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A coalition of far left, socialist, Communist, LGBTQ and pro-critical race theory activists plan to join forces at the Oct. 12 Anchorage Assembly meeting to counter the hundreds of residents who have turned out over multiple nights to testify against a proposed citywide mask mandate.

Stephanie Taylor, who is running for Anchorage Assembly next year, speaks out against the proposed mask mandate during the Oct. 7 Anchorage Assembly meeting.

A Facebook notice for leftist protest claims that recent testimony at the Assembly meetings has been hateful and that “Anchorage is in crisis” due to hospitals being overwhelmed.

The post goes after conservative Mayor Dave Bronson for refusing to impose a mask mandate.

Instead, Bronson has opted to stand up additional treatment centers and increase testing and vaccination options for residents who choose them. Since July 1st, his administration reports that it has administered 101,042 tests, given 6,262 vaccines, and stood up two monoclonal antibody sites that includes a COVID-19 treatment center at the former Golden Lion Hotel.

That doesn’t cut it for the leftist coalition, which includes The Party for Socialism and Liberation Anchorage, Black Lives Matter Alaska, Alaska Poor People’s Campaign, S’Up Alaska, Alaska Coalition of BIPOC Educators, The Alaska Center, CannaCo and Sol de Medianoche.

“Not only has the administration refused to act, the administration is actively working to undermine any public health care measures,” the Facebook notice asserts.

There have been no reports of physical violence or property damage during the recent meetings.

The group claims that those who have given public testimony before the Assembly are “a mob” that seeks to intimidate Assembly members. In particular the activists are offended by the fact that certain testifiers have drawn comparisons between mask mandates and the way Jews were singled out and persecuted in Nazi Germany.

“In the last few days, members of this hate mob have compared masks mandates to the Holocaust,” the notice states. It adds that public testimony included “homophobic slurs toward an assembly member,” and that one man brought a concealed carry gun to the meeting.

So far, several hundred people have stood in line to testify on the proposed mandate. The vast majority are opposed. While meetings have been marked by cheers, clapping, patriotic songs and some heated testimony, there have been no reports of physical violence or property damage. A very small number of people have been arrested for disorderly conduct, and one man was found to be carrying a concealed handgun after he was arrested by police.

The overwhelming majority, however, have simply stood in line, waiting for their chance to speak. This include surgeons, nurses, concerned parents, grandparents, young school age children, blue collar workers, small business owners and many, many others. They come from all walks of life and include members of minority groups and various ethnic and racial backgrounds.

The leftist coalition, however, stereotypes the testifiers a “racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic and reactionary mob.”

“Enough is enough! It is time for Anchorage to step up and fight back!” the protest rally notice states. “Join us on October 12, 4:30 PM at the Loussac Library to demand that the administration and supporters of these acts of hate respect democracy and serve all of Anchorage.”

The Assembly is scheduled to hold its eighth public hearing on the proposed mask mandate Oct. 12, starting at 5 p.m.


  • Click here to read the mask mandate ordinance.
  • Click here to email or call Anchorage Assembly members.
  • To contact Mayor Dave Bronson, call (907) 343-7100 or email
  • There is no sign-up list for in-person testimony. It is on a first come basis. Click here for more information.
  • Click here to watch the hearing live on the Assembly’s YouTube channel.

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Radical leftists say mask mandate opponents are ‘hate mob’ – plan to protest at Anchorage Assembly

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil+A+DeWitt says:

    It’s the vaccinated and the democrats that should be prosecuted for hate crimes against normal people. They seem to think they’re better than the rest of us! Let me tell you your not! The rest of us refuse to drink the kool-aid and so we’re good and your brain washed. You refuse to listen to the other side. You buy into everything Fauci says. There is a lot of research that proves him incorrect. That means your brain washing was incorrect. On the fully Vaccinated cruise ships this summer it was you people that got covid from each other. Unvaccinated had nothing to do with it. Think about that. See your fraud information? Probably not because you wear blinders with ear plugs. In closing, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

    • Aaron Blumenthal says:

      Right on brother Neil! 100% with you. Leftie sheep are too dumb to do any kind of research. All they do is attacking us, people of G-d, with their false science. They prey to golden calf, which satan himself sent to this world in the image of Don Fauci and university professors. Praise the Lord! His blood is the only vaccine we need!

