Homer teens are being actively recruited and trained by radical LGBTQ, pro-abortion and critical race theory activists to provide so-called “peer education” to their fellow students enrolled in the Kenai Peninsula School District.

The R.E.C. Room in Homer offers an afterschool hangout for area teens

The trainings are organized by a group called the R.E.C Room, which was established in 2010 by the Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic, a Homer based organization that provides abortion referrals, free condoms, STD testing and other health related services to the wider community.

The R.E.C. Room program, however, is specifically tailored to children, ages 12 to 18 years old. It offers an afterschool hangout space for teens, even picking them up from Homer High School and Homer Middle School and busing them directly to the facility.

According to the group’s website, it aims to address the “developmental needs of adolescents … by offering a supportive and empowering environment.”

The KBFPC website highlights the fact that they provide services without telling a child’s parents.

This environment includes introducing teens to LGBTQ activism and political propaganda, exposing them to queer art, critical race theory, transgender speakers and showing LGBTQ themed movies. The group then hires and trains some of these teens – ages 14 to 19 – to “support the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District curriculum at the middle and high school level and offer enrichment experiences,” the website notes.

Earlier this year, the Peer Education Team taught sexual health to 9th graders at Homer High School. According to the R.E.C. Room website, this occurred in January during classes overseen by Mr. Chris Perk and Ms. Saundra Hudson.

The job description for peer educators includes discussing sex, contraception, STDs, options when becoming unintentionally pregnant and other sex-related topics.

In addition to attracting teens by providing educational and recreational services, the R.E.C. Room actively directs youth back to its founding organization, the Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic, for information and access to contraception, abortion and STD testing.

The KBFPC website highlights the fact that they provide services without telling a child’s parents.

“At this health center, you have the right to talk to your provider alone, without your parent or guardian in the room,” the clinic website explains, adding that “all forms of contraception are available without the permission of a parent/guardian.”

For teens who are concerned about their parents finding out that they are accessing free condoms or other services at the clinic, the website coaches youth to talk to insurance providers if they are “especially concerned about confidential care.”

The R.E.C. Room is supported by the local Rotary Club in Homer, according to the R.E.C. Room website.


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Pro-abort, LGBTQ group recruits teens to push radical agenda in Homer schools

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