Governor Michael Dunleavy is Mad … with a capital “M”.

Madness is different than insanity, which is permanent. Madness is usually temporary. We can get mad, then we reconcile with a friend. We can go mad in a riot, with that dreaded “mob mentality,” and do things we would never do alone.

Madness can also be pleasant, like when we go mad at a sporting event as our team comes from behind to win at the last moment.

Entire cultures and nations can go mad. Germans and Italians living under Hitler and Mussolini have said, “The entire country seemed to be in a sort of hypnotized fog, a kind of madness.” England went mad during its 17th century civil war, as did France, Spain, Russia during their own.

Western civilization has been mad since it was decided that unborn babies were not human, often defined as a “disease” and brutally torn apart by the hundreds of millions worldwide. Did we think that if one part of humanity is unworthy of lawful protection, that it would not spread and affect our God-given reason in seemingly unrelated and unforeseen ways?

…the governor is either too wooden-headed, too timid or threatened somehow.

Thus, we believe fairy tales that would only be enacted by children in the playground: that men can be women and women can be men. Or that homosexuality is normal and a divine gift. That God does not exist, that Communism and Marxism are different, that courts are dedicated to justice, that the U.S. Constitution has always been faithfully followed, that Alaska is a bona-fide state that controls its own destiny, or that we can reinvent our language to fit into this madness.

And on and on.

But why is Michael Dunleavy mad? What has he done?

He has been a willing dupe in the destruction of Alaska’s Constitution, prompted by the judiciary but supplemented by a timid Legislature. The judiciary has seized the power of amending the Constitution from the Legislature and the people; it has seized the line-item veto power from the governor.

And more: the judiciary seized the legislature’s power to define the limits to privacy, the power of the purse and the override of a line-item veto. A simple refusal to enforce these obvious usurpations of the constitution would have halted the power grab, but the governor is either too wooden-headed, too timid or threatened somehow.

Dunleavy’s madness became obvious in one breathtaking week, naturally glossed over or completely unreported because, well, the Leftist media likes it.

And the legislative leadership also fits into this. An oath is serious business, not a symbolic gesture, but you have to believe in a God of justice to take it seriously.

We will remind the reader, without going into details, of the governor’s continued third-down punts regarding shut-downs, corporate vaxing tyranny, masking mandates and the twinkle-toed Marxists in the Anchorage Assembly. His excuses have worn thin and worn out.

But all this is boilerplate, standard, run-of-the-mill political “wisdom,” not madness. And he shares responsibility with previous governors and legislatures.

Dunleavy’s madness became obvious in one breathtaking week, naturally glossed over or completely unreported because, well, the Leftist media likes it. It is a man who has lost his mind and has become a groveling beggar at the feet of the Marxist Democratic Party.

He has refused to defend the state from now unconstitutional federal judicial tyranny by accepting the forced subsidy of transgender surgery and hormonal treatments. I have often been asked by Dunleavy’s media spokesman, “When in the last 75 years has any state official refused to obey the courts?” So, I will now ask, “When in the last 250 years has the federal judiciary ever interfered with the specific funding issues of any state?”

All this is bad enough, but then came the Seal to the Mad Deal: Dunleavy appointed to the state supreme court Jennifer Henderson, the same arrogant feminist who wrote the ACLU v. Dunleavy decision, destroying the governor’s line-item veto power and the Legislature’s override prerogative. So, she spits in the governor’s face, flushes the Constitution into the toilet – and he rewards her for it. He is truly mad.

Madness is temporary. A cold shower comes to mind, but a brief dip into the ice of the Yukon River at forty below would be better, after which he might see what he has done.

But right now, no reasonable conservative can defend or re-elect him.

