A new petition, launch on March 31, urges Alaska legislators to pass the “Even Playing Field Act.” Introduced by Sen. Shelley Hughes (R-Palmer), Senate Bill 140 would protect the integrity of women’s athletics by ensuring that female sports competitions are reserved for biological women, not males who personally identify as female.

Launched by the Alaska Family Council, the petition notes that radical gender activists are fighting to kill the legislation.

“Activist groups that support extreme gender ideology are swamping legislators with messages to oppose this common-sense bill,” the petition states. “These activists don’t represent the common-sense values of most Alaskans, who understand that biological differences are real, and that women and girls need and deserve space for a fair competition.”

The petition goes on to note that each time a biological male takes a spot on a women’s team, a female athlete loses out.

“That’s not fair,” the petition states. “It also should not be legal.”

Hughes’ bill is set for a hearing on April 6 in the Alaska Senate Education Committee. The goal is to pass it out of committee and have the full Senate vote on the measure in order to forward it to the State House for consideration.

If passed by the House and signed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, SB 140 would safeguard the integrity of girls’ sports at a time when gender-confused males are increasingly shattering women’s athletic records and dominating the competition in states across the country.

Additionally, studies have repeatedly demonstrated  that males who identify as transgender far outperform women in athletic events. A new study in Sports Medicine showed that even transgender hormone drugs have a very minimal impact on the physical advantages of strength, speed and endurance that biological males enjoy.

SB 140 clarifies that “sex” means “biological sex” and requires all Alaska schools to designate each of its athletic teams or sports as either being for males, females or coeducational. Students who participate in an athletic team or sport designated for females must be female based on their biological sex, the bill states.

Jim Minnery, president of Alaska Family Action, said he hopes to get 1,500 people to sign the petition before April 6.


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Petition urges Alaska lawmakers to pass bill protecting women’s sports

Joel Davidson
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