    • Andy says:

      I second that

    • Evan+S+Singh says:

      “They seem to think they’re better than the rest of us!” I do not seem to think I’m better than you. I AM better than you. I’m educated and make my decisions based on evidence.

      • Your Mom says:

        You are not educated, you are an indoctrinated moron. You couldn’t poor piss out of a boot with the directions on the heel.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      Whoa Neil A D ——- I am vaccinated. And I am in vehement protest of any mandates for vaccines or masks. You are doing exactly what the left is doing when you stereotype. Stop. Many of the people tirelessly waiting to testify likely are vaccinated and also likely would don a mask if a business asked them too. This is about freedom, liberty and personal responsibility. People are capable of making their own decisions about when to cover a cough or sneeze and when to get immunized with a not yet completely understood immunization. Whether someone has chosen whichever is not the focus – it is the right to make those decisions that we need to uphold.

  • Common Peasant says:

    Well, it looks like the assembly is getting the people ri fight each other after all. What a mess.

  • Duke Russell says:

    Your name calling asserts you have lost credibility as a news source. You conflate the terms of the argument with persecution fantasy. The governor and the mayor are dismantling our State.

    • JC says:

      Duke, is your real name Zack Fields by any chance?

    • Aaron Blumenthal says:

      I think you are not able to understand that the humanity is at its final war with satan now. This is time when we have our last chance to destroy all the maggots of Lucifer in order to clean up the road for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now is not the time to be politically correct. It is the final battle between light and darkness. And if you will make a wrong choice, you’ll go to a bad place. I am preying now for your soul brother Duke. I am sending you and your family a holly energy given me by the Mighty One to fix all the lost ones in this world. Now, you know the truth! G-d bless you brother! Amen!

    • Doug glenn says:

      Duke the president’s vaccine mandate is completely unconstitutional I for 1 am sick of all this vaccine nonsense & you should see who is tied together on all this creepy crap. Physer pharmaceuticals profits up 800% last quarter give me a break. Divide & conquer that’s the Chinese mantra. Watch out we are tanking fast.

    • Common Peasant says:

      Duke. You make nice plates and have presented some pretty good music. I like your son, Shane. You are good people. We do not want to be fighting against our own people. We are fighting against a very well funded narrative that seeks to divide the people of America. Our enemy is not each other. We must turn our focus on thos in power who are using Covid as a fear tactic to control us.

      I know you are a smart guy. Please modify your perspective to see the truth of this situation.
      Our assembly is not making actions innout best interest.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      Wow. It seems leftist tactics are indeed working. Alert – you are being deceived. Spend some time studying our US constitution and then take a hard look at whom is really attempting the dismantling. It is the left trying to undermine individual freedom, personal responsibility, work ethic, industry – not the mayor and Governor.

    • Nial Sherwood Williams says:

      Mr Duke Russel

      Your discernment needs work. You are mired in the discussions of a serf.

      Lest we forget lessons taught us long ago and reinforced over human history. Our opponent is those institutions originally instituted for society’s benefit, safety, protection, etc have been hijacked.

      Money and power corrupts absolutely. Compromised individuals make decisions based on the wishes of their handlers. They are unknowing or deceived, and thus have become useful pawns of the evil one. Whose native language is lies and who is dividing households, marriages, etc.

      This must end in the name of Jesus CHRIST.

      Christ died so that all men may be free. Seek the only vaccination that counts, the blood of Jesus Christ.

      Thank you for the sacrifice of your Son Heavenly Father.


  • Michael S Totten says:

    Just like the so called labor party of the 1930s in Germany. You better do as we say or we will beat you up. These people are a bunch of clowns

  • Burt says:

    Let’s GO! Party at the Assembly! The answer to 1984 is 1776! Bring it on COMRADES! Time to show who the majority really are!

    • Aaron Blumenthal says:

      They will be scared to face us, soldiers of Jesus. They are afraid of us. That’s why they hide their lying faces behind masks.

      • Nial Sherwood Williams says:


        I stand in agreement.

        Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he shall flee. – James 4:7

  • G Aleution says:

    The left for some reason accuses others of what they are actually doing. The left are merely placcarding. A protest is writing to the actors who are usurping Constitutional rights in a notice to cease and desist the ururpation giving them a chance to cure. A written protest is process due the usurper. Then file a written police report. Those who usurp our rights are committing a tort. The tortfeasor has no authority to trespass and steal ANY Constitutional liberty. There are enemies of the republic foreign and domestic. Enemies are trying to disable the Constitution and the republic. This has been a plan of bad men and women for decades. Government was constituted to secure American rights not destroy them.

    • Nial Sherwood Williams says:

      G Aleutian

      Anchorage Police Department has ‘Private Party Arrest Form’ it is a peaceful and lawful citizens arrest.

      Cite A.S. 11.76.110

      Title 18 U.S.C. Section 241 & 242

  • Steve+Peterson says:

    Anything that counters the Left’s narrative, they call “hate speech”. It is how they perceive and spin things.
    I hope conservative freedom lovers turn out in droves to counter the commies.

  • G Aleution says:

    If communism as a form of government or a monarchy would delight you (we know those foreign governments have been sending spies, agents and provateurs to weaken this wealthy country and interfere with our way of life) go ahead and get out. California owns Anchorage media. The low lifes who are foreign operatives here disdain Alaskans but not the wealth segregated from us but held inert and in abeyance for the foreignors. If the UN moves into CA they may have more than they have illegally bargained for. The greatest landowner in the US has been the British Monarchy, after that the Italian Vatican Empire, now China feels desireous of taking their share. Where does that leave Americans? They contracted with our own internal enemies to give us a stupid illness, then created collusively with a great many international entities to create a dna “treatment”. My Jehovah God delivered DNA is my property and doesn’t need your gene therapy which is patented in the US, Europe, Russia and China. They have a reader with a patent that can read by a phone app whose patent you now belong to. IF you are imposed with a patent in your dna as it changes away from you, you become the possession of the patent holder, Fauci(Vatican), Gates, Wuhan, Russia. Just depends. You aren’t a person anymore with defensible God-given rights. You will need and hopefully get God’s miraculous healing. Act in your own best interests at this late point in the plan. Your Constitution is worthwhile. Don’t let the dumb ignorantly lefties destroy this great country.

  • Burt says:

    BTW, so what if someone was concealed carrying…………its a Constitutional Right! Only the Commies on the Assembly view someone exercising their rights as “Intimidation”.

  • G Aleution says:

    Do our Senators have Pfizer in their stock portfolio? Should they be your Senator?

  • Jen says:

    The leftist supporters are living in rebellion against God. They couldn’t even possibly know anymore about God and goodness than those they have disagreements with. They don’t know what they speak of. The unwise are just a clanging gong.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    More deflection and illusory truth effect by the left. At the root, this has nothing at all to do with masks. For them it is solely about control and undermining individual freedom. They are proverbial lemmings. Just as the Israelites cried out and demanded a king, the left cannot exist without being told what to do at every move. No concept of personal responsibility or individual freedom. Severity aside, Covid is being used a convenient tool allowing them more opportunity to push their totalitarianism. Truth doesn’t matter, and means do not matter, as long as end goal achieved.

  • Jen says:

    After living through 9 rebellious members, to see those nine replaced by 9 brown-skinned Christian conservatives. It’ll be a breath of fresh air when we look up at the dias in two years if 9 of the nine have dark brown faces who love their community, love their neighbors, and most importantly they love God enough to listen to His wisdom applying His guidance over civic affairs and giving more respect to Anchorage residents than what we seen from this current 9 majority Assembly. The sight would be swinging pendulum from one extreme side to the opposite side. But! I think the ultra-left Democrats wouldnt appreciate the political leadership change, they will only increase the chaos resulting in increased civil unrest and physical violence.

    • Evan+S+Singh says:

      “they [the Left] will only increase the chaos resulting in increased civil unrest and physical violence. ” It was you hyper religious, violent, conservative Trump supporters that tried to hang the Vice President of the united States of America. Is that civil unrest and physical violence to you? Or does your god encourage domestic terrorism?

      • G Aleution says:

        The evilness carried out by anti-God left will take your breath away if you knew it. The controlled, captured media know, withhold information purposefully. That is why the unConstitutional censoring. The corruption is on a scale the human mind can hardly fathom. The human trafficing is feeding the illegal organ harvesting, international drug running and the media knows this but won’t inform the public but it will come out one day. When it does people will really appreciate the US Constitution again.