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The Madness of Gov. Michael Dunleavy

Bob Bird
Bob Bird ran for U.S. Senate in 1990 and 2008. He is a past president of Alaska Right to Life, a 47-year Alaska resident and a retired public school teacher. He has a passion for studying and teaching Alaska and U.S. constitutional history. He lives on the Kenai Peninsula and is currently a daily radio talk-show host for The Talk of the Kenai, on KSRM 920 AM from 3-5 pm and heard online


  • Michael S Totten says:

    Dunlevy has been paid off by the globalists

  • Vonda Sanders says:

    Ok now he’s gotta go!!

  • Conservative Alaskan says:

    I deeply regret voting for Dunleavy. He has spit in the face of every conservative who voted him into office.

    • Pam Bickford says:

      Who was on the ballot that would have been the better choice? I’ve voted for Mickey Mouse twice in my life, but I voted for Governor Dunleavy with the assurance he was a God fearing patriotic Alaskan! I’m hoping his reserved authority, in part, allows the fools to exhaust each other and demonstrate how undeserving they are of our trust and support!

  • G Aleution says:

    Whoever is the Governor of Alaska is going to have international representatives trying to get him implicated in some agenda. Hint I believe they are the same players as before wanting exactly the same things as they ever wanted – everything. Sad that arguing among Alaskans isn’t a solution.

  • Shovit DeepSTate says:

    So what are Alaskans going to do about any of this Bullshit???

  • Steve Peterson says:

    We had no choice but to vote for him. Many of us, including me, had high hopes that he would “stand tall for Alaska”. I would rather have a governor try and fail than not try at all, and he quit trying when the legislature, including his own party, went insurrectionist on him… even moreso when the recall folks ganged up. Had he stood his ground and gotten a little rough, he would have had the loyalty of most conservatives. Instead he folded, and we were assaulted by the left with no one to stand in the gap. And they keep assaulting us…
    And then there was the whole COVID debacle, and… well… let’s just say he was no Noem or Desantis. Pretty much left the self-loathing Dr. Ann run the show. Shameful.
    So yes, I think he stands no chance of being reelected. The big question is: who will step up to the plate next election and really be a conservative with balls? Judging by the pattern that I see across the nation, it will likely be a woman who stands her ground and spits in the face of opposition.
    But even at this late date, if he could reach down deep, find a spine and make some good decisions, he could salvage some of his legacy.
    As for Steiren; as the Texans say: “all hat and no cattle” when it comes to the title of conservative .

    • Andria Dolan says:

      All very well put and I agree completely. I wish Sarah Palin would run again because she was one of the best governors our state has ever seen, but since her own party destroyed her credibility, people are too ignorant to remember that. My hope is that Dunleavy does realize that he’s lost everyone and decides to man up, pull up his big boy pants, and channel some of that inner Trump that he needs in order to run this state.

  • Mongo Love Candy says:

    Or maybe he is just another RINO Traitor in a long line of RINO Traitors.

  • Katrina says:

    Well stated Bob.

  • NAV says:

    Dunleavy is in the pockets of Francise and Penny and Murkowski and Sullivan are leading the charge!!! One Senator took Hell from the legislative body beginning with one question that “ALL” Alaskans have a right to know where’s the money (stimulus) going?
    This one question started a crapstorm by the legislative body focused at one individual for asking that question all at the direction of Dunleavy.
    Dunleavy has hidden the money and their is a former cabinet adviser who left last Sept. who is an outside source for lobbying and advising so called conservatives in control of the state. Prior to leaving and in different positions in different states she received a salary of up to 30k a month, this individual was directly linked to Dunleavy and other so called conservative legislators. Dunleavy with the legislative body has not only violated the Alaskan peoples civil liberties he has also subverted the Alaska State Constitution with SB76 ALL but one State Senator are complacent to the acts. He always intended to finish what Walker started by turning the PFD that was set aside for the Alaskan People into the state governments personal “SLUSH FUND”!!!

