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The ongoing effort to harness the Anchorage Public Library system as a means of disseminating critical race theory and LGBTQ propaganda will ramp up this fall with the launch of a BIPOC and LGBTQ focused book club.

Anchorage librarian Meneka Thiru

Adult Services Librarian Meneka Thiru is planning the new group. She is one of many Anchorage-based librarians working to transform the city’s library system to reflect hard leftist ideology through the promotion of critical race theory and LGBTQ ideology.

“I’m very lucky to be at the Anchorage Public Library, which is taking seriously the equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives that they have determined is a part of their strategic planning,” Thiru stated on social media. “It’s been really nice to know that leadership backs up these types of things and wants these kinds of changes.”

Mayor-elect Bronson – a conservative – could change the direction of area libraries. He will take office July 1, and the library director will serve at his pleasure.

The plan to launch a BIPOC and LGBTQ book club was announced at the Anchorage Library Advisory Board Meeting in May. It comes on the heels of the recent Alaska Library Association Conference which gave local librarians strategies to advance a litany of hard left cultural and political aims.

BIPOC, which means “black, indigenous and people of color,” is a term that gained popularity last year with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. The national BIPOC Project website claims that America is “firmly entrenched in maintaining white supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism.” It also claims that “People of color have always understood the need for our own spaces without white people present, for our own safety and healing.” The group’s website adds that BIPOC communities should intentionally “disrupt calls for ‘unity’” when they fail to advance the group’s economic, social and cultural agendas.

While Anchorage libraries have been radicalized under nearly a decade of leftist leadership from recently retired Director Mary Jo Torgeson, the future direction of the library system is now in limbo.

Torgeson’s oversaw implementation of Drag Queen Story Hour in which cross-dressing drag performers lead young children in song and dance while reading books that celebrate gender non-conformity. She has also promoted LGBTQ books, clubs and activism in the area’s five libraries, and has been a strong proponent of highlighting so-called systemic racism, white privilege and social inequity. The library network has taken steps to reeducate and reform its staff and rework its book collections and other materials to better reflect what Torgeson considers properly “equitable, diverse and inclusive” libraries.

The recent election of Mayor-elect Dave Bronson, however, could impact the future direction of Anchorage libraries. Bronson, who will be sworn in on July 1, is a strong, unapologetic conservative and the library director will serve at his pleasure.


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Anchorage library to use public funds to push BIPOC & LGBTQ propaganda

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Jen says:

    We need a Christian book club, two can play that game they want to play.

    • Eric Thomas says:

      You already have a tax payer funded Christian book club. It’s called church. They’re everywhere. You can spit without hitting ine of them.

      • Elizabeth Henry says:

        Taxpayer funded? Churches are supported by voluntary donations. Yes, most whom donate do pay taxes, hence are taxpayers. Perhaps that is what you meant? On the other hand the false religion of LGBTQ etc. being forced upon us is indeed ‘taxpayer funded’.

      • Arcticblossom says:

        Nothing is being forced on you. You may chose not to participate in the book club.

      • Matthew says:

        We don’t get to chose our taxes – it is involuntary. Do you know the difference.

      • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

        I agree with you about the lgbtqusjrojlsl. But, churches do receive money from at least the federal government (for instance, the Catholic church received billions for this covid stuff – I am a catholic and think this is totally wrong, too). Don’t know about other churches, but I would guess that any that applied for the funds received them.

    • bisexual & thrivin says:

      Jesus loves gay and black people. Read the bible, you a hole

      • Matthew says:

        You should be allowed to make what ever choice you want. But it shouldn’t be a publicly funded institution if your going to force people to pay for your lifestyle. Nor should the rest of us, probably more than 90% of the population, be forced to agree with your ideology.

      • Dwight Upton says:

        Jesus loves all human beings, and desires that none should be lost to hell. However, he also said that many would be lost to hell because of their rebellion against him. The fact that nobody has a choice in the color of their skin, and that race is not biblically condemned demonstrates that we should follow Jesus example and ignore race as an issue of division. Same-sex attraction is also not condemned, as there are many things that humans struggle with that oppose Godly behavior (e.g. attraction to the spouse of another, or hateful neglect of your own). Feelings are not in and of themselves sinful. Actions, and the choice to follow certain feelings are. The LGBTQ political agenda that sexualizes children, endorses pedophilia, and seeks to destroy traditional families and sexual roles and functions is definitely not an agenda or set of values that Jesus loves, and that is why grace is offered no matter how deeply into that lifestyle one goes so long as they repent and turn away from it toward Jesus. Let’s ditch the divisive CRT garbage and the anti-family LGBTQ garbage in favor of traditional, timeless virtue.

      • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

        AMEN brother!

      • lestyebejudged says:

        You better be careful what you say and do, brothers. The elect is a small number, and I don’t think condemning others will get you there.

      • Scrumptious Clam says:

        Dang… that’s harsh. Fags and blacks are not similar and had you read the bible you’d likely find that the treatment for being a fag was to have a tall skinny hole dug , you inserted up to your neck, and everyone that’s not a fag throwing rocks at you until your ability to spread your interests through the town was no more.

        Nobody got that treatment just for being black. You may want to make a note of that and read it back to yourself before your next comment.

  • Neil A DeWitt says:

    I’m going to agree with Jen. What a crock of bull. Let’s stop all this gender, race garbage and go back to being normal Americans. It’s you the media and librarians that divide the people and cause all this uprising between cultures and races. We all got alone fine till you all started jamming it down our throat’s. Now you’ve done nothing but upset both sides of the coin.

    I hope the new Mayor in July sees through this and you find a new job miss librarian. It’s just my opinion.

    • Eric Thomas says:

      I doubt you were ever a “normal American” but O.K.

    • Mike Moore says:

      Neil, I agree. We don’t need this non-sense here in Alaska. You won’t find this to be and issue or a discussion unless you visit a large city like Anchorage, and somewhat in Fairbanks, and Juneau. Cities are known to harbor and embrace their liberalism and promote the deviant sector. You don’t find this in the rest of Alaska, as it is and has always been live and let live, and kept your business onto yourself. Let’s keep Alaska out of this circus, and maintain our Alaskan values. Leave the lower 48 stuff to the lower 48, and discourage and eradicate anything but the Alaskan values. Lets not travel the crooked road the lower 48 has to bare.

  • Eric Thomas says:

    Hey Joel, I see you are up to your usual race, and gender baiting B.S again. I hear you are so homophobic, that you refuse to wash your own ass because touching a mans ass is gay. So, are you still skipping the ass wash?

    • Tamra Nygaard says:

      Wow, Eric, you really are afraid that somebody, somewhere, might not approve of your sexual perversities. If you want to have homosexual sex, knock yourself out, but don’t expect the rest of us to cheer you on as you march yourself into hell. Free will has consequences, as you will find out some day to your detriment, but for now, how about you keep your illness to yourself and quit trying to tell us you are somehow superior to 10,000 years of human understanding and development.

      • 1John4:20 says:

        10,000 years of human understanding and development has led me to realize that change is okay. I used to be like you and then Jesus set me free. My sexuality is my choice, if you were a real conservative libertarian you would understand that, but instead you sit there and pretend that you are. Read 1 John 4:19-21.

      • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

        I have met and talked with Joel (really nice guy, by the way) and part of our talk was about both of our conversions to the Catholic Church; as well as some of my past as a practicing homosexual. Not only was he NOT homophobic, he was very sympathetic with the struggles we all go through; whether sexual or other sins.
        Thanks be to God that He has given me the strength and wisdom to not act on my disordered sexual inclination, rather to offer the pain of it all up to Him as Redemptive Suffering.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      What you do Eric in your own personal life is your business. Forcing it upon us, along with the raunchy adjectives, though is not. Most ‘normal’ people are pretty private about their sex lives. Sort of ironic how much the lgbtq etc crowd have a need to parade their sex lives out in public and then force others to hear about it and embrace it. Truly, try some dignity and respect and you might be surprised that you will be treated with dignity and respect in turn. The vulgar language does not help.

      • Jesus Christ of Nazareth says:

        normality is something YOU decided. who cares. just don’t follow someone if you don’t like the way they express their sexuality. stop telling people what to do with their sex lives. Matthew 7:1.

      • anxious says:

        the church gave me anxiety every time I have sex so at least they’ve got that going for their version of “normal” sexuality.

      • Steve Peterson says:


  • Fire says:

    Eric Thomas thanks for using your name.