  • G Aleution says:

    You know why they don’t like President Donald J Trump? He is intent on bringing all power back to we, the people. He hasn’t stopped. He and the country may have been robbed of a corruption free calculation but he hasn’t stopped working for your interests and he won’t. Haven’t we gotten an even clearer picture about who these leftists are? They are exposing themselves more every day. The Anchorage Assembly are fully exposed now. These people have failed to support the US Constitution because they are against it. “Congress shall make no law infringing…”. No worries LaFrance says they make law. Hmmm. She said “We don’t have bylaws”. Everything they write IS a bylaw of the city of Anchorage Corporation created pursuant to the state of Alaska Corporation. Like McDonald’s Corporation. Corporations are fictions and they have bylaws which apply to their employees. This is self-evident. Fictional persons don’t have rights. American freemen do have God-given rights. The Constitution is the declared law and foundation of this nation. It says and speaks with one voice to all “Congress shall make no law”. If Congress can’t make law how can Anchorage’s Ms Lafrance “make law”? Are you kidding me…free men!

  • G Aleution says:

    The Republic still stands regardless of corporations!

  • Eric Thomas says:

    You rightwight fascist just can’t get enough people sick or killed with your stupidity. Maybe you all can sit at home with plastic bags taped over your heads and let the rest of us do what needs to be done to knock this shit out.

    • Common Peasant says:

      You are gripped in fear. This virus, humanity will overcome.

      There is something much more dangerous to our health and you seem to be fighting for it.

      Please wake up.

    • Steve+Peterson says:

      YOU sit at home and live in fear!
      Many of us carry antibodies because we have been through it already. The vax and masking seems to make little difference in “knocking this shit out” as evidenced by Israel and other countries where nearly everyone is vaxxed and masking and people are still getting ill. It is not going away, and further there will be new strains. Time to go on with life the best way we can and live it as normally as we can, not be subjects to those who hunger for power and control. People have had enough, but go ahead and sheep-on. Baaaaaah.

    • Tamra+Nygaard says:

      How is it that the leftists like yourself always call anyone who has a legitimate difference of opinion “stupid?” Are you really so intellectually superior to everyone around you? Because not one thing proposed by this ordinance has done the tiniest thing to prevent one person from getting this disease caused by this bioweapon, and the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. Nobody here wished bad things upon you, but you cannot say the same. Now who is the “hater?”

      • Evan+S+Singh says:

        That you would prefer Ivermectin over the vaccine suggests many people around you are intellectually superior.

      • Tamra+Nygaard says:

        Because ivermectin is proven to work? You really need to get out more.

      • Nial Sherwood Williams says:

        Mr Singh

        Please, don’t hesitate to let me know if you need any assistance.

        The time is now for the communists to flee. Leave now as your presence is not welcome in this Constitutional Republic.

        If Alaska free and independent status bother you. If individual rights are something you view as alienable, then leave. If you don’t believe in the importance of medical sovereignty, then you are a communist.

        All these things said if you need a GoFund me established to assist in your moving costs please don’t hesitate to reach out.

        God bless you but this message is to all communists, You are not welcome in Alaska. Leave now. Don’t ever come back. Thank you and take your tyrannical communist ideologies with you.

        Very Truly Yours

        Nial Sherwood Williams

      • Evan+S+Singh says:

        All I extracted out of that word salad is the old Love it or Leave It trope.

    • G Aleution says:

      In Canada the left-wing fascists will be declaring martial law any moment. Except it is believed it will be enforced by UN peacekeepers who will go door to door appropriating whatever they need. They need everything because they’re new in town. Starting in Saskatchwan. This will happen in the winter. The documents are signed and published. Canada is a bit near. But! This is rolling out simultaneously in every land. A coincidence I’m sure not a plan or anything. The marxists we have on board are looking inept to their marxist peers. Therefore we hear, “We’ve got to act!” They are looking bad to their peers, which btw is not us.

