Far left candidates have dominated Juneau’s Oct. 5 election. Early returns show them easily beating out pro-life challengers and most other candidates who did not explicitly state whole-hearted support for abortion.

As of Friday, Oct. 11, 6,382 ballots have been approved with another 2,988 left to tally by Oct. 19.

Five of the six leading candidates were fully endorsed by the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition (JPCC). In order to receive this endorsement candidates had to state that they would actively work to expand extreme abortion policies in Juneau and publicly support Planned Parenthood’s agenda. This includes affirming support for elective abortions (even for minors), public funding of abortion and mandates requiring hospitals to perform abortions if they receive any public funds.

The JPCC-backed candidates also vowed to oppose any measures that might “hinder, delay or impede access” to abortion, and agreed to support expanding abortion efforts by providing information to children in local schools, including explicit sex education.


Beth Weldon ran unopposed for the mayor’s seat.

In the District 1 Assembly race all three leading candidates are fully endorsed by JPCC with Barbara Blake far ahead of the pack.

In Assembly District 2 pro-abortion incumbent Michelle Bonnet Hale is far ahead of openly pro-life candidate Kelly Fishler – 4,223 votes to 1,765.

For school board, two candidates endorsed by the pro-abortion activists – Ebett Siddon and Amber Frommherz – were easily in front, as was write in candidate Will Muldoon whose abortion views are unknown.

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UPDATE: Hard left pro-abortion candidates dominating Juneau’s elections

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Michael S Totten says:

    I don’t believe these people honestly won. Special intrest groups paid off the electors

    • Greg says:

      My family and I moved up from Texas in 2019, for a job and a needed change. While many in rural Texas are resisting tyranny and leftist propaganda, the cities are being overrun by leftists, and if one believes the last election results and the projections, Red Texas will soon be Blue Texas. Now we live in Alaska, the “Last Frontier.” In my humble opinion, I have lived in the two best states in the US for what it’s worth. Just as I do not want to see the Texas government overtaken by leftists, I also do not want to see it in Alaska either. While I too question how some of the recent elections have gone – I definitely believe the deep state has been forcing its agenda upon the people – I also believe there are many brainwashed people who are nothing more than sheep and they are helping to enable these leftist takeovers. I’m a nobody in the grand scheme of things, but as for me and mine – we will not comply with tyranny – we will not submit to the decrees of communists – and I will resist those who try to harm my family. No matter who is in government, the government does not own me and it will not rule me.
      ~No King But Christ~

      • Elizabeth Henry says:

        Amen. Well stated. I do wonder about the honesty of the election- I believe Juneau also has mail in ballots? Also I would be curious about the voter turnout. Anchorage conservatives had to work really hard, 24/7 to insure the recent mayoral election was not compromised. There was evidence of efforts to that end snd I would not doubt there could have been compromise success in Juneau.

      • Michael S Totten says:

        I left in 2019 and came back to TEXAS. I see the communists down here to. Everytime the left gets ready to cheat,, they call for redistricting of the electors

      • Dawn says:


      • Joe mama says:

        Go back to Texas

  • Common Peasant says:

    Leftism, like a cancer, will continue to grow as its host sufferes. Anything connected to the host will suffer as well. Like with narcissists, we must separate ourselves from the parasites before our lifeforce is drawn away. There will be loss, but to those who willingly gave themselves to the fear. As they fall, the truly healthy shall remain to build the world anew.
    It may seem like dark times, but in reality the dead world is removing itself. The mindless will go and the free thinkers will be free.

  • Ekim+Kcidrub says:

    Greg, I’m with you 100%.

  • Opus says:

    If this was an honest election then Juneau is due for an earthquake.

  • James says:

    All state capitals tend to turn into leftist cesspits.

  • Lorine says:

    Juneau is overrun by leftists. I know, I lived there for 28 years. Consider it the San Francisco of the north. Now I breath the free air of the Matsu Valley, but we must fight hard to keep it that way!