  • Ralph says:

    A “Normal American” aligns with AMERICA’S founding documents, this should be obvious to anyone who understands the founding of this nation and our escaping of the tyranny from Great Britain.
    Our founding documents; the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. These all recognize God as our creator.
    As the U.S.A. drifts further from recognizing God, it causes our society to justify things that would have killed this nation and the nuclear family long ago.. and is indeed ruining the Freedoms Americans hold dear and the recognition of God.
    The puritans being so up tight the Catholic Church and Britain through them out =] and they went to. . . AMERICA which recognizes God as our creator =]
    -YOU Eric, are indirectly enabling the degradation of this Nation and State. You’d be better off living outside the US instead of poking holes in the boat cause you didn’t get your way… we are all in this boat together, why are you poking holes? Shouldn’t we focus on staying afloat and keeping this Great Nation and it’s God given freedoms alive?
    -Lets look at some science of which you apparently deny by supporting this disgusting behavior.
    Chromosomes XX = Male
    Chromosome XY = Female
    Science cares nothing for your feelings… you are as God made you.. deal with it as an adult and stop trying to make Others deal with YOUR issue.

  • Tamra Nygaard says:

    I guess I would be less upset about this if the Anchorage Library actually carried anything worth reading in the first place. Their collections are just awful. Do not bother trying to research anything there; the non-fiction is either a bunch of leftist conspiracy theories or out of date by about 40 years. The fiction is a bunch of potboilers and romance crap. Not to mention the “homeless” having sex on the couches and chairs, and crapping on the floor of the bathrooms. Honestly, they need to clean up their act long before they waste money and time on something 5% of the population might care about, if pushed.

    • Someone Who Cares says:

      I feel very sad that you are talking about people experiencing homelessness this way. Maybe we can work to end homelessness together and provide housing for all.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    ‘People of color’ is such an over the top false premise as every one is a ‘color’ and many of us, myriads of us, are a mix of many colors. It is basically a lie being bought by people looking for a scapegoat to not be responsible for themselves. Technically I am a ‘person of color’ but likely wouldn’t ‘make the cut’ as I probably don’t have the right ‘percentages’, or ‘combos’ and my fair olive skin just isn’t the right hue nor my dark brown hair dark enough…My blond sister definitely wouldn’t make the grade, yet same genetic background as me. I wonder if all these racial separatists have figured out how to determine who qualifies? It is so mind boggling stunning that so many (foolish) people are willingly recreating another Holocaust. Separatism is not inclusion, it is division. Labels are not inclusive they are divisive.

  • a hater says:

    You took one of the only non-white persons who work the library and tried to make them seem evil. AND posted a picture of them. AND linked to their personal IG. Can’t wait until they get all the hate mail from you jerks. Who effing does that.

  • Steve Peterson says:

    Conservative Anchorage voters should stage a tax rebellion. That is sure to get the attention of the big spenders on the Assembly, because If they can’t get funding for that crap, they can’t do it.

  • Steve Peterson says:

    It looks like we have a troll using different names.

  • Tara Skannes says:

    Personally i don’t think it is anyone’s job to judge another nor use public funds to push an agenda. Everybody just needs to be respectful of one another and live their lives.

  • NDC says:

    Joel Davidson, please stop reproducing.

  • NDC says:

    Seriously deranged comment

  • I says:

    Way to go, Meneka! I’m so proud of the amazing work you’re doing and so happy to see these new programs and opportunities at our local library. Wonderful!

  • jordan says:

    I get resisting and exposing perversions and community degrading lifestyles.. but the library is a part of this city.. it just needs to be reformed to represent the ideals of the Republic.
    -For those who claim America is a Democracy… recite the pledge of allegiance.

  • Tommy Tadpole says:

    Nice job, Anchorage librarians! Don’t let all of these partisans of white fragility get you down.


    Wow, Michael. Jesus would never advocate violence, rather to love and pray for people. (I hope you are just kidding)

  • Gulmira Azamat says:

    So, two things.

    These librarians are just catering to their users. Not everyone is a white, heterosexual person. Why does that freak you out so bad? Who’s really the racist here? Hint: it’s not the librarians. Still not getting it? Here’s another hint: it’s you.

    Second, as an actual marxist, I’m not sure if I’m hurt or excited if you think some diversity measures are “hard left,” “radical,” or “marxist.” Is that really all you think we want? On the other hand, it’s going to be pretty fun seeing your eyeballs pop out cartoon-style as we abolish property, wage labor, and money; smash the state; erase all borders and replace national feelings with a human community; and so on.