    • Theresa says:

      Cities, states, and nations can’t *stop* or *beat* a respiratory virus.
      That’s a job for each individual immune system.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Why is the assembly not asking for its lockdowns and masks mandates.
    Because they are not in control of the mayors office. So now they have to go around the mayor and make a new law, not a mandate. That will not be followed by me or many others. Who will follow, is the little sheepy people, were AFRAID, what should we do. We have no brains to think for are selfs.
    I’m Afraid tells us how to Live, what to Say, where we can Go, what we can or can’t Eat, it just goes on and on.
    It’s all Madness

  • Andrew says:

    You know whats great about all this? Exposing the socialist pigs! I really had no clue there were so many in this state, outfits like the party for socialism and liberation, wow, Karl Marx much? Communism has no place in America.

  • G Aleution says:

    Another thought: in many jurisdictions in the world able litigators are demanding samples of the offending virus to prove its existence. The response to date is “We can’t provide it”. Lacking proof that the virus exists they lost credibility for mask mandates and everything else. This I believe just happened in Britain. The courts have made the connecting dots possible that if you cannot prove “it” exists why are you force vaccinating giving the resulting clots etc. Some populations will be negatively medically for what reason? (Really, what is the real reason?) Is that ok? “They” are doubling down where they can like in the foolish hinterland (the laaaast frontier) of legaldom in the republic. These guys should quit and tell everything they know. I believe that’s the “act” that would help their cause best.

    • Evan+S+Singh says:

      G Aleution: Your posts never make much sense but I enjoy reading them because there is a point buried in your words somewhere and I like to search it out. But you’ve topped yourself by claiming the virus does not exist.

  • Kfinh says:

    If I hate putting on a mask I guess the leftist radicals are right. I and many who hate the damn facial tissue around our face should be consider a hate mob. The mob who hate the useless muzzles. But get one thing right if nothing else we The hate Mob have no hate towards you the radical leftists wearing a muzzle around your own faces honestly most of us will welcome it. It will be a breath of fresh air for us. Don’t take this as me muzzling your right to freedom of speech though like those of you who wish to silence us that you don’t agree with.

  • Andy says:

    Biden is a fink

  • DoneWithIt says:

    These peoplevare equivalent of Hitler’s brown shirts.
    Street muscle like Antifa and BLM.

  • Theresa says:

    Now the Communist Assembly members’ friends and supporters come out of the shadows.

    I’ll guess we’ll have to wait to find out what they look like and how they act. . . as if we saw nothing all across the country last year during their “mostly peaceful protests”. . .

  • Michael+C+Coons says:

    This looks like it could get nasty and violent in a heartbeat, what with BLM and ANTIFA there and making no bones of wanting a confrontation. Like we did in Palmer a couple years back, we counter protested them, all of us were carrying concealed, one BLM brought an AR-15 and was brandishing.
    If this goes south, and God I hope not, so long as we are not the aggressors, not showing aggression by open carrying, thus they will allege we are challenging, then if people have to defend themselves, it is self defense, period. We need APD to be eyes on to BLM/ANTIFA and that crowd. Don’t pick a fight, stay calm, back up if need to and able to. If and only if that level of violence from them to you happens that the law and our rights allow, then and only then take what action is needed.
    I’m hoping the assembly cancels this and I’m hoping that if it does go on that it stays peaceful for our sake.

  • Wisdom Cries in the Streets says:

    Why hasn’t the State released data from August about breakthrough infections?

  • G Aleution says:

    I know the left thinks its funny and modern to kick the US Constitution down the street. The rest of us are against that at this time. The left wants the right to command their neighbor to take injections that the new world order prescribes. The left is hung up on the word “new”. The bolshevicks think its a good idea to set up a guantlet to intimidate all those attending the private ritz club meetings at the loussac which are in fact public meetings. This is still really animal territorial social behavior of the marxist nine. Inappropriate on so many levels.

  • nicole says:

    The right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances shall NOT be infringed by a mob of paid thugs attempting to intimidate Anchorage residents and abridge their freedom of speech. Keep it up Anchorage! You know it’s working when paid reinforcements are enlisted to intimidate and silence the resistance to government tyranny.

  • nicole says:

    These thugs have made a direct threat against peaceful Anchorage residents exercising their God-given and Constitutionally protected right to free speech, peaceful assembly, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. They have no authority to demand others do anything. Intimidation, harassment, and threats against others are illegal.

  • G Aleutian says:

    Oh well.