Former President Donald Trump, who has vowed to help oust Sen. Lisa Murkowski, celebrated the prospect that she is undecided on whether to seek reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2022.

“Great news for the Republican Party! Senator Lisa Murkowski said she is ‘still weighing whether she will run again’ for the Senate in Alaska,” Trump said in an April 14 statement from his Save America political action committee. “In other words, there is a chance that she won’t run! Wouldn’t that be great?”

According to an Epoch Times article, Trump was responding to an April 13 article in Roll Call where Murkowski said she was still mulling whether to seek reelection. Murkowski told Capitol reporters that she will make up her mind “when I make it.” In the meantime, Murkowski said she is “doing everything that a good incumbent does in terms of preserving my options, visiting with Alaskans, spending a lot of time, as much time on the ground as I can, and raising money.”

Trump has pledged to do everything in his power to oust Murkowski who voted to convict him during the impeachment hearing earlier this year. Trump has since pledged to travel to Alaska to help defeat Murkowski.

“I will not be endorsing, under any circumstances, the failed candidate from the great State of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski,” Trump said in a statement to Politico last month. “She represents her state badly and her country even worse. I do not know where other people will be next year, but I know where I will be — in Alaska campaigning against a disloyal and very bad Senator.”

Murkowski already has a formidable challenger in Kelly Tshibaka. The former state commissioner of Administration, Tshibaka defines herself as pro-life, pro-liberty and pro-America first. An April Cygnal poll shows here with a 33.6% to 18.8% favorability rating over Murkowski.

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Trump celebrates possibility that Murkowski might not seek reelection


  • Sharon Turner says:

    No! Not ‘just’ for selling out President Trump, and our Republican Party. Because she has consistently proved to be a traitor to her faithful Alaska voters.. vote after vote, year after year, cause and issue after issue. She took our money, and sold us out for Ghoulish Planned Parenthood, and other greasy Liberal supporters. It is time for WE the People to get rid of this sell out to Her Sworn Oath of office has proven for years. Send her and others the message that we are sick and tired to these Murky “Muskeg” dwelling swamp critter. Sharon Turner

    • Linda says:

      Well said!! Thank you!! I actually feel sorry for her because her mindset is so skewed …because of her hate for Trump!! Sad…

    • LINDA M FRENCH says:

      I’m a transplant and not a Republican or Democrat or anything, but boy oh boy did I have a fit with what Lisa did to Alaska regarding the Presidential election. I sent quite the explicit email to her congressional office but of course never heard back. That was fine as long as I had the chance to give her my opinion of her actions As long as people keep waking up to the controls that are being absolutely forced on us, the more push-back to all of this will rise to the surface and hopefully allow for some balance in our society. Lisa being out of politics I think will be a good thing in that regard. She doesn’t seem to know which side of the fence she wants to be on. I believe we can help her out in making that decision. (smiley face here)

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      Well said Linda and you may be a transplant but I for one am happy you have joined us

  • Brad Campbell says:

    I want her to run so she be trounced in the Primary! I want her to be humbled.

    • Christopher M. says:

      I would love to see that as well. There is no humiliations that would begin to justify her deceit and betrayal. However, the best thing would be if she never ran at all – better safe than sorry. We have too many shallow-minded Libtards now living in Anchorage and Juneau to take the chance on her eking out a win. Look no further than the Mayoral and schoolboard elections taking place in Anchorage to see that we are slowly being taken over by the left and all their destructive, boneheaded agendas.

  • G Aleution says:

    I never understood this year’s capers. “Been down so long it look like up to me”. Soo the Dems experienced a lot of exposure about what they are this year. I wish Senator Murkowski would have supported Mr. US Constitution President Trump!
    Surely she understood that Alaskans want to keep our Constitutions and we will back the play of the one whose supports the republic. America First!

  • Thomas Elam says:

    Lisa Murkowski Martell, has never championed any legislation by herself but has always been there to join the RINOS to criticize or at least drag her feet.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Yes a huge Swamp creature
    Vote her Out, Yes Please, Mr Trump come to Alaska we need your help.
    Because there is so many blind sheep in Alaska still voting for this Loser.

  • Michael S Totten says:

    Trump is still the shadow president

    • Christopher M. says:

      Trump is still my President!
      China Joe will never come close to earning that title with me.

      • Val tan says:

        Well said n I hope w all the investigations going on Fake president Biden will be dethroned!!!he is running our country to the ground!’

  • Shifra Zais says:

    If she doesn’t run, what will she do with all that money she is raising? I expect she will put her time and money into electing the democrat candidate, because they share her “values”. I also wonder if the dems are pressuring her not to run so they don’t split the leftist vote. Her picture is right there in the dictionary under “D” for “despicable”.

    • LINDA M FRENCH says:

      I so agree with your statement. How could she expect to ever run as a Republican again (and I’m not even a Republican) when she totally turned her back on the choice Alaskans made for President of the United States. She’s definitely NOT a Republican and doesn’t seem to care about who she was supposed to represent.

  • Jo says:

    I don’t know how she could run for re-election if she’s locked up for treason. Hmmmmm… bye bye China doll. Failure to act for the people is an act against the people.

  • Richard Eide says:

    Count on my time, energy and money to help send Lisa packing; “Go ye and do likewise”.

  • LINDA M FRENCH says:

    Praying that Lisa takes leave from NOT representing Alaskans.

  • Belinda says:

    Until we have term limits her positions on committees are of value.
    No I did not agree with all her decisions.
    I will vote for her.
    Haters be dammed.

  • Val tan says:

    Hard to believe Sullivan’s supporting her n the local Republican head honcho is too… the Rhinos have got to be voted out… I m so disappointed Sullivan’s supporting her