Public hearings set on plan to inject radical racial-justice philosophy in Anchorage schools


    Before implementing progressive critical race theory policies across the entire Anchorage School District, the Anchorage School board will to hear from the public on March 25 and March 30 via virtual town hall meetings.

    The proposed policies aim to infuse controversial notions about critical race theory, white privilege and systemic racism into most aspects of school life and instructional learning. The plan goes far beyond encouraging students to treat others with respect and dignity. Instead, it looks to permeate the educational system with a philosophy that assumes the vast majority of people are racist or bigoted – either consciously or subconsciously.

    The anti-racism draft policy indicates that the board is intent on expanding its nondiscrimination efforts beyond simply addressing racism. It claims racism is “often compounded by other forms of discrimination including those protective classes referenced in BP (board policy).” This includes sexual orientation and gender identity, among a litany of other identifiers such as parentage, genetic information, religion and more.

    This approach typically dismisses clearly identifiable problems such as a breakdown of the nuclear family.

    Rooting out discrimination in all its conscious and subconscious forms by embracing the notion of anti-racism is the aim of the policy.

    “Anti-racism is the practice of identifying, challenging, and changing the values, structures, and behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism, racial hatred, bias, and the oppression of marginalized groups,” the policy states. “The Board will work with the Superintendent to identify and redesign any racially inequitable policies and procedures that limit academic opportunities.”

    When it comes to curriculum and instruction, teachers would be expected to insert ant-racist theory into the classroom by highlighting “the history of racism in Alaska, America, and around the world and the current structural, explicit, and unconscious biases toward people of different races.”

    Intricately linked with the anti-racism policy is the proposed policy on “Instructional Equity,” which assumes that disparate academic outcomes among students stem from unfair treatment and barriers that the school system has consciously or subconsciously erected against certain groups.

    While slim on details, the proposed equity policy suggests that the district would reallocate resources to benefit “some groups” that they see as being treated unfairly due to systemic injustices – none of which are clearly spelled out.

    Guiding the philosophy of the proposed changes are several books by Ibram X. Kendi, a controversial social justice warrior who claims that America is founded by racists and rooted in systemic racism from its foundation on up. Kendi is a proponent of “white privilege” theory which claims that white people, by the very nature of their skin color, enjoy societal privileges that must be leveled. This philosophy is also highly critical of Judeo-Christian notions about marriage, family structure, traditional American values and gender identity. This approach most often dismisses clearly identifiable problems such as broken marriages, out of wedlock births, fatherless children, lack of parental involvement and a loss of religious practice, all of which have been shown to contribute to poor academic performance, behavioral problems, poverty, crime and other social ills.

    If the board passes the proposed policies, the superintendent would be required to submit an annual “equity report” to the board to assess how the new philosophy was being implemented across the district.


    • What: School Board Town Hall Meeting
    • When: Thursday, March 25, 12-1 p.m. and Tuesday, March 30, 6-8 p.m.
    • Where: Virtual Zoom meeting. Click here to join. This link also provides information on how to participate via telephone.

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    Joel Davidson
    Joel Davidson
    Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 20 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.

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    1. It is a surprise to me that there is even going to be a hearing. In Fairbanks they just continue on putting things in the Curriculum and it is the teacher’s union, librarian unions, University professors and other unions following the NEA and doing this. At this time avoid going to universities or be prepared to be in the resistance against this Marxist takeover. Do not vote in union candidates, or, just have this continued growing cancer to destroy Christian/Western Civilization in each state like Alaska. Fairbanks

    2. Let’s help a marginalized group by marginalizing other groups–brilliant! Real life is not zero sum. If my neighbor prospers then he or she helps me prosper, regardless of their demographic.

    3. Speak with your feet parents and pull your kids out. These people will not listen to words. You have complete autonomy in Alaska to choose how and where your kids are educated by state statute. The law protecting home schooling in our state actually supports educational choice in general. Anchorage especially has some great private school choices and the support networks and choices for homeschooling are vast.

    4. White people butt hurt over white privilege and systemic racism. Big Surprise! Who’d of thunk?
      You do realize that the key component of white privilege is the inability to recognize your white privilege don’t you?
      Fighting racism is radical to you?

    5. Let’s talk about “Redlining”. Educate you’re readers about how that works. Educate your readers about 3rd world conditions right here in Alaska. Tell them about your “blood quantum card” showing how white you are.
      Oh, you don’t know what that is? Native Americans must be the only ones required by the government to have a “blood quantum card” to prove our humanity so they can track our extinction.
      White privilege is about staying ignorant.

    6. Haha white privilege! Ok Bill triggered much? White people are so privilaged that most of them bust their butts at jobs they hate to pay taxes for programs they cant use while the rest of you complain about what you’re not getting because you’re LAZY! yep I’m feeling my white privilege today!

    7. When LBTQ curriculum was introduced, it was in a sneaky way during one of our Christian holiday times from Thanksgiving through New Years. It was a way to do it when we were celebrating Jesus in October 16, 2018. We did not have access to testifying and pressuring the Fairbanks School Board and Superintendent because of the holiday closures. Now in Anchorage hearings concerning this evolutionist curriculum is being done while we are having Holy Week and celebrating the most important holiday for God’s people, us the Christians. This is purposely scheduled by atheists/evolutionists to be put into place without much objection and pressure. That is the Marxist way.

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