Alaska’s state representatives show little interest in safeguarding personal liberties or health care freedom when it comes to mandated COVID shots.

At the start of the Special Session on Oct. 4, Rep. David Eastman urged his colleagues to formally debate whether to adopt a sense of the house to show support for “The Physicians Declaration.” More than 7,200 doctors and scientists gathered in Rome last month to condemn authoritarian policymakers who force a one-size-fits-all COVID strategy that has resulted in needless illness and death.

The declaration was the result of a three-day summit in which medical professionals from around the world compared studies and assessed the benefits of various COVID treatments developed across the globe. Many of these doctors and scientists have suffered professional and media censorship.

The nation is dealing with a “political crisis” due to the government’s willingness to override the will of patients and doctors.

Eastman wanted to spark a discussion and ultimately get the House to ask Gov. Mike Dunleavy to add “health freedom” to the special session’s agenda, or to at least coordinate with the Senate to call the Legislature into a special session to address health care freedom legislation.

House Speaker Louise Stutes (R-Kodiak) immediately blocked any debate on Eastman’s proposal, and assigned it to two House Committees which won’t meet until next year. The 33 members of the House who were present then voted 21 to 12 in favor of Stutes decision.

Opposing Stutes decision were Representatives Ben Carpenter, Mike Cronk, Ron Gillham, DeLena Johnson, James Kaufman, Ken McCarty, Tom McKay, Mike Prax, George Rauscher, Cathy Tilton and Sarah Vance. Excused from the vote were Andy Josephson, Christopher Kurka, Kevin McCabe, Kelly Merrick, Josiah Patkotak, Andi Story and Tiffany Zulkosky. The rest backed Stutes.

Without Gov. Dunleavy specific authorization to address health care freedom in the special session, legislators are restricted to dealing with PFD payments and programming, a constitutional amendment to enshrine the PFD in the State Constitution, budget spending limits and measures to increase state revenues.

Towards the end of the day, both Eastman and Carpenter returned to the issue of medical freedom.

Click the image above to watch Rep. David Eastman speak on the need to protect the right of Alaskans to access the medical treatments which they and their doctors believe is best.

Eastman spoke of Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the surgeon general of the Continental Army.

“It was he who insisted vehemently that medical freedom was so important to our future as a country that it was worth enshrining in the Constitution,” Eastman said. “He was told that, no, his fears, his concern that the federal government might interfere in the relationship between a patient and their doctor – well that fear was unwarranted. Never would the federal government grow to such a size and hold such power as to interfere in that most sacred of relationships.”

Eastman said the nation is now dealing with a “political crisis” due to the willingness of the federal government to override the will of patients and doctors – even to the point of banning physicians from treating patients in accord with their personal needs.

He then brought up the original Physicians Declaration which he introduced earlier in the day only to have Stutes assign it to inactive committees.

“[It] speaks in large part to some of the costs and consequence when, not only in this country but in many others, we have a desire on the part of government, aided by multi-national corporations, to make decisions for patients – to make decisions for doctors – using our governmental institutions … to limit access to treatments.”

Eastman said his “very close friends sought treatment and were denied treatment, and they are no longer with us.” He added that there are many people currently struggling against the virus while the government blocks them from accessing certain treatments.

Click the image above to read the governmental report from England showing that infection rates among the unvaccinated (over age 39) are actually lower than the vaccinated of the same age.

Eastman then cited detailed weekly reports published in England which show that infection rates are actually higher among the vaccinated who are over age 39.

“But due to the political nature of this crisis, you probably won’t be hearing about that in our mainstream media here in Alaska, even though Alaskans are desperately looking for solutions,” he said. “The politics is keeping us from finding those solutions, just as Benjamin Rush predicted many, many years ago.”

Rep. Carpenter then rose to highlight the fact that by mid-December many Alaskans are going to lose their jobs because of federal and private COVID mandates. He said Gov. Dunleavy needs to amend the purpose the special session to include a “patients’ bill of rights” in order to codify the right of an individual to choose whether or not to get vaccinated.

Click the image above to watch Rep. Ben Carpenter speak on the need to protect the livelihoods of unvaccinated Alaskans.

He said Alaskans should not have to choose between holding down a job or getting a vaccine they do not want. He said Alaskans who decline vaccines won’t just be unemployed but will be “unemployable” due to COVID mandates.

“We are either a country that is a beacon of light for individual liberty, or we are not,” Carpenter said. “And right now, we are being tested like never before.”