    • NAV says:

      Bob, Dunleavey has been a willing partner not a dupe in the destruction of Alaska’s Constitution

  • NP Adam says:

    He is a coward who refuses to think for himself. He has allowed every so called advisor to run the state; whether it be medical, judicial, etc… Everyone but himself is running the state. When the executive acts like an executive, at least the people that put him there are happy. Dunleavy is disliked by most everybody. Grow a backbone and at least you’ll be supported by your people.

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      NP your so right.
      If your sitting in the big chair. Be in charge or go, to the back of the room. And let someone else run the show, not your little minions

  • Sally Pollen says:

    Steve Peterson (above) said it well. Conservatives didn’t have a choice but to check the Dunleavy box. We were optimistic and he seemed to talk the talk even though we never saw any passion for the job or anger at how Walker was veering us into the left lane. We had high expectations and gave him the benefit of the doubt for months. Now, as he continues to do nothing to fight back at state-funded abortions and transgender therapy and surgery, I’m done giving him a pass. He probably wants out of the job as much as many of us want him out. New motto: Dunleavy Not Standing at All For Alaska!

  • DB2 says:

    Mr. Dunleavy,
    You are either a weakling or a liar….neither one is fit to lead our great state. What a disappointment. Fool me once- shame on you …. you won’t fool me twice.

  • Susan Semmens says:

    Thanks Bob for articulating so well your thoughts. We do respect you!

  • Nita Young says:

    Bob….excellent as always…..!
    Anyone with any common sense can see this Covid nonsense is an evil, political game….to depopulate the world! by the “New World Order=The Great Reset”….. the entire State of Alaska medical advisory board needs to go…..and be replaced with doctors who have some common sense…..American Frontline Drs….10,000+ and many more worldwide are showing these jabs are a gene therapy….they are NOT a vaccine! that is killing millions and disabling thousands more…permanently…..the statistics given are false and very under reported information…….even the Teamsters are not supporting these vaccines anymore…….it kills your DNA and the cells that protect your body from cancer are gone and there is no reversal of the brain and organ damage and it does NOT prevent you from getting the Covid again…….it is a virus that continually mutates in your body and destroys you from the inside out and there is NO stopping it…..

    We have not one person in Juneau who has a conservative truthful backbone……supporting this transgender insanity for taxpayers to pay for comes straight from hell…..

    Is there not one moral person left in government…or the church? The mask mandate does NOT do one thing to prevent any kind of transmitted illness… is a scare tactic and it damages the respiratory system…….I don’t need to wear a mask to ‘feel safe’…….these ‘elite’ powers are controlling the masses with lies and more lies……..

    I so thought Alaskans were a lot more independent than to allow this kind of political take over of your mind and body and soul……

    Turn off the fake news and educate yourself with truthful real facts and information. Until we get rid of our corrupt judges and lying, greedy politicians, establishment government medical ‘yes’ men and women that are clearly agreeing with these false mandates and lock-downs….. of which none of these should of never, ever happened to begin with…..take control of your lives, your jobs, your health…..find a real doctor with some common sense….not a ‘yes’ man to tyranny……..and above all……take care of your spiritual health……forgive those who have hurt you, love your neighbor, help the stranger in need, if you can…..LOVE and TRUST completely….the Lord your God with your mind, heart and soul and your life will become a little more joyous and much more doable until we can join our ranks and stop this insane deep state….. crony, pagan communist=democrat takeover……this should of never happened in Alaska…….and it must be stopped and corrected with honest, truthful, law-biding people who want to serve the people in our beautiful State of Alaska…….we don’t need anymore ‘professional deep state politicians’…….we have the worse corrupt judges in Juneau, of all the 50 states……our judicial reputation is disgusting……we need ordinary, honest truthful people who want to serve and not to succumb to this tyranny. Alaska should be a shining example of freedom for all the world to see….not the corrupt, lying, tyrannical mess we have today……

  • Larry Wood says:

    Parnell is now back in office. Dunleavy, the one we voted for left the stage when he fired Donna Arduin and started kowtowing to the Left.