, I command Don Young will do what is right in your sight Oh God! And in your timing! In Jesus Name!!!

    5. Republicans need another conservative candidate to run against Don Young, this years choice wasn’t worth considering… as for Lisa, she needs to…. nah, I don’t want to get banned…

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