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Alaska House kills discussion on personal liberty and COVID mandates

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Timothy Colbath says:

    Stutes is out of control. When she refuses to allow discussion of protections of all Alaskans from being fired over forced vaccinations with experimental vaccines. Fact: The FDA approved drug is Not Available in the US. All the FDA did for the US residents was extend the “emergency use authorization” of the Experimental vaccines. Forcing experimental vaccines upon people that do not need or want it – is a flagrant violation of the Nuremburg codes. Internationally the vaccinated are facing “break through” cases at an amazing pace. Israel sees a 63% occurrence of the fully vaccinated going to hospital. Those with acquired natural immunity are not being re-infected.

  • Theresa says:

    God have mercy on us, and esp on House Speaker Stutes.
    Thank you, Mr. Eastman and Mr. Carpenter, for your well-researched, thorough defense of our rights to make medical and healthcare decisions for ourselves.

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Where is Dunleavy?
    Standing tall somewhere, I guess.
    Just think if he was standing up for our Liberties like DeSantis.
    He’d be guaranteed victory in the next election.
    Alas, he’s silent again – as usual – a ” Do Nothin'”…

  • Matthew says:

    Call Dunleavy at his office, constantly. Stop standing by and watching this happen. Act.

  • Andy says:

    It’s pretty horrible when a voice of reason is simply tossed aside, Stutes and those who voted against this you just took a big dump on everyone, you have no place in public service.

  • Bill Harbuck says:

    If you people can’t protect or rights to free choice of us Alaskans you should resign there’s been 500000 bad things that have happened to people that get this snake oil shot im not gonna be one of them do your job or get out there’s drugs that kill this virus in hours wake the hell up do some damn research instead of listening to Washington get reed of dominion or your gonna have even bigger problems

  • DoneWithIt says:

    States is the enemy.
    People like him want to remove our right to body autonomy, the right to work, the right to travel, the right to access health care, the right to speak freely – without censorship – against the vile evil being perpetrated against FreeMen.
    This is truly our Donny Brook moment.

    • Evan S Singh says:

      Gawd, you bring Rep Gosar into this? He’s the most hated Congressmen in congress! Well, there’s Gaetz, Mo Brooks, Jim Jordan. Tough crowd.

  • Nial Sherwood Williams says:

    Each person is being called to action to speak the truth in love. To use the God given talents they have and stand up for our fellow man.

    The only vaccination that counts is the blood of Jesus Christ.

    • Evan S Singh says:

      “speak the truth in love”. Doesn’t appear to be happening. Case in point, comment from Freedom below: “Maybe Stutes will get the virus and die!”

  • Freedom says:

    Maybe Stutes will get the virus and die!

  • G Aleution says:

    Nice to know we are run by a village unaccepting of the US Constitution for which so many have died and been maimed and who suffer for the duration of their pain-filled lives. So endearing that they lie to their children vis -a-vis their alleged Constitutional rights and liberties when in reality they are so woke they have all majestically transcended a life of liberty and secreted therestivus to a concentration camp green space. I’m so in love with stupidity and libertyless, imprisoned Alaska. Aren’t you?

  • G Aleution says:

    Chips for breakfast eh

  • G Aleution says:

    The frosting on the mandamus cake is the cost of living in our libertyless zones is exorbitant too. Doesn’t it make you want to go out and play and runaround endlessly in the bear park from here to FBKS or Seward? Just play endlessly and pitifully around. A couple of jars of Jiff will get you through the month if you aren’t allergic. Do you want a Cheerio? Or go make friends with someone who buys extra apples. That might work.

  • Herman Nelson says:

    Let me guess… Stutes owns stock in Pfizer, Merck and J&J…

  • Jim Miller says:

    Eastman for Governor!

  • kris spencer says:

    Anchorage Assembly is going on the 6th consecutive night of public testimony Thursday. And at the state level, nada? The gov’t is not your medical doctor and cannot tell you to wear a medical device on your face or inject yourself with a non FDA approved, experimental therapy. A 17 year old boy was found dead from a vax-related heart attack in Sonoma county, CA confirmed by a medical examiner. (This was on the Charlie Kirk Show today (10/6). Gov Newsom has blood on his hands. What say you Gov Dunleavy????????

  • KN says:

    I encourage everyone to write Dunleavy to get him to get on board with all that Eastman is advocating. I just did.

  • Cynthia Renk says:

    I do understand why we have a lack of leadership.
    I know Alaskans are against harming themselves and fellow citizens.
    At this point, I am sure my phone calls go directly to nowhere and my emails go directly to junk/trash.
    Governor Dunleavy—WHERE IS THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE? Where are your leadership skills? Where is your backbone? Speak up and stand for something.