    • Carol Allums says:

      I can’t help but to let you know that you are ignorant. The social and economic theories of Marx and Engels laid the foundation for communism. Remember, a true Marxist is against capitalism and works toward, like you claim, the abolition of property, money, etc. Do you actually think you will have any power in this scenario? No, In the world you describe, class is not truly eliminated and true communism has never been achieved by anyone. In the quest for communism, what has actually developed is socialism where you have two classes: those who control everything and those who control nothing. If you have no control over property, etc, you have no freedom and socialism has always been a failure. This country was founded on the ideals of freedom and that included the freedom to improve your lives as you see fit. I don’t know who you think is supposed to provide for you if there is no property, wage labor, etc but I think you will be sorely disappointed. I have a suggestion for you: if you don’t like living in a free country where people have incentives to better themselves, maybe you should move.

    • Fire says:

      Gulmira Azamat, your utube channel sucks. I bet the Feds think so too.

    • Michael S Totten says:

      America will never be communist.

  • Colorado Conservative says:

    From the picture above, the librarian Meneka Thiru does not appear to be a biological woman. That aside, the Acting Director replied to an email I sent about the Democrat Party taking over the previous library Drag Queen Story Hour. His email had to mention his pronouns so I know he is on board with all the leftist nonsense. Hope the new mayor cleans house. It looks as if whatever library director is hired is going to have a big job when it comes to dumping the leftist trash that has infiltrated the library staff.

    • Your Trans Feminine Friend says:

      That is a very degrading, disrespectful, and hateful comment. On many levels. I’m choosing to invite you back to your innate kind heartedness. You should apologize for your comment about Meneka. You don’t need that hatred in your heart. AND I use they/them pronouns as a trans person. I want you to know it is okay to not knowing everything. Literally nobody could. I need you to know though, that you clearly haven’t learned much about trans identities and why pronouns are being discussed nowadays. Trans identities aren’t knew. Trans people have existed and persisted for thousands of years…. so long as humans have existed. I just can’t get over all the hatred and violence on this website. I welcome you being caring again. How are people so hateful to other HUMANS?!

  • Carol Allums says:

    Joel, this is exactly why I quit using the library system. A public library maintain with public funds is supposed to carry a variety of funds without promoting ideology. If we think about what is really being promoted, the library is promoting sex and sexual preference. It is promoting mental illness(gender dysphoria) and it is promoting racism(BIPOC). By promoting transgenderism, they are spreading misinformation about basic biology. If someone is bound and determined to be one of the above- fine. Your business. Just quit making it mine. I don’t care to visualize what others do behind closed doors. In fact, I think it rather strange that, instead of trying to emphasize the abilities, skills, and talents LGBT etc, etc. possess, they concentrate on their sexual behavior. That is a pretty clear indicator of a self esteem problem.

  • NAV says:

    Time to shut down library

  • Michael S Totten says:

    And all the secular christians in anchorage will say PRAY FOR THE SINNERS and will never get off their asses to do anything about it. You all disgust me to!

  • Your Trans Feminine Friend says:

    Joel, you have a responsibility as a writer, influencer, and human to stop the spread of hatred. Regardless of people have conservative or progressive views, why is there so many hateful and violent opinions coming from your articles and from your commenters. You have the power to be a more compassionate human and to create news sources that fosters compassion. I imagine you know this, but opinions are not the same as facts. You have a responsibility to fact check the hateful, racist, transphobic, homophobic culture being created in your writing and among your commenters. I need more love and compassion from you Joel. I need the Alaska Watchman to stop bringing so much hatred, misinformation, and violence into our communities.

    • Michael S Totten says:

      Because the rest of us aren’t homos. Now go away.

    • Fire says:

      As usual professional degenerates as yourself conveniently ignore any and all threats and violence towards Conservatives. You know down in whatever soul you have left that you are severely mentally diseased, a sexual pervert and a child predator. You are a cancer of evil.

  • Michael S Totten says:

    You can NEED in one hand and poop in the other and see which one fills up faster. You sorry progressive little disease spreading vermin have no right to tell the rest of us what we NEED to do. It’s called the 1st amendment. Doesn’t feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot. You rainbow people are the most hateful people I have ever seen.

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    The bottom line is that governors have banned Critical Race Theory in several states and not only that the governor of South Dakota has put forth the 1776 Report Curriculum that is truthful in their state. Governor Dunleavy needs to copy these governors who are putting a stop to this LBTQ……move to access and pervert Alaskan children. This includes putting a stop to this corruptive sex education that is hideous and destroys any Western Civ values in the state. The governor has the power to move on these issues as well as the move to make mandatory an experimental drug as disallowed by the Nuremburg 10. We learned in the Constitution offered through Hillsdale College that the states have more power than the government to determine the direction of the state of Alaska. Governor Dunleavy and his administration has the power to lead us in a direction the will raise up good citizens. Respectfully,

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