Sen. Lora Reinbold’s bill (SB 156), which seeks to outlaw vaccine-based discrimination, passed the State Senate with bipartisan support last month. Since March 18 it has languished – untouched and unheard – in a State House Committee chaired by radical Democrat – Sen. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, of Sitka.

Kreiss-Tomkins has already made it clear that he’s not running for re-election this year, and can therefore sit on one of the most important bills of the current legislative session without consequence. But he shouldn’t.

Reinbold’s Senate Bill 156 clearly states that no government or private entity can deny goods, services or livelihood from an Alaskan who declines to take the experimental Covid shots.

With 59 of 60 state legislative seats up for grabs this year, Alaskans deserve the chance to see where their representatives stand on something as life-altering and potentially devastating as vaccine-based discrimination.

At the minimum, every Republican in the State House should publicly demand that Kreiss-Tomkins schedule SB 156 for a hearing, and then give his House State Affairs Committee an opportunity to pass the bill out of committee so it can ultimately reach the House floor for a full vote of all members.

Alaskans must call on their State House members to pressure Kreiss-Tomkins to do the right thing. It is unacceptable for our representatives to quietly sit by as a lame-duck member sidelines a bill of such consequence. Kreiss-Tomkins should not be allowed to protect representatives who might be afraid of the political consequences of voting against SB 156.


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Alaskans can’t let Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins kill vax discrimination bill without fight

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.