On Monday, Nov. 16, the Anchorage Assembly will hold a special meeting to extend its emergency COVID declaration for the fifth time – prolonging it to the end of the year. It won’t come, however, without considerable public outcry.

Opponents have compiled nearly 1,200 signatures against extending the months long state of emergency. They plan to deliver these signatures during public testimony Monday night.

Like past declarations, this one cites increased cases of COVID and unknown possibilities that might result from the spread. The declaration states that infections “could” overwhelm hospitals, that lifting the emergency declaration “would very likely results in larger loss of life,” and that the “potential extent and effect of COVID-19 cannot yet be known.”

Anyone who tests positive for the virus is listed as a COVID patient even if they are hospitalized for other reasons.

Extending the city’s emergency declaration allows acting mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson to continue imposing restrictions, mask mandates and social distancing orders on city residents. If the Assembly does not renew its emergency declaration, her powers would come to an end on Nov. 30, as would dozens of restrictions on area residents, including a new mandate that all residents must wear masks – indoors and outside.

The signature petition claims that the Assembly’s perpetual extension of the emergency declaration has needlessly “restricted the movement, liberty, and freedom of the citizens, and has “significantly affected the quality of life of Anchorage constituents including but not limited to economic instability, financial hardship, children not receiving full education benefits, a rise in mental health issues including suicide among children, a rise in unreported child and spouse abuse, and other life-altering ramifications.”

While case counts have grown across the city and currently stand at about 8,300, the vast majority of these people never go to the hospital. In fact, there are currently only 70 residents in a city of 290,000 residents who are hospitalized due to COVID-related illnesses. That represents 0.02% of Anchorage’s population.

The percentage of people hospitalized with a positive COVID test make up 11.8% of all hospitalizations. This does not mean, however, that every COVID patient is hospitalized because of COVID. Anyone who tests positive for the virus is listed as a COVID patient even if they are hospitalized for other reasons.


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Opponents prep to resist Anchorage Assembly’s plan to extend COVID mandates

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Jmk says:

    Do you mean to say Plan instead of pan, might want to fix the typo. I really wish they wouldn’t extend and signed the petition, but they will extend, control and power their goal

  • Michael S Totten says:

    Hey mayor,, you can shove your tyranical mandates up your fat ass,, and if you send your ENFORCERS to my door or up to me in the streets they better have body armor on. You have been warned. Sincerely a united states marine. RETIRED.

  • Alberto Brandolini says:

    The only way people will take this seriously is when someone they love dies until then articles like this and conspiracy will fool them all into thinking it’s no big deal. So let it rip – no masks, huge gatherings, and open the schools.
    We’ve got a mobile morgue at providence – let’s use it.

    • Michael S Totten says:

      Everybody dies. This is a flu. And only .02 percent of the people infected have died. Don’t drink the koolaid. Think for yourself and stay off CNN. They are lying to you. And the hospitals have never filled up. They lied to you about that too. They purposely beef up the numbers because they know that dummies like you will buy into the fear and wear their face diaper. You are actually damaging your natural immune response more by wearing the mask. This was never about a virus. It’s about total control. Enjoy the concentration camp that comes next. I myself will not be getting on the box cars

      • Lobomalo says:

        I agree, Michael.. It was seized upon quickly, used politically, and found to be the wonderful excuse for the fraudulent mass “Mail in” scheme… They think it’s okay to go ballot harvesting, door to door , ringing your door bell, handling all of the ballots, but unsafe to vote in person.. I voted in person.

  • Bill Allen says:

    You fucking potatoes deserve to die

    • Lobomalo says:

      Bill.. You are a fine example of the “tolerant” leftist, democrats that claim to “care” for others.. l Thanks for spewing your confirmation for every one else to see. This is the depravity that has spread across our great nation.

  • Michael S Totten says:

    Lobomalo. I moved back to killeen TX in August. Home to first cavalry division. They don’t pull their nonsense here. Probably because killeen is full of active infantry. 200 thousand of them who have families to protect. Liberalism doesn’t survive here. I don’t even know what kind of artillery these guys have in their houses but I bet you nobody will knock to find out. And our businesses are pretty much saying screw you to Gregg abbot. City Council doesn’t dare try their crap here. Alaska has become another WA, OR, and CA shithole. After 17 years up there i said NOPE! see ya later good luck fixing alaska. I hope you win. Texas is with you

    • Lobomalo says:

      Michael, Texas would be one of the places I would love to move to, if we ever left.. The main reason we moved up, 15 years ago, was for the grandchildren we have up here.. I have seen some gradual changes with the “tolerant” leftists moving up here from Washington, Or, and Ca.. They fled the tyranny, and come up here to spread the same crap they fled from.. The Folks that demand that you think as they do, and obey… The good part is, Alaska is an open carry, no permit required, state, and machine guns are actually legal up here as well… I have had some really enjoyable experiences in Tejas.. Genuine TexMex. Not what we see all over, called TexMex. Got some nice Stetson, and Resistol hats out there in Houston, and El Paso.

  • FedUP says:

    There is no hope for freedom here. I’m moving to a state that has resisted this politically expedient covid overreaction.

    • Geri says:

      Don’t leave! That is how this state is turning blue! Stay, fight!

      • FedUP says:

        Until the leftists are purged from the bureaucracy there is no hope for reform through the ballot. Endless voter fraud is the new norm. The “republicans” in this state have shown they are not willing to do anything about it besides bitch endlessly. No thanks, I’m not going down with this ship.


    Has anybody noticed that on the state’s covid stats page it shows 1.1K inpatient beds (total) but on the governor’s covid page it says we have 1.4k, and ICU capacity at 136 and 214 respectfully? The ventilator capacity on both is 342. Hmm….
    Are there any attorneys or others bringing lawsuits about all these tyrannical and illegal the assembly and mayors have been doing? If I had the resources I would hire one to do so but I don’t.

  • Rich Troutman says:

    Only thing that can save the state from the leftist takeover is an long term oil market crash. Cleaned things up for awhile back in the 80’s.

  • Michael S Totten says:

    Amen rich. With no income they cant pay bills and with no subsidies they won’t stay. Alaska seems to get all of the leeches that nobody wants in the other states. Either running from the law in the state they ran from or come up there to get a dividend that has shrunk over the years. Either way. We get some real winners up there