With vaccinations on a marked decline statewide, the City and Borough of Juneau is gathering information about why residents are reticent to receive the COVID shot. Despite opening vaccinations up to anyone over age 16, there has been a sharp decrease in the past week among Alaskans willing to get the shot. According to the state’s website, only 30% of Alaskans have received at least one dose of the shot, and just 21% are deemed “fully vaccinated.”

On March 24, Juneau sent out an online survey, the results of which it says will be made public once it is completed and analyzed. The survey runs through April 11.

The questionnaire inquires into whether a person has been vaccinated. If not, it asks for a rationale. These include concerns about safety, lack of information, unease about the impacts on pregnancy and breastfeeding, issues regarding the shot’s ingredients, religious objections, belief that the benefits of the shot do not outweigh risks, and others.

Survey participants are asked to divulge what would make them reconsider getting the shot. The survey also solicits information on how citizens access COVID news and information – whether they rely on mainstream social media, alternative social media, independent news sources or government websites.

The survey ends by asking about a participant’s gender, including whether they are female, male, non-binary or other. It also asks for age, occupation, income level, educational background and race.

A total of 52% of Juneau’s population (ages 16 and up) is now considered “fully vaccinated.” The borough, however, continues to aggressively push COVID shots even though the virus threat level is currently listed as “minimal.” With a population of more than 32,000, the borough reports having just 11 active COVID cases, and hospital capacity is considered “stable.”

A recent Pew Research poll reports that 51% of Americans say they already have or “definitely” plan on getting the COVID shot. Another 17% say they will “probably” get it, but 30% say they probably or definitely will not.

Click here to view the survey. To inquire about the survey, contact COVID-19 Communications Assistant Christine Carpenter at 907-364-7423 or email

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Juneau gathering data on why residents are resistant to COVID shot

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Stacy Arlene Christensen says:

    “What would make you reconsider getting the shot?” Why is such a question asked? JUST SAY “NO!”

  • S Goodwin says:

    Has anyone with commonsense analyzed what’s in the ‘gene therapy’ jabs? Does anyone know who funds them? Anyone know why so-called vaccines are being pushed so hard even though vaxxed individuals still must wear masks and distanced? Has anyone considered that they are actually being injected with the C-19 and tracked to see how they respond? People are being blatantly lied to. The weird thing is nobody cares.

  • Patrick Dalton says:

    It is great news that Alaskans statewide have the critical thinking skills necessary to to not fear a virus with a miniscule mortality. It takes a little discernment and time, but Alaskans are beginning to see an overall agenda associated with the policies that are most surely are being coordinated for the destruction of our system economic and political nationwide. It remains to be revealed, how many officials in this state were aware of this as it unfolded, and how many went along blindly believing it. Without a little bit of medical knowledge, many did not realize that medical policies and information could be politicized for a purpose. This all happened just prior to a national election crisis as well. Hm? Can we connect the dots and see a broad strategy to ruin our great system of government. I think many do.

  • Ted Alexis says:

    They can’t figure out why residents refuse to get the experimental vaccine with many common and serious side effects up to and including death to possibly reduce your risk of getting a virus with >99% recovery rate. The same people will fight to the death insisting that masks which have been proven to have a 1% difference in infection rate really do prevent virus transmission in spite of the manufacturers labelling them with warnings that they can not stop virus transmission

  • Janice McCann says:

    Even the CDC has agreed that Hydroxychoroquine is effective as thousands of doctors around the world have been saying all along. There are several others effective as well. So why do we need to subject healthy people (and now children) to an experimental biological agent that no one knows what it will do in the long term or even short term. We must ask why this is being pushed, shoved and threatened upon the world’s populations–something smells rotten in Denmark.

  • Dee Cee says:

    Remind yourself what a “conflict of interest” is. Our federal government invested billions in tax payer dollars, our public health agencies, specifically CDC, is a part-owner of the patents on the technology and vaccines themselves, politicians staked their careers on the predictions made in fantasy-fiction health modeling out of the UK, and government employees have been promoting the vaccine from day one of the lockdown… how much skin do the promoters have in this game? Do you think your civil liberties or body integrity matter more to any of these people than the money, careers and reputations they obviously need to protect? There’s your answer. Now get off my F-ing doorstep. *SLAM*

  • David says:

    My response is go to hell none of your business

  • Jean K says:

    I see the survey is just for Juneau residents only.
    I would enjoy giving them my two cents worth about why there is NO way I or my family will take part in this experimental trial using an unknown biological agent.

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    Question, was there ever a pandemic? I see a stronger flu that is killing more people than normal. Every year come about October the flu shot comes out and they know exactly which flu it is going to be(swine, Sars, H1N1 etc…) they make up a vaccine and like sheep everyone buys into the b.s. the government dishes out. Your nothing but a guinea pig every year for bio warfare. Now, the world population is at its max and there isn’t anyplace left to grow food to feed all the people. Sooo, they need to cull the herd(kill off some). We don’t have shooting wars anymore since Vietnam so our young men are killed off which makes nothing more than an out of control population. The USA doesn’t have laws like China or other countries that say one one child so some people breed like rabbits. The China virus covid-19 is doing exactly what they wanted. Americans because of our freedoms refuse to wear a mask(that doesn’t do anything for you anyway. See reports from as far back as 2005). This is why America had the highest number of deaths and the only reason. Most Asian countries wear masks all the time during winter months without question. They even wear during the summer if they’re sick or think something is going around. Europe wear masks when needed but it appears this time they didn’t start wearing them soon enough. There is no benefit to getting a vaccination. These are just some things to thing about. Why would anyone risk their life getting an unproven vaccine shot? No research on long term side effects. We were told a year and a half to two years for a vaccine then two months later we have one. No, I don’t care what the FDA says it’s not been tested well enough. Maybe in a year I’ll change my mind after I see how people are doing but I still see no benefits to getting it.

  • Punahele says:

    Every manufacturer of the COVID vaccine used aborted fetal cells whether in testing or the actual manufacture….. given that there are many, many Americans who find utilizing babies in the very early stages of their development to produce /test vaccines is abhorrent, why is there not one manufacturer that took that fact into consideration and produced a vaccine that used no aborted fetal cells in any way?

  • Marion Lee Fry says:

    I’m not getting the vaccine because it’s my body and it’s none of your business, government! You don’t even have the right to send your guilt, propaganda letter to ask me squat!
    By the way, did anybody else notice that the politicians gave themselves a 25 million dollar pay raise with the last stimulus check? Most Americans lost something if not everything due to hoax-covid but congress didn’t loose one days pay, worked less days because of the forced-faked lock-downs and got a 25 million dollar pay raise! I’m your Huckleberry!

  • John Doe says:
    Concise discussion of the “vaccine” that is actually a gene therapy. Inadequate testing, less effective than claimed, terrible future health threat, more dangerous than the covid itself. One has to wonder why the ordained “health experts”, “mainstream media sources, politicians, etc. are all onboard with everyone getting this JAB. Can’t they do an hour of research??? There are voices of many doctors/ researchers/ even vaccine developers out there warning of this danger. These are experts that are not in line to make money off the ‘plandemic’, the vax, etc. hmmm. The jab could be a life or death decision, I will get the flu if it comes my way, once again, a simple choice really; 99.99% survival rate..

  • DoneWithIt says:

    My body, my choice.
    Since when is health care the govt’s responsibility?
    Masks don’t work – they are lying.
    Covid isn’t some civilizational threat – they are lying.
    Our children, in schools, are not at risk – they are lying.
    This isn’t a vaccine, it’s gene therapy and it’s never been used in humans before – think about that – they are lying.
    BigTech and BigPharma are censoring virologists, immunologists, and medical doctors that disagree with the efficacy of this gene therapy – why? – they are lying.
    Our govt has crossed the Rubicon of integrity and legitimacy – don’t believe a word they say.